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HGTV Page Turner Siblings: Sonji Newman And Daryl Lyn Saha

Meet HGTV Page Turner Siblings: Sonji Newman And Daryl Lyn Saha

Page Turner has been very vocal about her family members and shares bits and stories about her siblings in her socials. Learn more about her siblings in this article. Below you’ll learn about their age, job, and social media reach.

Who Are HGTV Page Turner Siblings?

HGTV’s Fix My Flip show host Page Turner was born to her parents Eugene and Patricia Turner. Her parents reportedly met in Japan while her father was in the military and spent almost 12 years in the country. After getting done with his responsibilities, Page’s parents settled in Crenshaw, Los Angeles.

Professional opticians, who started Page Optical Eyeglass Boutique, used their Page as their company logo. But, when Page was only 8, she lost her dad to a liver ailment that had plagued him for years. The responsibility to raise Page fell on the lap of her mother Patricia, and she did one heck of a job.

Apparently, she was the only child born to her parents. However, she does have half-siblings born to her parents from their respective previous relationships. You’ll learn about them below in this article.

Meet Sonji Newman, Page Turner Sister

HGTV Page Turner with her sister Sonji Newman (Pic: Sonji’s FB)

In September 2020, Page Turner dedicated an entire post to her sister Sonji Newman. Sonji was her half-sister from her father’s previous relationship. According to the post, Sonji is her “best friend, protector, safe place, warrior, and shield”.

She stated further, “Our adventures, laughs and love for one another run deeper than people will ever know. Only God knew that 39 years ago when our Daddy passed we wouldn’t see each other again for 33 years. And only God knew that you would find me on Facebook 6 years ago and we would pick up right where we left off when you were 15 & I was 8”.

However, Sonji discovered Page on her Facebook about 6 years before and they got in touch with each other while Page was in Tennessee. Sonji had also moved to her father’s birthplace to raise her children just like Page. They have been together ever since.

  • Sonji Newman Age

On 6 September 2021, Sonji Newman turned 55 years old.

  • Sonji Newman Job

According to Sonji Newman’s LinkedIn, she is a high school biology teacher and motivational speaker. She has been teaching Mathematics at Civics and Sciences Charter School since 2000. She is currently a biology teacher at La Vergne High School.

Sonji holds BSc in Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, and Cellular Biology from Temple University.

She earned her Master’s Degree in teaching and learning, secondary education, and teaching from Delaware Valley University in 2012. Before that, she had earned a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Delaware Valley College in 2012.

Sonji has also spoken as a guest on the Launchpadone podcast on the topic of “Bridging the gap between parents and students”. She also hosts a program at WGNS Radio.

  • Is Sonji Newman On Instagram?

Yes, Sonji Newman is on Instagram. In fact, she has two accounts (@sonjinewmanellis and @sonji_newman). She is also on Facebook (@sonji.newmanellis).

Meet Daryl Lyn Saha, Page Turner Sister

HGTV’s Page Turner with her mother Patricia, three daughters, and her sister Daryl Lyn Saha (Pic: Page’s FB)

HGTV’s Page Turner also has another half-sister, but on her mother’s side. Her name is Daryl Lyn Saha (Daryl Doyon). Based on Page’s IG post, they have been in touch for a very long time. She has featured Daryl a few times on her IG.

Like, in 2017, she posted, “OMGGGGGG my Mama Patricia Turner & Sissy Daryl Lyn Saha just found us in the newest issue of Us Weekly at Target in FL!! Who took the pic?! The cashier? A random passerby?! LOL, I can just see them now telling everybody in Target!! This just blessed me, even more, to see them so happy!”.

In 2015, Page with her three daughters, her mother Patricia, and her sister Daryl went to Disneyland.

  • Daryl Lyn Saha Age

In January 1958, Daryl Lyn Saha turned 64 years old.

  • Daryl Lyn Saha Job

There is no information related to Daryl Lyn Saha’s job. She attended Sarnia Central Collegiate Institute and City College of San Francisco.

  • Is Daryl Lyn Saha On Instagram?

Yes, Daryl Lyn Saha is on Instagram (@daryllyndoyon) and Facebook (@daryl.doyon).

Related FAQs

  • Does HGTV Page Turner Have One More Sibling Beyond The Stated 2 Siblings?

Yes, in one of the Facebook posts, Page Turner had mentioned having two sisters (mother’s side) who were white with blue eyes. Since one of the sisters was Daryl who appears on her Facebook, she hasn’t mentioned the other sister. Her third sister is likely Michelle Doyon-Ramier (@michelle.doyonramier) which is yet to be confirmed.

  • Where Do HGTV Page Turner Siblings Live?

Page Turner’s sister Sonji Newman lives in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Whereas, her second sister Daryl hailed from Sarnia, Ontario but lives in Margate, Florida.

  • Have HGTV Page Turner Siblings Appeared On TV?

No, HGTV’s Page Turner’s siblings haven’t appeared on her TV shows.

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