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Is Lee Yoo-mi Dating Anyone? Her Relationship Status

Actress Lee Yoo-Mi is already an international sensation. She has returned for her new Netflix show ‘All of Us Are Dead”. Since the news, fans wanted to know if she is seeing anyone now that she is famous already. We got it all covered, from her career to her net worth, and her relationship status.

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Lee Yoo-mi On All of Us Are Dead

Lee Yoo-mi is appearing on the Netflix show “All of Us Are Dead” but she is no stranger to the fans of reality show lovers. She starred in Netflix’s previous worldwide sensation “Squid Game”.

But “All of Us Are Dead” show might be as gory as “Squid Game” but has a completely different storyline. The show is based on the life of high school teenagers who are trapped in Hyosan High School after a virus outbreak after a failed science experiment. Soon, their friends started turning into zombies so, the remaining unaffected have to fight their way out while hoping for rescue.

In the show, Lee plays Na Yeon, a wealthy, stuck-up student who enjoys spreading rumors and making judgments about her fellow students. The actress shared about her character, “I really can’t wait to show you my character Na Yeon, and I know that a lot of you might hate the character and hate me for the character, but going forward, and because of that, I wish I could present you may be a lovely character that’s endearing”.

Other lead casts on the show are Yoo In-Soo as Yoon Gwi-Nam, Park Ji-hu as On-jo, Yoon Chan-young as Chung-San, Shin Jae-hwi as Chang-Hoon, Park Solomon as Lee Soo-hyeok and Cho Yi-Hyun as Choi Nam-ra. The director of the show reportedly wanted all new actors for the show.

Lee Yoo-mi Net Worth

With a burgeoning net worth of above $2 million, Lee Yoo-mi discovered her success with “Squid Game”. She rose to fame for her role of Ji-Yeong, the young woman who got out of jail for killing her abusive father and became friends with Jung Ho-Yeon’s character, badass Kang Sae-byeok.

When Lee watched Kang Hye-Jung’s performance in the drama “Herb” (2007) it had left quite an impression on her. She revealed to Cosmopolitan, “Actress Kang Hye-Jung played a mentally challenged person. I was young so I thought that an actual mentally challenged person starred in the film, but I realized that wasn’t the case. It was shocking. I was in awe so I was drawn to acting.”

So, she started dreaming of being an actor at the age of 13. Her family helped her approach several agencies. Lee began to audition and scored parts in several adverts. At age 15, she landed her first proper role in the action thriller  “The Yellow Sea” and sci-fi children’s show “Future Boy”.

During the time of filming the show, Lee worked as a part-time food delivery driver despite being in the industry for the last 11 years. She said, “During my break, I was working part-time at Coupang Eats, and suddenly I received attention, like ‘Bam!’ so it’s still fascinating to me. Still, I’m trying not to realize the popularity because there’s so much I need to do from now I. I try not to forget who I am.”

But, Lee became a breakout international sensation with “Squid Game”. She competed against thousand of auditioners for her role in Squid Game. Her role earned her best new actress for that same film at the Korean Film Writers Association Awards and also received the rookie of the year award at the Buil Film Awards for “Young Adult Matters”, in which she played a pregnant high schooler running away from home to get an abortion.

Lee is still friends with her “Squid Game” co-stars and fans think that she is a K-pop idle Sulli’s look-alike.

But, it must all be fate, because she was almost didn’t cast for the role in the show because the director had revealed that Ji-young was meant to be a male character in the original script. But since he believed the bond between women made more sense he went for the female character. This is why she and Ho-Yeon Jung cried while filming the show.

Does Lee Yoo-mi Have A Boyfriend?

When it comes to relationships, Lee Yoo-mi appears to be single. She hasn’t revealed any information on her dating life as of this moment. But, her fans are eager to learn more about her, primarily her dating life. But, she doesn’t seem to be the type to unveil personal information publicly.

More importantly, Lee seems to prefer keeping her dating life to herself at this time. So you know, Lee is single in the public eyes.

Does Lee Yoo-mi Have A Sister?

No, as far as we know, Lee Yoo-mi doesn’t have a sister or at least hasn’t appeared publicly. But, actress Ho-Yeon Jung played her on-screen “sister” on squid game. However, they are not real sisters. Her character Ji-Yeong bonded with Jung Ho-Yeon’s character Sae-byeok.

But, not only do their characters bond with each other but the actors too shared sister-like relationships. Ho-Yeon said about Yoo-mi, “Yoo-mi is more experienced in acting and she’s a great actress. When I talked about my concerns in acting, she was always very considerate. Since I trust her, we talked about many things. So I think it all wrapped up nicely. I’m still thankful for her.”

Whereas, Lee also spoke, “We’re the same age and we share similar interests, so we got along really well. When we were filming, we kept sharing Ji-Yeong and Sae-byeok’s feelings. There was no way we wouldn’t grow close. After filming ended, we would go out to get spicy rice cakes together and we also went to a cafe to chat.”

Lee Yoo-mi Height

Lee Yoo-mi stands tall to the height of 5 feet 3.5 inches (1.62 meters).

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Lee Yoo-mi?

Born on 18 July 1994, Lee turned 27 years old.

  • Is Lee Yoo-mi On Instagram?

Lee has an Instagram account (@leeyoum262) and also a Twitter account (@leeyoomipics). She has a fan account on TikTok (@_leeyoum262).

  • What Was Lee Yoo-mi Number On Squid Game?

Lee Yoo-mi’s “Squid Game” player number was 240.

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