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Grace Helbig Parents: Theresa McGinnis And John Helbig

Just In: YouTube Star Grace Helbig has talked about her breast cancer diagnosis. In a nearly eight-minute video posted on her YouTube and Instagram, Grace revealed to her 2.6 million subscribers that she was diagnosed with triple-positive breast cancer. Fortunately, her doctor also has told her it is “super treatable” and “highly beatable.” Her treatment plan, she said, will involve six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and hormonal therapy.

Now, in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you that you have been wondering about Grace Helbig’s parents all this time.

Who Are Grace Helbig’s Parents?

Grace Helbig, 37 years old now, was born to her parents in Woodbury, New Jersey on 27 September 1985.

Grace, the YouTuber/comedienne, won two 2013 Streamy Awards for her DailyGrace web series. After leaving MyDamnChannel, she created her own channel called It’sGrace, which as of now entertained over 2.6 million subscribers. In April 2015, she started hosting a weekly primetime E! talk show called The Grace Helbig Show. Fans also have enjoyed seeing her in the comedy The Wedding Year.

Keep reading and we shall tell you more about her parents.

Meet Theresa McGinnis, Grace Helbig’s Mother

Often on social media, Grace Hebig has posted pictures of her parents. She says they are the ones who made her the “flopping idiot” she is today.

Theresa McGinnis, Grace’s mother, was born in June 1957. So, she reached the age of 66 in 2023. Her father is John J. Tull (the son of John James Tull and Anna Cecelia Paull). He was born in Pennsylvania. Theresa’s mother, Betty Bradshaw, on the other hand, was born in Northampton, England, to a mother surnamed Underwood.

Besides, until the time of this writing, it was not known what kind of a career Theresa has had over the years. She also could not be found on social media as of 2023.

Meet John Helbig, Grace Helbig Father

Grace Helbig’s father John J Helbig was born in March 1952. So, he reached the age of 71 in 2023.

On a 3 February 2016-dated post on her IG @gracehelbig, Grace revealed that her parents are divorced and married to other incredible humans. All of them are “whirling dervishes” of kindness and compassion, she also added.

Fast forward to 2023, John seemed to be happily married to Maureen A Helbig of Somers Point, New Jersey who turned 69 in December 2022. Unlike her husband, Maureen can be found on Facebook.

As of 2023, John could not be found on social media.

From what we can tell, John at the time of this writing had continued working as a team member at the Somers Point Economic Development Advisory Commission (EDAC), an environmental conservation organization. It appears this committee was formed to improve the quality of life for all of Somers Point’s residents and wildlife.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do John Helbig’s Parents Reside?

Both of John Helbig’s parents were born in Pennsylvania. His mother was born there to her parents from Ireland and Northern Ireland.

  • How Long Were John Helbig’s Parents Married?

John Helbig’s father was Leonard F. “Len” Helbig, Jr., son of Leonard F. Helbig, Sr., and Anna/Annie A. Lynch. His mother, Marie V. Bevans, was the daughter of John J. Bevans and Catherine “Katie” Mallon.

For how long the two were married is a question, that is not yet possible for us to find an answer.

As for John’s own marriages, we have already stated a few facts about them. It is believed he and Grace’s mother had a divorce when Grace was still young. Theresa, his former wife, later married a man named William S Mcginnis of West Deptford, New Jersey. William, AKA Bill McGinnis, turned 69 in October 2022. A year before on March 22nd, he lost his son William Shane McGinnis Jr. of Stephenson, Virginia. He passed away at the age of 45, leaving to mourn family and friends. He was predeceased by William’s other son Brian Daniel McGinnis. These were William’s only kids with his former wife, Mildred McLaughlin Williams.

More than once, Grace has said that she approves of her parents’ second marriage.

  • How Many Kids Do John Helbig’s Parents Have?

It is not understood if John Helbig’s parents had other children. Speaking of his own children, he has two more. He and his former wife Theresa have two kids: Grace, Timothy J Helbig, and John J Helbig. The latter, AKA Tim Helbig, was born in 1988. So, he reached the age of 35 in 2023. Timothy seemed to be residing in West Deptford, New Jersey now.

Tim is a YouTube sensation known for his channel ‘TimWillDestroyYou’, where he mostly uploads vlogs. He also has found fame as the “Ragin Botanist” on Twitter. Besides, on LinkedIn, he also mentioned being a scientist/analyst.

The last one of John’s kids, the one named after him, turned 41 years old in August 2022.

On 6 June 2019, when Grace surprised her mother on her birthday, she did it with her brother. Grace had documented the whole thing and later uploaded it as a video on YouTube. “My brother and I decided last minute to go home and surprise my mom for her birthday. It was very CUTE”, she wrote in its description.

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