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Sang Heon Lee Dating, Parents, Net Worth, Height, XO, Kitty

XO, Kitty is a new spin-off television series of To All the Boys film trilogy and Sang Heon Lee is one of its main cast. Heon Lee is a Korean-born and Hong Kong-raised acting newcomer who already has booked a couple of other new projects.

In this writing, let us tell you about his character on XO, Kitty, his net worth, and his life in general.

Sang Heon Lee On XO, Kitty

Having long-loved movies like The Dark Knight, comedies like Guy Ritchie, and Korean noir films like Friend, Sang Heon Lee found his way on XO, Kitty. It is his first foray into the world of acting no doubt. AKA, Daniel Sang Heon Lee, Heon Lee is one of the new actors to come out of this series. It is also fair to say that he has been making waves with his acting debut.

Heon Lee plays the series regular Min Ho and shares the screen with his own sister, Gia Kim, who plays Yuri in the show. It was Gia (on IG @thisisgiakim) who encouraged her brother to seize the opportunity.

Heon Lee recently also talked about his shared affinity with Min Ho. He said they both have the same passion for cooking, romance, and nurturing bonds of friendship. In terms of preparing for the role, he explained that he drew on his own life experiences from falling in love and having a breakup to traveling and adventure, to portray the same on the set.

Thanks to his many promotional videos for XO, Kitty, fans have now discovered that he also speaks with a British accent IRL.

How Much Is Sang Heon Lee’s Net Worth?

Sang Heon Lee, also with modeling and rock-climbing hobby, reportedly had close to $200K net worth as of May 2023.

Around this time, Heon also had already booked his next project: the feature film Gran Turismo, which also stars David Harbour and Orlando Bloom.

Sang Heon Lee Age

Sang Heon Lee was born in 1996. A week from now, he should be turning 27 years old.

Who Are Sang Heon Lee’s Parents?

Not much is known about Sang Heon Lee’s parents except for the fact that they have always been loving and caring, and supportive.

One time, Heon’s sister Gia showed her mother to her people on social media, on World Theatre Day. “Fav pic with mum after my first debut show in Seoul”, she had captioned the picture.

Between Los Angeles and Seoul living Gia also is known for Happy Ending (2021) and Burning Questions (2021). She and her brother have always been congratulating each other and looking out for one another in life. About the audition call for XO, Kitty too, Gia had sent Heon an Instagram post before they both got the part.

Sang Heon Lee Height

Sang Heon Lee, who is inspired by actors like Bradley Cooper is almost the tallest among the cast members of XO, Kitty. The exact number is yet to be known though. He stands just slightly shorter than castmate Anthony Keyvan, who is around 6 feet.

It takes him one hour to get ready, he says.

If you also need to know, on April 30th, 2021, he weighed 66 kg having lost some 8 Kg. This happened during his diet period (February 1st – April 30th). It looked like he was prepping his physique for some modeling projects.

Is Sang Heon Lee Dating Anyone?

Fans no wonder have been curious about Sang Heon Lee’s dating life, especially since loving his on-screen chemistry with Anna Cathcart‘s character.

However, as of May 2023, it was not known if or not he has been dating anyone. But then, in a way, he also appeared like having no girlfriend and dedicating himself fully to establishing himself as an actor. On his social media accounts, Heon Lee has given away no such clue which could mean he is seeing someone.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Sang Heon Lee’s Ethnicity?

Seoul, Korea-born and Hong Kong-raised Sang Heon acquire a South Korean ethnicity of course. Still, he considers Hong Kong his second hometown. Between 5 and 10, he lived in Hong Kong, from 10 to 14 he was back in Korea and from 14 to 18 again he was in Hong Kong.

Between 2014 and 2016, Heon Lee went to the UK to study Performing Arts at the University of Northampton. After that, he returned to Seoul and completed Korea’s mandatory military training. Modeling happened only later and even later he nabbed his first audition and subsequent role. Even though acting was always on the cards, he took it more seriously only after university.

As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Los Angeles.

  • When Is Sang Heon Lee’s Birthday?

Sang Heon celebrates his birthday in the last week of May, which makes him a Gemini.

  • Is Sang Heon Lee On Instagram And Facebook?

Sang Heon Lee only can be found on Instagram it seems. As of 19 May 2023, his IG account @sangheonleesh included 71 posts and 279K followers. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”, he wrote in the BIO here. Also, he managed one more account on IG (@climb_nice) dedicated to his rock-climbing endeavors.

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