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Coraima Morla Bio, 90 Day Fiance, Age, IG, Pedro, Nicole

Meet Coraima Morla, a very close friend of Nicole Jimeno, sister of Pedro Jimeno from TLC’s “90 Day Fiance.” Her arrival on the show aided to support the dubious play of Nicole to break the marriage between her brother Pedro and her sister-in-law Chantel. So, let’s learn a few things about this Dominican hotty.

Here is Coraima Morla Bio that covers information on her age, her IG, the relationship between her and Pedro, and of course part played by Nicole in all of this drama.

Who Is Coraima Morla?

Coraima Morla is a close friend of Pedro’s sister Nicole Jimeno. “The Family Chantel” revealed that even though she might seem like a villain in the love story of Chantel and Pedro, she has been a great friend to Nicole. She supported Nicole when she struggled with her relationship with her boyfriend Alejandro.

Coraima cheered Nicole’s breast augmentation surgery when her boyfriend didn’t approve of it. She always cared for Nicole and advised what she should do about her situation with Alejandro.

With her appearing on TLC’s “90 Day Fiance” many secrets came out including the cheating allegations against Pedro. A video that Chantel’s sister-in-law Nicole showed her where Coraima was grinding on Pedro’s lap, which was definite news for Chantel. Then, she made cheating allegations against him.

The video caused friction between Pedro and Chantel. Plus, Nicole who shared that two of them even “had s*x” fueled the fight Chantel and Pedro were having.

But in the wake of the family conflict, Coraima also suggested Pedro should leave his wife and move back to the Dominican Republic, maybe to be with her. “The Family Chantel” delivered even more drama as promised when Chantel told Coraima to “go to the corner over there to make your money.”

Not only, that but Chantel also threw drinks at Coraima, so that was not a good look in their relationship.

What Went Down Between Coraima Morla And Pedro?

Pedro and his wife Chantel did not have a smooth marriage. Their marriage hit a rough patch and Pedro booked a one-way flight back to the Dominican Republic without Chantel. Arriving there, he lived with his family and friends. His sister, Nicole announced that he was “single” for the night, and took him to a party with a few of her female friends.

In the wild night, they had got drunk at a club, Coraima danced “intimately” with Pedro before she started giving a lap dance. Pedro, in the confessional, agreed that he “messed up” by dancing with her. But, he couldn’t deny he “had a good time.”

Nicole had bad blood with her sister-in-law Chantel and she declared that Chantel deserved to have her heartbroken. On Nicole’s part, it was an act of revenge. She told the camera that what happened to Nicole in Atlanta was something that she deserved. So, she tried to show how good of a time she had the other day at a bar.

Coraima also doesn’t speak highly of Chantel. She pressed on to the fact that a woman who loves her man wouldn’t against his words. It referred to the back when Chantel booked a flight to the Dominican Republic despite his protests. Coraima spoke, “As a woman if I love a man — if I love my husband — I wouldn’t do that.”

Coraima was very upfront about Chantel and Pedro’s relationship. Speaking with the confessional she told, “I think their relationship has had a lot of problems in a short amount of time. It won’t last and that’s what’s best for him. That’s what I think.”

Whereas, Pedro confirmed during the confessional that Coraima had a crush on him before he met Chantel. On the other hand, Coraima also confirmed that two of them “have a connection.” She attested that the connection was something that he hasn’t felt for a long time because of the problem that he has with his wife.

Coraima Morla Age

Since Coraima Morla is a friend of the younger sister of Nicole Jimeno, we assume she is around the same age as Nicole. Since Nicole turned 30 in 2021, she is also in her late 20s or early 30s.

Corima celebrates her birthday every year on March 15.

Coraima Morla Job

Besides Coraima Morla’s appearance on “The Family Chantel,” her real job remains in the dark. Her social media revealed that she was a fitness enthusiast and hit the gym a lot, no wonder why her body looked perfect. But one thing that we know is, she graduated from Universidad Católica Santo Domingo, a private Catholic university in the Dominican Republic.

Coraima earned her degree in International Relations (Diplomacy).

So, Coraima is a degree holder who is proud of being a Dominican.

Is Coraima Morla On IG?

yes, Corima Morla is on Instagram. But she set her public profile private. Her account (@coraimamorla) gathered 10.2k followers and contained 877 posts in total. Coraima is also on Facebook (@coraimastephanie.morlapimentel).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Coraima Morla From?

Coraima Morla hailed from Higüey, La Altagracia, Dominican Republic. But she lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

  • How Tall Is Coraima Morla?

Coraima stands tall to the height under 5 feet 8 inches.

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