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Is Roe Hartrampf Married? His Relationship Status Revealed

Roe Hartrampf made his Broadway debut in Diana, starring as Prince Charles. And thereafter he landed in many other Broadway projects. He feels like there is really nothing that compares to doing theatre. Yet, now and then he also did not turn away when his career brought him offers for films and television. For instance, he more recently played Doug Reenters in Netflix’s absolute favorite Emily in Paris. More about it, let us tell you more in the rest of the writing. Of course, the rest of the writing also exclusively explores the actor’s relationship status, and the other aspects of him IRL.

Roe Hartrampf On Emily In Paris

Roe Hartrampf stars as Doug in Emily in Paris. Doug is Emily’s American boyfriend who stays in the United States when Emily moved to Paris. So, their backstory goes back to the very first season. Emily accepts her position in Paris and even then she is willing, even excited, to continue a long-distance relationship with Doug. Sadly, though Doug does not seem to reciprocate. He not only says to Emily that he does not know how to do a long distance but also urges her to come home. And so while all of it played out in Season 1 we thought it would be the last of Doug. But, when Season 3 happened so did he.

So, in the latest Season 3, Roe’s character was also coming to France for a new job and of course, to see Emily. So, like that, people have noticed Roe in this role brilliantly injecting the character with a sense of arrogance and privilege.

Is Roe Hartrampf Married?

Indeed. Roe Hartrampf had been married once. But he was no more by December 2022. Back in 2016, he got married to Nikki Pettus, a traveling floral designer. Since getting separated from Roe, Nikki has moved on with her life and into a different marriage to a man named Mike White. They now also have a beautiful daughter together.

As for Roe is also found himself a girlfriend. Also, he had been living together with her in New York City, at the time of this writing. It is none other than actress/dancer Melanie Moore we are speaking of.

Roe Hartrampf and his girlfriend as seen on Valentine’s Day in 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Aged 30 as of late March 2022, she was just 19 when she won the eighth season of the reality TV competition So You Think You Can Dance. From there, she went on to perform on television and onstage including in three Broadway musicals Finding Neverland, Fiddler on the Roof, and Hello Dolly! Re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

Beautiful Melanie could be found on Instagram @melaniekmoore where she entertained 91.9K followers so far. Here, one can see, the earliest post of her and Roe is from back in February 2021. After this, there have been lots of memories they chose to parade to people and they only appeared even more in love each time. Most importantly, they also seemed to be enjoying working in the same industry, getting to go on red-carpet dates and all.

Taking it a step further, Roe and Melanie have also welcomed their dog ‘pippa doodle doo’ into their lives.

Roe Hartrampf Age

Roe’s real name is Carl Roerig Hartrampf IV. He was named so at the time of his birth in 1986. So, he turned 36 years old in 2022.

Roe Hartrampf Family

Roe Hartrampf’s mother is Avery Hartrampf. She could be found on IG @amhartrampf and she turned 65 in February 2022. Speaking of her career, she continued overseeing visual merchandising at Pottery Barn, her job since July 2008. Between 1975 and 1978, she got her bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Marketing Management from Emory University.

On Mother’s Day one time, we saw Roe thank her for believing in him from the start and for giggling with him all the way down the aisle.

Likewise, Roe’s father is Carl Hartrampf III and he turned 67 late in November 2022. According to LinkedIn, he is the owner of Community Revitalization Enterprises, LLC of Atlanta, Georgia. Like his wife, he also went to Emory University School of Law, only that he was there between 1977 and 1980.

As for siblings, Roe has a sister named Anna Hartrampf. A former alum of the University of Georgia, she turned 38 in September 2022. And before that, she got engaged to Wes in January 2018.

How Much Is Roe Hartrampf Net Worth?

Roe Hartrampf reportedly had more than $2 million net worth as of 2022.

He also previously lent his mastery in a recurring arc on CBS’s Madam Secretary, Amazon’s Red Oaks, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Netflix’s The Get Down, Hulu’s Deadbeat, and Starz’s Power.

But, long before all of it happened, Roe studied at Stella Adler Studio and New York University, Tisch School of the Arts.

Roe Hartrampf Height

Roe Hartrampf stands around 5’8” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Roe Hartrampf From?

Roe Hartrampf originally comes from Atlanta, Georgia. He was born and raised there before he started dreaming of New York. He says he knew he wanted to go to New York from the time he was in junior high school. So, as soon as he knew about NYU he assured himself that is where he wanted to go to college and so he did. Once there, he went to a summer camp and a theatre school at NYU.

Last year, Roe gushed to Broadwaycom that he has been addicted to the energy of the streets of New York for as long as he can remember.

In New York, he was particularly residing in Brooklyn, at the time of this writing.

  • When Is Roe Hartrampf Birthday?

Roe Hartrampf’s birthday is on August 18th and that makes him a Leo with supposedly great mental and physical endurance.

  • Is Roe Hartrampf On Instagram?

Yes. Roe Hartrampf could be found on Instagram @roetramp with 87 posts and 11.2K followers as of 29 December 2022.

Roe also had several of his video posted on his self-titled YouTube channel and he also introduced himself as someone portraying both ‘Doug’ and ‘Prince Charles’ on Netflix on his Twitter @RoeHartrampf’s BIO. Not to miss, he also showed glimpses of his life on Facebook from time to time.

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