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Kathy Fang Parents: Lily Fang (Mom) And Peter Fang (Dad)

Kathy Fang was born to be in the food business. As a child, she spent all of her waking hours in her parents’ restaurant because they couldn’t afford daycare. The restaurant was basically her home. And now, Kathy once again is living her childhood, only this time, she’ll be working alongside her dad on Food Network’s new series Chef Dynasty: House of Fang.

So, who’s her dad? And also who’s her mother? Learn all about her parents as this article proceeds.

Who Are Chef Kathy Fang Parents?

Kathy Fang was born to her parents, Lily and Peter Fang. They are her inspiration and also her teachers who instilled her passion for cooking in her.

Recalling her childhood days, the star said, “When my parents opened the restaurant, I was about seven years old at the time and they couldn’t really afford daycare, so I spent all of my waking hours in the restaurant.” So, forced to spend all day and even some nights at the restaurant, she developed an interest in cooking.

In fact, it was also where she first learned the trade. Kathy would often find ways to occupy her time in the restaurant by running drinks, bussing tables, or interacting with the customers. And once she was old enough she would help with the cooking in the back with her father.

“Naturally, I just fell in love with food, being around it because of the flavors and smells, even prior to the restaurant, I always loved eating,” she said.

Now, the little girl’s grown up to become a business partner with her dad. The father-daughter duo opened Fang Restaurant in 2009. However, this wasn’t where Chef Dynasty: House of Fang was filmed.

Going back to the star, the show featured House of Nanking in San Francisco which Kathy’s partners opened over 3 decades ago. Since that time, the Chinese food hot spot has become famous and frequented by tourists and locals alike.

Meet Lily Fang, Kathy Fang Mom

Lily Fang is Kathy’s loving mother who serves as an example of love and sacrifice to her.

According to the star, she once found a photo of her mother before she had her. And it was at that moment she realized the“kind of sacrifices a mother has to make for their babies. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. I hope I can be as good of a mother to my kids as you have been to me,” she added.

Likewise, on Mother’s day 2022, she praised her mother in an IG caption, “Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours! Be sure to celebrate your mothers today because we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.”

  • Lily Fang Age

Lily Fang was born in June 1948. That made her 74 years of age in 2022.

Also, this means Lily had Kathy when she was 33.

  • Lily Fang Job

Lily Fang is the co-owner of the family restaurant House of Nanking. She and her husband Peter opened the restaurant back in 1988, eight years after they relocated from Shanghai to San Francisco.

Before that, Lily worked several jobs as a server to make ends meet.

  • Where Is Lily Fang From?

Lily Fang hails from Shanghai, China.

Meet Peter Fang, Kathy Fang Dad

Kathy Fang learned her culinary skills from her dad Peter Fang.

As a child whenever Kathy would eat something without asking her dad, he would notice it. And she would be like, “They have the best wontons because X, Y, and Z, and I would try to break down a dish.” Thereafter, the little girl would try to break down a dish and tell him why she thought this place had a better version of that place or how would she do it differently.

This father/daughter duo is now a dominant force in San Francisco’s food world.

Besides Peter’s unparalleled culinary skills, Kathy also shared that there are “a million reasons why [he is] the best father a daughter could ever ask for.”

On Father’s day 2021, she took to her IG to write, “Happy Father’s Day to my forever hero – words could never express everything you mean to me. To all the dads out there, you guys deserve the appreciation every day.”

  • Peter Fang Age

Peter Fang was born in February 1949. That made him 73 years of age in 2022.

He is years younger than his wife.

  • Peter Fang Job

Peter Fang is one half of House of Nanking, and also co-owner of Fang Restaurant.

But it would be more appropriate to say that Peter was three-fourths of House of Nanking for he scouted the location and gave the dishes his own creative spin on traditional Chinese fare making that was pleasantly new. Over time, his cooking even evolved more when he began experimenting with traditional dishes and fusing them with local ingredients that he loved.

Now, thanks to his cooking method and also his daughter, he’s also the star of Chef Dynasty: House of Fang.

  • Where Is Peter Fang From?

Peter Fang hails from Nanking, China.

Related FAQs

  • Are Chef Kathy Fang Parents Still Married?

Yes,  Kathy’s parents are still married.

  • Are Chef Kathy Fang Parents On Instagram?

We couldn’t find Kathy’s parents’ individual socials. But find them on their restaurant’s official site on FB @HouseofNanking and IG @houseofnankingsf.

  • Where Do Chef Kathy Fang Parents Reside?

In 2022, Kathy’s parents resided in San Francisco, CA.

  • How Many Kids Do Chef Kathy Fang Parents Have?

Kathy’s parents only have one child and that’s Kathy.

However, their family of three has now grown to 6. The added members are Caleb Sima (Kathy’s husband) and their 2 kids.

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