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Gerry Turner Bio, Job, Net Worth, Height, Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner might be in his 70s, but he is single, attractive, and has a heart of gold. No wonder, he was chosen as the first Golden Bachelor, the titular lead of a new Bachelor spin-off.

Keep reading this Gerry Turner Bio to learn more about him.

Meet Gerry Turner, The Golden Bachelor

The Bachelor franchise stepped up its game with Golden Bachelor with Gerry Turner, a man in his 70s as its lead. Obviously, this meant that he met contestants/women who were looking for love in this later stage of life — some divorced, widowed, or never married.

“I’m Gerry. I’m 71 years young,” he said in an interview with Good Morning America. “I’m from Indiana and I’m going to be the first golden bachelor because it’s never too late to fall in love again.”

So, as for his potential girlfriend, Gerry was looking for someone with high energy or someone who had high energy. A lady with a passion for playing pickleball or golf would be even better.

Also, he said that he “wouldn’t discount” the possibility of getting married again.

The Golden Bachelor is a new unscripted, hosted by Jesse Palmer. The show focuses on finding love for a senior man who seeks a second chance at romance in his golden years. For this, a group of mature women with diverse life experiences arrives at the mansion, hoping to find a connection that leads to a future filled with possibilities.

Was Gerry Turner Previously Married?

Yes, Gerry married his high school sweetheart Toni in 1974.

As per ABC, “they lived a full and happy life.” Unfortunately, Toni suddenly fell ill and passed away on July 15, 2017, in Hudson, Indiana — just six weeks after she retired.

“She got robbed. Every day that goes by, that’s the thought that I have,” Gerry said before revealing he still has her picture on a dresser in her closet. “Every morning I give her a nod, ‘So what do you think about this?’”

Naturally, Gerry had a hard time coping with things without her. But since they always told each other when one of them goes, they wanted the other to be happy, Gerry’s ready to open himself up again and explore love with someone new. “It’s never too late to fall in love again,” the reality star exclaimed before adding “She’s up there rooting [for me]. She’s saying, ‘Yeah, Gary. Do this.’”

Gerry and his late wife share two daughters, Jennifer and Angela, who were also the ones to their dad sign up for the show.

Jennifer and Angela stepped into this world in May 1974 and December 1981 respectively.

The last we checked, Jennifer was married to her husband Jon E Young (born: Sep 1975).

Gerry is also a granddad to two beautiful granddaughters, Charlee and Payton.

Charlee, 16 (in 2023), cheered for her grandfather in an IG Story post. “I CALL HIM GRANDPA!!!” she wrote next to a post of the announcement about Gerry’s new role. “SO EXCITED FOR YOU. CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS JOURNEY!”

How Old Is Gerry Turner?

Gerry Turner was 71 years of age when he appeared on Golden Bachelor in 2023.

He was just 3 months older than his late wife Toni Turner.

Gerry Turner Family

Gerry Turner comes from a family of six — his parents Wayne (born: Oct 1931) and Peggy Turner, himself, and his siblings Brenda Stouder, Larry Turner, and Darrin Turner 

Reportedly, Brenda, Larry, and Darrin were born in Jan 1960, September 1954, and December 1965, respectively.

Also, they were married to David W Stouder (born: Dec 1956), Sheryl A Turner (born: May 1954), and Ann M Turner (born: Sep 1973), respectively.

Gerry Turner Job

Gerry Turner is a retired restauranteur. Since 2004 Gerry has served as the company’s director of sales and marketing at Rock River Provisi. According to his LinkedIn profile, he automated marketing techniques that produced $300K in shielded income. He served as the Mr. Quick Restaurants franchise owner as well. (

From December 1985 to January 1989, Gerry worked for KEN MOORE FOODS as PRODUCE SALESMAN. Besides running his own franchise, Gerry worked for JOHN MORRELL & CO as KEY ACCOUNT SALESMAN, Thoms-Proestler as Market Development Mgr, and THOMS-PROESTLER CO as a senior buyer.

Moreover, Gerry has also worked for companies such as BRUEGGERS (IOWA), Sbarro, Performance Wood Group, King Food Service, and Gold’s Gym.

This “hopeless romantic” also often enjoys hosting barbecues and attending local restaurants with his friends and family.

However, food-centric activities aren’t Gerry’s only outlet, he also enjoys getting outside on a four-wheeler and playing pickleball.

How Much Is Gerry Turner Net Worth?

By 2023, Gerry Turner garnered a net worth of above $1.5 million.

Gerry Turner Height

Gerry Turner stands tall at a height of above 6 feet 1 inches (185 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Is Gerry Turner On TikTok And Instagram?

Gerry created his Instagram @goldengerryturner in July 2023, a few days before Golden Bachelor premiered.

At the time of writing this article, his only post promoted the show, and it was captioned, “Hi, I’m Gerry, the first golden bachelor. 😁 I’m ready for this journey to begin. #thegoldenbachelor.”

Unsurprisingly, he had already amassed over 10K followers within a week.

  • When Is Gerry Turner Birthday?

Gerry receives his birthday in August. This makes him either Leo or Virgo zodiac.

  • Where Is Gerry Turner From?

Gerry hails from Hudson, Indiana.

In 2023, he still resided in his hometown.

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