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Park Solomon Bio, Dating, Height, All of Us Are Dead

Fans of actor Park Solomon are excited to see him on Netflix’s zombie flick titled “All of Us Are Dead”. His old fans as well as the new fans are excited to learn more about his dating life, height, and other shows he has appeared on.

Tag along with this Park Solomon Bio which unfolds information on him.

Park Solomon On All of Us Are Dead

Meet actor Park in Netflix’s new horror series “All of Us Are Dead”. The show explores the story of a group of students joining forces to fight their way out of Hyosan High School after a virus outbreak on campus begins turning their classmates into zombies. The students are trapped without food, cell phone services, adults, and the young students have to take on the zombies all by themselves with the hope someone would come to rescue them.

Park plays the character of Lee Soo-hyuk. Netflix explained him as a “reliable supporter who puts himself on the line in dangerous situations.”

The other casts on the show are The Squid Game actress Lee You-mi, Yoo In-Soo as Yoon Gwi-nam, Park Ji-hu as On-jo, Yoon Chan-young as Chung-San, Shin Jae-hwi as Chang-Hoon, and Cho Yi-hyun as Choi Nam-ra. The director of the show reportedly wanted all new actors for the show.

The director of the show reportedly wanted all new actors for the show.

Before the premiere of the show, Park promoted the show with a few pictures from the show.

Is Park Solomon Dating Anyone?

Park Solomon doesn’t seem to be dating anyone as of this moment. He is single like most of the fellow casts on the show. Since he is an up-and-coming actor, he is also focused on building his career as an actor. So, he too doesn’t appear to be romantically involved with anyone who has the potential to be his girlfriend at this moment.

Park Solomon Height

Talking about height, Park Solomon stands tall at 6 feet (1.83 meters). He has chiseled good looks and the young star takes care of his physique. He maintains his body with physical activities such as swimming to weightlifting at the gym.

Park Solomon Net Worth

Park Solomon has a reported net worth of around $150 thousand. He was initially signed with Big Smile Entertainment. The actor made his acting debut with the main role in the movie “Horror Stories III” and also played a supporting role in “Ghost Machine” too.

He played the lead role in “Sweet Revenge” which earned him plenty of fans. He also made small appearances on “Bride of the Century”, “Legendary Witch”, “Doctors”, “Shopping King Louie”, and a supporting role in “The Guardians”.

In 2019, Solomon appeared opposite Chinese actor Zhang Dada in a mainland adaptation of a Korean webtoon called “Lookism”. During an interview with WeTV, he expressed that he had to learn Chinese for the role and had to eat a locust for one of the final scenes. He was quick to say “it didn’t taste good” afterward. In the same interview, he also said that his biggest goal in life is “to become a good actor”.

Park is currently signed with Sidus HQ. What’s more, he attended Apgujeong High School in Seoul’s Gangnam-gu neighborhood. The school district is considered the most affluent in the city and is often referred to as the “Beverly Hills of Korea”. He reportedly learned to act from Ahn Hyuk-mo, the director of Sidus HQ’s acting academy.

Is Park Solomon On TikTok?

Park Solomon goes on Instagram by (@lomon991111), on Twitter by (@solomonpak1111), and Facebook (@solomonpak99).

Along with his official pages, Park also has fan pages on social media. His IG account is (@actor_solomonpak) and his TikTok account is (@solomonpak_actor). He is also on YouTube with 3.11k subscribers.

How Old Is Park Solomon?

Born on 11 November 1999, Park Solomon is 22 years old.

Has Park Solomon Revealed His Family?

Park Solomon has shared very little information on his family. Based on our research, he has a brother who goes by (@ma_____89) on Instagram. His brother also wished him a birthday in November 2021 via an IG post. He captioned, “HBD my little brother ^^@lomon991111 A birthday that we’ve been together for several years from now on”.

Moreover, Park had also featured his uncle in March 2020 post.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Park Solomon Born?

There are some conflicting reports about Park Solomon’s birthplace. On his Facebook, he had revealed he lived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and stated he currently lives in Seoul, Korea. shared that he is a native of South Korea.

Nevertheless, Park is of South Korean nationality. 

  • Does Park Solomon Speak English?

There are no videos of Park Solomon speaking in English.

  • What Is Park Solomon’s Real Name?

The actor’s real name/family name is Park. Meanwhile, his first name is Solomon. His native name is 박솔로몬. Also known as 朴所罗门, Bak Sol Lo Mon, Pu Suo Luo Men.

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