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Isra Lomeli [Too Hot To Handle: Latino] Bio, Age, Height

After Netflix’s success with the USA and Brazil version of Too Hot to Handle, it’s back again with another spinoff Too Hot to Handle: Latino. It’s filled with contestants representing Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain. Among them, Isra Lomeli definitely is the joker of the group.

Keep reading this Isra Lomeli [Too Hot To Handle: Latino] Bio to learn more about him. 

Isra Lomeli And Carolina Mendoza: Too Hot To Handle: Latino, Still Together?

Isra Lomeli laid his eyes on the bold and domineering Carolina Mendoza initially upon arriving at the beach hotel. He even receive a ring from the lady and was shown her fluffy pink handcuffs. However, Carolina quickly turned possessive which Isra did not entirely appreciate.

If you didn’t know before the complete sex ban, the two slept together twice and were not shy about sharing it either.

According to Isra, it was a once-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable experience. But he also went on to add that his partner could be “toxic”.

So, this brings us to the question “are they still together”? Well, as of September 2021, Isra and Carolina seemed to be close over socials media. Over one of his posts, Isra wrote, “With the most beautiful toxic.”

However, we can’t confirm that they are in a relationship just based on the IG pictures.

Also, at the time, Isra Lomeli’s FB relationship status labeled him as “single”. This could mean that they might have gone their separate ways as well.

This season, Isra was joined by co-constants  — Manuela, Joel, Carolina, Zaira, Nico, Dadvian, Flor, Lilian, and Nick. 

Like previous Too Hot to Handle, this spinoff was filed in a relaxing, exotic location with a beach hotel in Mexico, south of the USA. Reportedly, the producers chose this location because at the time Mexico was a safer bet (in light of travel restrictions that could be imposed in the majority of the nations in Latin America.)

The rule for victory was to refrain from any sexual acts for 40 days and 40 nights. And the winner will take away a whopping $100,000.

Filled with excitement, Isra took it to his IG on August 19 to share, “That’s right if it’s me, babies, we started haha ​​wait for it soon.” (Translate from Spanish to English)

Isra Lomeli Age

Isra Lomeli was reportedly born in 1992. That made him 29 years of age in 2021 as he first appeared on Too Hot to Handle: Latino.

As for his birthday, Isra celebrates his between July 23 – August 22, making him of the Leo zodiac.

His Family, Hometown

Born and raised in Mexico, Isra Lomeli is a family guy. Most of his IG posts were about his “best mother” Cony Lomeli, or his “precious little frog” daughter Julia, who was born on April 30, 2019.

So, who is Isra’s baby mother? Well, she is an aspiring Latino model Gabriela Chesa. Find her over IG @gabrielachesa with over 2.2K followers.

Gabriela was 25 years of age as of 2021.

Trivia: Isra’s mother Cony resided in her hometown  Guadalajara, Jalisco as of 2021.

Isra Lomeli Height

Isra Lomeli stands tall at a height above 6 feet (182 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Isra has hazel green eyes color, a chiseled jawline, and pierced ears. Also, he has tattoos over his arm and chest.

His Instagram, Facebook

As of September 2021, Isra entertained 2.5K followers over Instagram @isra_lomeli. (

Find him over Facebook @israel.bustos.739.

Most of his posts then featured his modeling pics, his daughter, and his dog, a pitbull named Jaguer.

Isra Lomeli Job

Isra Lomeli is a marine biologist who loves to fish. As of 2021, he was working at his alma mater Universidad de Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico.

Also, Isra was studying Biología marina at CUCSUR U de G at the time.

Apart from his job as a marine biologist, Isra is also a model. Do check his IG for most of his works. Reportedly, he was involved with Blau Models and Events.

In case you’re curious, a marine biologist and model in Mexico made around $385 thousand and $152 thousand per annum, respectively.

Also, Isra is now a reality TV star. So, don’t forget to add a reality star’s salary to his portfolio.

Isra Lomeli On Relationships

Isra Lomeli is the kind of guy who loves the “beach and bikinis.” Initially, he interred to have fun with all the women around Too Hot to Handle. However, Carolina marked her territory by handing him one of her rings, and he went along because he liked bold women.

Also, Isra’s first opinion on his night together with Carolina was labeled as an opportunity. And it wasn’t until a holistic therapy workshop, he opened up to her and expressed himself honestly.

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