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Jake Cunningham Bio, Height, Parents, Job, The Ultimatum

Let us introduce you to Jake Cunningham. The handsome hunk is one of the casts of Netflix’s original dating show The Ultimatum. Although he didn’t want to be part of the show and share the limelight with his girlfriend April Melohn, he eventually agreed, and here he is now. She gave him the ultimatum to either get married or move on with their lives. Colby & Madlyn, Shanique & Randall, Rae & Zay, Nate & Lauren, and Alexis & Hunter are the other couples who will be joining them.

On 6 March 2022, Jake took to his Instagram and announced, “Six couples put their relationships to the ultimate test….and we were one! So excited for you all to see @UltimatumNetflix, coming to Netflix on April 6th!”

Learn more about Jake in this article. Here you’ll learn about his job, parents, age, and height. So, scroll down starting with,

The Ultimatum: Are April Melohn And Jake Cunningham Still Together?

As per a Facebook post, Jake Cunningham and April Melohn started dating on 18 September 2019.

After two years of dating, April wanted to take her relationship to the next level. April gave Jake the ultimatum because she wanted a ring and to have a child with him.

It wasn’t like Jake was against it, given how she opened up about their sexual/medical past and almost got engaged, but it was only a matter of time. After all, Jake had just returned from a 5-year service in the military, and he wanted to travel, establish financial stability, and even settle into who he truly is before committing to his partner for the rest of his life.

Jake was adamant about joining the Netflix original as a result, but April persuaded him. She was confident that their love would survive the experiment but it ended up proving to be a trainwreck that they had never expected. After they parted up and started dating among the other casts, he started romancing Rae Williams, who ticked all of his boxes. However, he didn’t stop feeling awful or loving April, and he was entirely honest with both his old and new partners.

But, even if April was with Colby, it crushed her to see Jake happy with someone who wasn’t her.

Jake had learned a lot about himself and relationships in general through Rae, as well as April’s actions, thus the reunion of the original couple was uneasy, to say the least. Her recent interactions with males outside of the experiment, as well as how selfish she was (in his opinion) throughout their relationship, were the topics of the latter.

April then inspected Jake’s phone without his consent, breaking his trust to the point where it almost seemed like they were done, but things immediately improved.

Near the end of the eight-week period, both April and Jake showed deep sorrow for their actions, and the former Marine Corps officer returned to who he was before. They looked to have just remembered why they’d entered such a situation in the first place and decided to fight for it once more, rather than against it.

It’s undeniable that they wanted to keep their relationship going because even April’s late monthly cycle didn’t seem to bother them, but things became a little more difficult when Rae became permanently single.

But viewers may wonder are April and Jake still together after the show?

April and Jake don’t seem to be together anymore, based on their online presence. They don’t follow each other on Instagram, and neither of their social media accounts has any new evidence of a relationship between them. Furthermore, Jake’s relationship status on Facebook is currently set to “single,” meaning that he and April are ending their long-term relationship. April, for her part, has likewise set her Facebook status to “single.”

Before Jake started dating April, he was in a relationship with Alexis Ely. Per a Facebook post, they started seeing each other on 16 December 2016. Alexis is a native of Houston Texas, currently living in Friendswood, Texas. She attended Clear Brook High School and is currently single.

Jake Cunningham Height

Along with the chiseled look, Jake Cunningham stands tall under 6’1″.

Jake Cunningham Parents

To mention his parents, Jake Cunningham is the son of Rob Cunningham and Julie Williams Scalise.

We have nothing on the mildly tattooed bald father of his but Rob is on Facebook (@robcunningham22) and Instagram (@rob.cunningham.315) and that is all we know about Jake’s father.

Meanwhile, Jake’s mother is available on Facebook (@julie.williamsscalise), Instagram (@juliew131), and Pinterest (@juliew131).

Other family members we know of Jake are Tiffany Cunningham (@tiffany.cunningham.7140) and Rachel Cunningham (@rachel.cunningham.188).

Is Jake Cunningham On Instagram?

Yes, Jake Cunningham is available on Instagram (@itsjakecunningham). He is also available on Facebook (@jake.cunningham.90) and TikTok (@itsjakecunningham).

Jake Cunningham Age

At the time of filming the show before June 2021, Jake Cunningham was 26 years old. Meanwhile, born in June 1994, he turned 27 years old in 2021.

Jake Cunningham Job

Jake Cunningham revealed on his LinkedIn that he joined United States Marine Corps as Infantry Team Leader in February 2015. He served in the military for five years till January 2020. Retiring from his military career, he became a Sales Specialist at LeafFilter Gutter Protection.

However, he worked for the company from only March 2020 to March 2021. Per, a sales specialist in Austin, Texas makes $74,810 per year.

Coming to his academic qualifications and training, Jake studied barbering at the Academy of Hair Design and secured his certificate in February 2022. He had completed high school at Clear Falls High School in 2013. He enrolled at Copper Mountain Community College where he studied

In his LinkedIn bio, Jake described himself as a “Multi-skilled individual known for exemplary team-building and project oversight skills”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jake Cunningham Birthday?

Jake Cunningham celebrates his birthday in the second week of June (probably 13/14).

  • Where Is Jake Cunningham From?

Hailing from Seabrook, Texas, Jake Cunningham is currently living in Austin, Texas.

  • How Much Is Jake Cunningham Net Worth?

As of April 2022, Jake Cunningham has a net worth of under $300 thousand.

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