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HGTV Page Turner Parents: Eugene (Dad) And Patricia Turner (Mom)

Meet HGTV’s Page Turner Parents: Eugene (Dad) And Patricia Turner (Mom).

Below you’ll explore information on their age, job, relationship, and children. Keep scrolling to learn more about them.

Who Are HGTV Page Turner Parents?

HGTV’s Fix My Flip show host Page Turner isn’t the one to shy away from sharing information about her personal life. She proudly shares about all the milestones she has reached in her life. And, she talks about her being a parent and what motherhood was like for her as a single mother.

But, she never omits to share the role her mother played in her life to show her the ropes on how to do that. Meanwhile, she also speaks about her father occasionally.

Page grew up in Crescent Hgts in L.A. Her parents name her using two letters from their age “Pa” and “Ge”. She worked in the family business on Stocker & Crenshaw when she was only three years old, she was the face of her father’s company.

But, who are Page Turner’s parents? Read more about them below in this article.

Meet Eugene Turner, HGTV Page Turner Dad

Eugene “Gene” Turner was the father of HGTV’s Page Turner. Sadly life stripped her of the fatherly love she could have at a young age. She was a daddy’s girl. She talked about how she inherited entrepreneurship from her beloved dad.

On Father’s Day 2017, Page posted on her Facebook, “Happy Father’s Day! I only had him for 8 years & miss him so much. I see so much of him around me & in me”.

Page once shared that she can still drop tears just thinking about him 40 years later.

She wrote in the 2020 Father’s Day post, “My daddy was way ahead of his time. I was his branding for our optical shop, Page Optical (brilliant). He was the “Optician to the Stars” and was part of the original @blackbeverlyhills …. He taught me the importance of independence & being an entrepreneur & serving our communities… He taught me to count money on our pool table….. There wasn’t anything I wanted that I didn’t have – which extremely spoiled me, but taught me to value myself, have high standards & get what the hell I want when I #dothework.”

  • Eugene Turner Age At The Time Of His Death

Eugene Turner died on 17 December 1981 from a liver ailment. The illness had plagued him for a few years before his death. He was not more than 55 years old at the time of his death.

  • Eugene Turner Job

Eugene Turner was an optician by profession. He was the co-founder of Page Optical Eyeglass Boutique located on Crenshaw Blvd. According to Page, he was “the first African-American owner-optician in the area and was branded “Optician to the Stars” with the fad of making custom-made big square & round glasses with diamonds/rhinestones on the lenses”.

The list of his celebrity clients included Sammy Davis, Jr., Mayor Tom Bradley, Stack Pierce, Gail Fisher, Redd Foxx, Dionne Warrick, and many more. He had settled in Crenshaw for more than 20 years at the time of his death.

Before working as an optician, Eugene had entered the military at the age of 17. He spent 12 years in Japan.

  • Where Was Eugene Turner From?

Eugene Turner was a native of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He was born in a small town 30 minutes from Nashville. He left Nashville for better opportunities and moved to Los Angeles.

Meet Patricia Turner, HGTV Page Turner Mom

Page Turner’s mother Patricia Turner is a Canadian woman hailing from St. Catharines.

Patricia has been a huge role model in Page’s life. In May 2021 post, she wrote, “My Pops passed when I was 8. So she had to teach this little black girl how to speak up, stand up & never give up, alongside my 2 older sisters (who are white with blue eyes, so there was always confusion when our family showed up And no, I’m not adopted, figure it out LOL)”.

Because her mother is white and her father was African-American, there was always confusion. She added, “We’ve had serious racial turmoil in my family the last couple of years, but at the end of the day, “That’s MY Mama” to whom I owe every single solitary success story in my book. She’s never given up on me & truly believes I can do anything (like for real LOL), and for that, I owe her everything, for she gave her everything to and for me”.

  • Is Patricia Turner Still Alive?

Yes, Patricia Tuner is still alive as of 2022. However, she had some complications regarding her health. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo mastectomy and chemo.

  • Patricia Turner Age

In August 2021, Patricia Turner celebrated her 81st birthday.

  • Patricia Turner Job

Patricia Turner was also an optician and co-founder of Page Optical Eyeglass Boutique. She along with her late husband also served on the board to build the Crenshaw Mall way back in the day. They also served the community through the NAACP.

But after Page had her daughter, she gave up her life in LA to move to help raise her grandchildren in Nashville.

Patricia got her GED at 50. She also authored & published 2 books. Moreover, she earned her BA at the age of 70. She enrolled in her Ph.D. program until her eyesight became challenging so she became a teacher’s aide.

Related FAQs

  • When Did HGTV Page Turner Parents Tied The Knots?

After 12 years in Japan, Page Turner’s father where he reportedly met his future wife Patricia. They moved to Los Angeles after that and tied the knots sometimes after.

  • How Many Kids Did HGTV Page Turner Parents Have?

Page Tuner was the only child born to her parents. However, she reportedly has three half-sisters; one on her father’s side (@sonji.newmanellis) and two on her mother’s side one of whom is (@daryl.doyon).

  • Has HGTV Page Turner Posted About Her Parents On Instagram?

HGTV’s Page Turner’s mom is on Facebook (@patricia.turner.73594).

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