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Is Anthony Keyvan Gay? Does The XO, Kitty Star Have A Partner?

Anthony Keyvan has one and a half-decade-long career and has portrayed different characters with different stories. But, fans were in awe when he played a gay character in Hulu’s Love, Victor. Then, his fans started questioning, “Is Anthony Keyvan gay?”

Let’s explore a few details here as this article proceeds. 

Is Anthony Keyvan Gay IRL?

Anthony Keyvan who is starring in XO, Kitty in 2023 which recently premiered has been in movies and TV shows for ages. Among many characters that he portrayed on-screen some of his recent endeavors have ignited rumors about his sexual orientation, because he played those characters show well.

In Love, Victor, Anthony portrayed the character of a gay Muslim exceptionally well. Pride confirmed that his character saved the show’s second season. Rahim struggles to accept his sexuality on film because of his religious beliefs and his parents’ expectations. By the sixth episode, he becomes more confident in who he is but struggles to communicate with his Muslim parents. Rahim ultimately chooses to conceal his sexuality from them.

The role then ignited speculations regarding Anthony’s sexuality, particularly on Reddit. However, the actor has neither confirmed nor denied the speculation publicly.

In his latest show, Anthony is playing an openly gay Iranian-Filipino character named Quincy “Q” Shabazian. Quincy is a close friend and confidant, a safe space for her inside the tumultuous drama at KISS. He’s also dealing with romance troubles of his own — and matchmaking Kitty is more than willing to lend a hand in setting him up with his French classmate Florian.

While fans seem divided regarding Anthony’s sexual orientation, a popular celebrity gossip site HealthyCeleb has confirmed that he is as straight as they come.

Does Anthony Keyvan Have A Partner Or A Girlfriend?

Anthony Keyvan has kept his relationships off of Instagram and has kept his personal life discreet. Though he refers to the actress as his best friend in a post from June 2021, some have previously sparked gossip about him being romantically linked to his Student Body co-star Harley Quinn Smith.

Naturally, viewers might also be curious to know if he has dated any of his Love, Victor, or XO, Kitty co-stars.

How Much Is Anthony Keyvan Net Worth?

With a thriving career as an actor, Anthony Keyvan was able to gather an impressive net worth of under $600K.

Anthony set foot in the entertainment industry when he was only 5 years old. He enrolled in acting classes at a young age and after the first five months of training secured his first commercial, a TV piece for Disneyland. Soon after, he was sent on his first theatrical audition, which also happened to be for a guest spot on ABC’s “Lost.”

Anthony soon secured a significant guest star role on ‘Law & Order: SVU.’ He has worked on a variety of other projects, such as ABC’s “Schooled,” CBS’ “NCIS,” CBS’ “Bad Teacher,” and ABC Family’s “Twisted.”

Anthony played Rahim, an outgoing and humorous LGBTQ+ student, in “Love, Victor,” which picks up after the events of Nick Robinson’s popular hit film “Love, Simon.” He has portrayed characters in shows like “Generation,” “Alexa & Katie,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” “The Rookie,” “Major Crimes,” and “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” in the past on networks like HBO, ABC, Netflix, TNT, CBS, Nickelodeon, Hulu, and more.

Anthony Keyvan Age

The date of birth of Anthony Keyvan is 13 August 2000. Hence in 2023 when the show premiered, Anthony turned 22 years old.

Who Are Anthony Keyvan Parents?

Actor Anthony Keyvan is the son of Ali Keyvan and Joyce Keyvan. The actor is of Filipino (mother) and Iranian (father) descent and was raised by his parents in Orange County, California. Despite having grown up in the US, Keyvan is proud of his mixed race. He is conscious of the rarity of roles for people of his nationality. Keyvan acknowledged that he has never encountered an Iranian component throughout his career during an interview with Poptized.

He told the entertainment news portal, “It’s always, you know, ‘looking for Middle Eastern or Hispanic or Caucasian,’ whatever I can fit in because I do look ambiguous. I can look like other people, but I’ve never, ever played a role that was authentically representing my heritage.”

Ali, his dad, turned 53 years old in September 2022. In 2023, Ali is employed at Farmers Insurance as Agency Owner/Broker. In fact, he started his career in 1991 working for Farmers Insurance Group Co as an insurance agent. Then he went on to work for other companies such as Keyvan Properties LLC, Paul’s TV, and DSI Logistics, Inc.

Anthony’s mom Joyce works as a Payroll and Human Resources Analyst at UC Irvine. Her 54th birthday was in March 2023. You can also find her on IG and FB as Joyce Candelaria Keyvan.

Ali and Joyce are parents to two children. They have a younger son named Jared Keyvan. He is in his junior year of high school and is expected to graduate in 2024.

Anthony Keyvan Height

According to HealthyCeleb, Anthony Keyvan’s height measures 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Anthony Keyvan Ethnicity?

Ethnicity-wise, Anthony Keyvan is of Iranian-Filipino.

  • Is Anthony Keyvan On Instagram?

You can find Anthony Keyvan on several social media platforms. He has Instagram, TikTok, and Cameo profile.

  • When Is Anthony Keyvan Birthday?

Anthony Keyvan’s birthday is on 13 August.

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