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Kim Jin-Young Bio, Age, Height, Job, IG, Single’s Inferno

Meet Kim Jin-Young, star of Single’s Inferno. His appearance has attracted people in and outside of the show in season 2. That means fan wants to connect with him on whatever platform possible. Furthermore, they want to learn more about him.

This bio is about his age, job, height, and more.

Kim Jin-Young On Netflix’s Single’s Inferno

Drama in Single’s Inferno is far from over as a new contestant has joined in shaking up some connections on the show. Kim Jin-Young joined the cast of Netflix’s popular show in episodes 3 and 4. “I work out about five times a week doing weight training, and I also run,” Jin-young explained. “I regularly do high-intensity activities, so I’m confident that I won’t fall behind others when it comes to athletic performance.”

“I’m shy at first, but once we get to know each other, I think I’m someone you can have fun with,” he explained in his introduction. “When I see a woman, it takes me only three seconds to feel sparks. So I hope that when I join Single’s Inferno, there will be a woman who I feel sparks for within three seconds.”

Immediately after Kim arrived in episode 3, he is able to secure a date with two women of his choosing and to his shocking surprise, he picked Seul-ki and Seo-eun.

These two hot contestants had the interest of all the men on the show which shocked Kim Jin-Young’s fellow male contestants. The women meet up again in their tent in Single’s Inferno Season 2 Episode 4, and Seul-ki is immediately charmed by Jin-young. He is dating Seul-ki and Seo-eun, and it is obvious that his cool manner has caught their attention.

His attitude has won over the hosts as well. Later, Se-jeong and Nadine also express interest in knowing him. When Se-jeong is able to speak with him one-on-one, she too falls in love.

So-e was the sole woman who, in contrast to the other ladies, had never affected her emotions. She speaks with Yoong-jae and demonstrates promise. But in Season 2 of Single’s Inferno, everything changes when the women decide who they want to travel to Paradise with. Jin-young admits he connected with Seul-ki as he prepares to make his choice. She ultimately chose Jin-young as well, making this her second visit to Paradise.

Sadly, Jong-woo’s heart was once more destroyed when Seul-ki chose someone else. The good news is that Han-bin chose Seo-eun, and she chose him as well. Unexpectedly, Dong-wook cried out for Nadine. She joyfully emerges from the tent. More shocking, though, is when Yoong-jae also picked Nadine. It stuns the hosts when they realize he likely picked her to avoid So-e, knowing she chose him.

But the following episode of Single’s Inferno Season 2 teases sparks flying between Jin-young and Seul-ki.

Kim Jin-Young Job

Kin Jin-Young is known as Dex, a popular YouTuber, and Streamer. His YouTube channel has 1.33K subscribers on his YouTube channel @dexarchive5377. His YouTube channel is mostly focused on vlogs and is a gaming streamer.

Since he started making videos in 2020, his most popular one—a review of Bloody Game episode 3 with Park Ji-min, Queen Wasabi, and Jung Geun-woo—has received 234K views. Each video the 27-year-old uploads often receives between 20 and 40 thousand views, but occasionally much more! He even posts vlogs about his daily life and gives insights into his workouts at the gym.

He is also signed to the broadcasting & media production company The company recently unveiled his profile for 2023.

Other than that, Kim is also an actor. In 2021, he was in a show titled Bloody Game, Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2, and Love & Joy, a new concept of love observation reality that contains the process of finding an answer to the question, ‘Is it possible to be friends between a man and a woman?’.

After serving for four years with the Korean UDT military squad, he appeared in Queen WA$ABII’s Night Time Love music video and served as an instructor on the show Fake Men, where contestants attempted to pass the navy seal/UDT training program.

Is Kim Jin-Young On IG?

Yes, Kim Jin-Young has an Instagram profile (@dex_xeb).

Kim Jin-Young Age

At the time of filming the show, Kim Jin-Young was 28 years old.

Kim Jin-Young Height

While standing tall at 6 feet, Kim Jin-Young’s height also added to his good looks.

Kim Jin-Young Tattoos

When he first arrived on Netflix’s show, fans had him confused with BTS’s Jungkook. One of their similarities was their long hair and sleeve tattoos. Along with Jin-Young’s personality, his intricate tattoos have also drawn the attention of fans. He also touched on what his tattoo represented.

Kim Jin-Young said: “This holds the meaning of warrior, that kind of tattoo.” He added that he was a soldier once and doesn’t believe in religion.

The reality star then added said: “I had the UDT tattooed on myself, they’re bullets, and the shapes are bullets. I was discharged from the UDT and I’m currently working as a content creator.” In addition to the tattoos, he also has a birthmark which Seul-ki noticed, and to clarify what it was Kim added it was a “Mongolian spot.”

Furthermore, his tattoos also got his fans riled up and wanting to know more about his ethnicity. Asking about his ethnicity, one asked: Is he full Korean? I noticed his Polynesian tattoos and became curious of his ethnicity. I wonder is the tattoos to embrace the culture of the islands he’s interested in, or if he is partially Polynesian lol.”

Another added, “I wasn’t talking abt that, what I meant is the design of his tattoo, it’s patterns from the Polynesian islands, so I was wondering if he is part Polynesian or if he just liked the culture, + ik a lot of Korean with tattoo.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kim Jin-Young Birthday?

According to, Kim Jin Young celebrates his birthday on 9 June.

  • Where Is Kim Jin-Young From?

Kim Jin-Young lives outside of Seoul in South Korea.

  • What Do We Know About Kim Jin-Young Family?

Currently, Kim Jin-Young has maintained silence about his family members.

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