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Gia Kim Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, XO, Kitty

The aspiring actor, Gia Kim has finally landed her first major role, and a cherry on the top — the show airs internationally on Netflix! In XO, Kitty, Gia plays “Yuri,” a social media influencer who is tailed by the paparazzi 24/7.

Keep reading this Gia Kim Bio to learn more about the actor.

Gia Kim On XO, Kitty

To All the Boys spin-off, XO, Kitty might follow Lara Jean Covey’s youngest sister, who heads off to study in Seoul, South Korea, but it also features several characters such as “Yuri,” portrayed by Gia Kim, who each are a star of their own world.

Gia’s character is an It girl from the moment she enters the scene. She’s so confident, well-dressed, and effortlessly chic that even Cathcart’s Kitty is a little stunned. Sadly, Yuri isn’t always allowed to be the person she really is as she’s tailed by the paparazzi wherever she goes. Furthermore, her father is a successful businessman and her mother is the principal of KISS.

Ep 1 of XO, Kitty revealed Yuri was reeling from her parents discovering a romantic relationship between her and her best friend Juliana, news that made Juliana transfer schools. Guess, underneath the self-assured exterior is a heartbroken teenage girl.

But then again, Yuri’s persona was exactly why Gia auditioned for the role. “Even before I read the script — I mean this kind of like ties through the whole audition process — but like I found this through an open casting call posting that I saw on Instagram and as soon as I saw the breakdown of the character that they were looking for I was immediately like woah this is really refreshing,” she explained. “I’ve never seen a character like Yuri before and just the fact that she was going to come to life on screen whether through me or you know somebody else was really exciting.”

So, for the audition, Gia sent a self-tape in English, and towards the very end, they were asked to do an impromptu Korean translation of their scripts.

After Gia landed the role, she then had a hard time figuring out how to portray the character as Yuri came from an affluent background which Gia couldn’t relate to, and also because “Yuri has a very complex character and it’s like easy if you just think of her as the “queen bee — the evil queen bee.” But that’s like so one dimensional and that’s not who she is,” the actor explained.

But in the end, Gia figured out that Yuri was just someone who just wanted to be “loved, seen, and appreciated” for who she was. And that was the core connection she made with her character.

How Much Is Gia Kim Net Worth?

Gia Kim garnered a net worth of under $100 thousand by 2023. This is comparatively lower than that of her co-stars as XO, Kitty was the actor’s first big role.

Prior to this, Gia graced TV shows such as Supper, The Visit, Candle Festival, and Oh Possum Country, and also theater plays including Solo Show, The Farnsworth Invention, Lost in Yonkers, The Birds, Alison’s House, and A Christmas Carol.

As for her training, Gia has an MFA degree from Art of Acting Studio in LA and a BA in Journalism from the University of Hong Kong. Also, she’s studied Scene Study & Shakespeare, Theater Audition, Stella Adler Technique, Movement, Scene Study, On-screen acting, and more.

Trivia: Gia is fluent in Korean, Conversational Mandarin, and English.

Gia Kim Age

Gia Kim was reportedly 28 years of age in 2023.

She is over a decade older than her character Yuri.

Who Are Gia Kim Parents?

Gia Kim didn’t talk much about her parents. But she did feature her mother once on her IG on world theater day in 2023. The pic captured the mother-daughter pair from Gia’s first debut show in Seoul.

Also, you might be surprised to know that Gia’s XO, Kitty co-star Sang Heon Lee and she are siblings! In fact, it was Gio who implored her brother to seize the opportunity for the coveted role on the show.

“My sister sent me an Instagram post [about the audition call] so I thought, OK, I should go for this. It was fun, we always congratulate each other and look out for one another,” Sang said.

Sang Heon Lee plays Min Ho in XO, Kitty.

Gia Kim Boyfriend

Gia Kim didn’t have a boyfriend in 2023. However, she wasn’t single either. The actor said that she was dating herself — taking herself out on “perfect dates.”

It seems like Gia was all about self-love. “I am about my alone time. I call it “alone time” but really I’m spending time with myself, so I’m not really alone,” she said.

But this doesn’t mean, she will never date others. “When I am spending time and energy with someone else, it’d better be something I can’t get with Gia,” the actor explained.

Gia Kim Height

Gia Kim stands tall at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Gia has dark hair, brown eyes, a triangular face, and a fit body.

Fun Fact: It wasn’t until Jan 2023 that Gia finally started seeing her body “for what it is and not what I want it to be.” That month, via an IG post, she promised her body to always “cherish, nourish, and make the best decisions” for it.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Gia Kim Birthday?

Gia celebrates her birthday on November 5 and is of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • What Is Gia Kim Ethnicity?

Gia flaunts Asian ethnicity. She was born in South Korea but raised in Hong Kong.

  • Is Gia Kim On Instagram And Facebook?

As of May 2023, find Gia on Instagram @thisisgiakim and TikTok @thisisgiakim with 35.9K and 284 followers.

Sadly, we couldn’t find her on Facebook.

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