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Tom Bryant Bio, Trans, Gay, Mum, Height, Big Brother UK

Tom Bryant is a cast member of the Big Brother UK 2023 cast. He has been a fan favorite but also got bad for “primary school” behavior. Others are interested to learn whether he is trans or gay.

Let’s use this little bio to further explain that. To learn more about Tom, continue scrolling down.

Tom Bryant On Big Brother UK 2023

Tom Bryant has turned heads with his easy-going attitude and one even has dubbed him “the human embodiment of a golden retriever.”

A new batch of participants entered the Big Brother house, and they will all be vying for the £100,000 cash prize—that is, assuming they survive to be evicted first. Big Brother started keeping an eye on all 16 housemates as soon as they moved into the new house to make sure they didn’t break any rules and did as they were told.

Though Tom acknowledged that his friends and family might not share his opinion, he still feels he is “quite funny”. Prior to his television debut, he disclosed to ITV that his relatives would characterize him as “quite loud and chatty”.

He seems to be fitting in well since he plans to spend his time on the show just sitting and chatting with others. When he started comparing mullets with another roommate during his first night in the Big Brother house, viewers couldn’t help but giggle.

The prize pool this season is $100K. Tom told Big Brother producers, “There’s a good couple of cars I want to buy. I’d probably put a good bit of it into savings for a house, and then probably spunk a trip to Ibiza or somewhere.”

Scenes from one of the editions of Big Brother that depicted the antics of Paul, Olivia, Tom, and Jenkin as “primary school bullying” horrified viewers. At the end of the show, Chanelle was enjoying talking to Yinrun about her dental career as the other housemates were having some early morning conversations in the bedroom. As the two conversed on one side of the room, Jenkin, Olivia, Paul, and Tom were vying for Chanelle’s attention on the other.

After trying and failing to get Chanelle to join their group, Tom declared “We tell her she’s spreading herself too thin and we ice her out. Then tomorrow we don’t speak to her all day.”

One viewer wrote, “Their jealousy and insecurity over Chanelle talking to the other group and trying to pull her away from “boring Yinrun” is so embarrassing. Such mean girl energy from Tom, Jenkin, Olivia, and Paul.” Another wrote, “Actually appalled at the way Paul, Tom, Jenkin, and Olivia are acting towards Chanelle?? grow UP.”

‘Jenkin, Tom, Olivia, and Paul are still mentally at primary school,’ read another fan tweeted.

The first housemate to be removed from the ITV revival edition of Big Brother was Farida. This happened on Friday. ‘Yes!’ said the make-up artist, jumping up and down and throwing her arms in the air. She then gave her housemates hugs before quickly leaving to meet AJ Odudu and Will Best, the show’s hosts.

Zak, a 28-year-old Manchester resident, is the second Big Brother house participant to be removed. Along with Henry, he was put forward for eviction by the other housemates, and the public’s vote to remove him sealed his fate. In a development that was still shocking but not as shocking as a double eviction, Hallie was eliminated from Big Brother. In addition, Kerry was the fourth housemate to leave Big Brother following a vote by the public in secret.

Is Tom Bryant Trans?

No, Tom Bryant is not trans. The one who came out as trans is his fellow housemate Hallie.

While the 16 contestants were discussing rules at the breakfast table, Hallie announced, “Guys, I just have something to say. Yesterday, I feel like I wasn’t being 100% authentic in myself. I thought I’d let everyone know I’m trans if you didn’t know already. I just thought I’d make that loud and clear. I’m a trans woman if you didn’t know.”

On October 30, 2023, a number of media outlets and social media users speculated that Paul had made a transphobic remark about Hallie in the Sunday night Big Brother livestream, based on a Halloween skeleton figure.

Big Brother was contacted by Digital Spy on the web allegations, and a representative for the program informed them, “We are currently looking at footage following speculation on social media and while this process continues, at this time we have not yet found any references to the skeleton being compared to former housemate Hallie nor any transphobic comments.”

Is Tom Bryant Gay?

No, Tom Bryant is not gay either. But, Big Brother 2023 has three gay contestants Matty, Henry, and Jordan who have stood out in the show including for their love triangle.

Tom Bryant Mum And Dad

Tom Bryant likely most of his fellow cast members is very private regarding family members. While in the Big Brother house, he will be supported by his mum.

Tom Bryant Height

Tom Bryant’s height measures under 5’11”. Although he presented himself as “high-maintenance” and boasted about his mullet, he appeared to be a laid-back character on the show.

How Old Is Tom Bryant?

Bryan is one of the younger contestants joining the show and he is only 21 years old as of 2023.

Tom Bryant Job

Tom Bryant has a job as a butcher (full-time) based in Wincanton. Speaking about his job, Tom added, “I guess the only thing I don’t like [about being a butcher], it’s going to sound a bit weird, but I don’t like the feeling of raw meat. Just cold and slimy.”

But he was ready to explore another career that included being a reality star. Because Big Brother watchers are sharp-eyed, they have discovered that housemate Tom has made past TV appearances. Tom was a guest on episode 7 of series 1 of Kavos Weekender on ITV.

A TV fan account retweeted: “Colour me shocked – the dullest housemate this year once featured on the dullest reality TV show, Kavos Weekender. And apparently, the only thing he went on about was his mullet 🥴.”

“I remember when #BBUK went on a promotional campaign saying that they would get housemates that were “normal” and haven’t been on TV before. But all we’ve discovered is that most of them have been on TV before,” a fan commented.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tom Bryant From?

Tom Bryant comes from Livington, Somerset. But he resides nearer to Yeovil, in the village of Limington.

In an interview, he said: “There’s not much to say about Limington really. [The] average age of ladies is about the fifties, sixties, I think I’m probably a bit young for them.”

  • When Is Tom Bryant Birthday?

Tom Bryant’s birthday is not available at this moment.

  • Is Tom Bryant On Instagram?

Tom Bryant is not on Instagram but has a Facebook (@tom.bryant.560) page.

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