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Jacques Turcotte Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, History TV’s Alone

How many of us can truly say that we’re living our childhood dream? Well, Jacques Turcotte certainly can! Hunting, fishing, and adventuring in the wilderness, this man has turned his passion into a profession. And now, he’s also a part of History Channel’s Alone season 9.

Here’s everything you need to know about this daring man over this “Jacques Turcotte Bio.”

Jacques Turcotte On History TV’s Alone

History Channel’s Alone returned for its 9th installment on May 26, 2022, and as always it saw a bunch of contestants including Jacques Turcotte off in “an undisclosed, remote location” — which was later revealed to be Labrador, Canada.

Also, as always, the survivors were only allowed to take 10 items with them. And as for our star, Jacques started with 10 items — a Sleeping bag, Ax, Knife, Multitool, Ferro rod, Bow and arrows, Trapping wire, Fishing line and hooks, 2-quart pot, and Emergency rations.

Joining Jacques this season were his co-stars — Adam Riley, Teimojin Tan, Jessie Krebs, Juan Pablo Quinonez, Karin Lee, Terry Burns, Tom Garstang, Benji Hill, and Igor Limansky.

An adventurer at heart, Jacques started watching Alone when he was just a kid. “It was an escape from the turmoil of my childhood experiences, never once did I think that I would actually be on the show,” he explained.

It seems that Jacques was made fun of “pretty relentlessly” about his choice of lifestyle. He got in fights, had food thrown at him, and was even given the nickname “Tree F***er.” But now that he recalls it, it was all necessary to catapult him to be on this show. He’s learned a vital lesson to “ignore what people say and do what makes you happy my friends.”

Jacques Turcotte Job

Jacques Turcotte is a self-described “adventurer, hiker, outdoorsman, photographer, skier, and woodworker.”

As of 2022, he was working as a senior glacier guide at Above & Beyond Alaska for over 3 years, as an outdoor educator at High Trails Outdoor Science School for almost 4 years, and as a sales specialist at REI for over 5 years.

Looking back, Jacques loved the outdoors for as long as he can remember. He’d be hunting and fishing and immersing himself in the world of bushcraft, unlike the other children of his age. Furthermore, he even excelled at school, but the outdoors always came first.

So, fresh out of school, Jacques then headed west where he spent 3 months traversing the Rocky Mountains, off-trail backpacking, white water canoeing, canyoneering, and rock climbing. And this trip made him realize how much he wanted this life — not only as a hobby but as his entire way of life, his source of income, and his home.

Thus, determined Jacques headed back east, bought an old yellow school bus, and turned it into his off-grid home. From there, he picked up a career teaching since and wilderness survival in California and Utah. But it wasn’t until 2019 that he moved to the isolated city of Juneau Alaska, and made a name for himself.

His dream since he was a little boy had come true. But this wasn’t all, his adventures for the past 5 years taught him an understanding of what mattered most in his life. He’s learned what true suffering meant, the power of kindness and love, and how to thrive in wild landscapes.

As for his education, he went to Seekonk High School.

Did you know: Jacques sold hand-crafted wooded spoons running anywhere from $40 to $50.

Is Jacques Turcotte On Instagram?

Yes, find him on Instagram @livewildak.

Jacques Turcotte Age

Jacques Turcotte was 23 years of age when he filmed Alone.

He was one of the youngest participants that season.

Jacques Turcotte Girlfriend

Jacques Turcotte got engaged to his girlfriend Catherine Walsh in November 2021. So, she’s his fiancee now.

The two were living on a truck and a trailer until it was totaled in an accident in March 2022. At the time, they had plans to save up and buy a property and build something of their own. So, after the accident and losing their home, they were forced to start a gofundme campaign with a goal to raise $10 thousand.

Talking a little about her, Catherine (25 years of age in 2022) hails from Juneau, Alaska, where she worked as a mixed media artist She started her career, as a sales floor associate at Annie Kaill’s Gallery in 2014, and even went on to be featured as the four emerging artists on Annie Kaill’s show that year.

Quitting her job at Annie’s in 2018, Catherine then went on to be a college intern at the State of Alaska Division of Retirement and Benefits for almost 2 years.

As for her education, she graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School and went on to join the University of Alaska Southeast for her bachelor of liberal arts in 2015.

Here’s her Facebook @catherine.walsh.792 and Instagram @catherinewalsh8796.

Fun Fact: As of 2022, Jacques still had pictures with his ex-girlfriend (before dating Catherine) over his socials.

What Do We Know About Jacques Turcotte Family?

Jacques Turcotte comes from a family of atlest four. Sadly, his father Todd Richard Turcotte passed away on April 8, 2020, at the age of 45.

As for his mother, Mariah Ashley was doing well and leading a single life in  Seekonk, Massachusetts. She is a Rochester Regional High School 1990 and Roger Williams University 1994 graduate.

On March 23, 2022, after Jacques and his fiancee were able to raise $10 thousand through gofundme, Mariah took it to her FB to write, “THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who donated to Jacques K. Turcotte and Catherine Walsh ‘s Go Fund Me. We are so grateful for your generosity, caring and interest in their lives.”

Talking about Jacques’s sibling, his sister Vianne Turcotte is a UMass Amherst student. The last we checked, he was a member of Sigma Kappa Beta Eta Sorority, assistant to the vice president of UMASS Panhellenic Council, and a front desk associate at Fit Factory.

Trivia: Jacques is already an uncle.

Jacques Turcotte Height

Jacques Turcotte stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jacques Turcotte From?

Jacques hails from Seekonk, Massachusetts. But as of 2022, he resided in Juneau, Alaska.

  • When Is Jacques Turcotte Birthday?

His birthday wasn’t revealed.

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