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April Melohn Bio, Height, Parents, Job, Age, The Ultimatum

Meet California native April Melohn. This exotic beauty is one of the casts of Netflix’s original dating show The Ultimatum. She has given her boyfriend Jake the ultimatum to either get married or move on with their lives. Colby & Madlyn, Shanique & Randall, Rae & Zay, Nate & Lauren, and Alexis & Hunter are the other couples who will be joining them.

On 4 March 2022, April announced on her IG, “This was a hard secret to keep! Stay tuned & watch me on @UltimatumNetflix: Marry or Move On Premiering on April 6th on Netflix! #Netflix #UltimatumNetflix”.

Learn about April’s journey in the show. Furthermore, you’ll explore details about her parents, siblings, job, and her age.

The Ultimatum: Are April Melohn And Jake Cunningham Still Together?

April Marie Melohn and Jake Cunningham started dating on 18 September 2019 (according to an FB post). She wants her relationship to proceed to the next step after two years of dating. So, April gave Jake the ultimatum for the simple reason that she wanted a ring and a kid with him.

Given the way she opened up about their sexual/medical past and almost elopement, it wasn’t like he was against it either, but it was only a matter of time. After all, the then-26-year-old had recently left the military after a 5-year stint, and he wanted to travel, gain financial stability, and even settle into who he truly is before committing to his partner for the rest of his life.

As a result, Jake was adamant about joining the Netflix original, but April persuaded him, confident in their love connection, only for it to fail. He struck a spark with Rae Williams, who checked every single one of his boxes after they split up and started dating among the other casts. He didn’t stop feeling bad or loving April, though, and he was completely honest with both his original and new partners.

But, even if April was with Colby, it crushed her to see Jake happy with someone who wasn’t her.

The reunion of the original couple was awkward to say the least, especially given what Jake had learned about himself and relationships in general from Rae, as well as April’s actions. The latter was actually about her recent interactions with males outside of the experiment, as well as how selfish she was (in his opinion) throughout their relationship.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, April then searched through Jake’s phone without his permission, betraying his confidence to the point where it almost seemed like they were done, but things quickly improved.

April and Jake both expressed serious regret for their acts near the end of the eight-week period, after which the former Marine Corps officer returned to his normal self. They appeared to have just remembered why they’d entered such a scenario in the first place and chosen to fight for it – rather than against it – once more. There’s no disputing that they wanted to keep their relationship going because even April’s late monthly cycle didn’t seem to bother them, but things got a little difficult when Rae became single for good.

But viewers may wonder are April and Jake still together after the show?

Based on their internet presence, it appears that April and Jake are no longer together. They don’t follow each other on Instagram, and there’s no new evidence of any sort of relationship between them on either of their social media accounts. Moreover, Jake’s relationship status on Facebook is currently marked as “single,” implying that he and April are calling it quits on their long-term relationship, who b.t.w has also marked being “single” on her Facebook.

April Melohn Height

With a moderate height of 5 feet 1 inch, April Melohn is blessed with an exotic look because of her mixed heritage. She is also blessed with measurements of 32A-23-29. In addition, her dress size is 1/2, and her shoe size is 5/6.

April Melohn Parents

April Melohn is the daughter of Jennifer Smith. Her maternal grandparents were Gary Melohn and Zenny Melohn. Her grandparents married on 1 September 1991. Before that, her grandmother was married to John Charles Smith Jr. who died on 1 June 2014. Although Zenny and John were divorced, they were close to each other.

A native of Stout, Iowa, April’s grandparents is currently living in National City, California. Her grandfather is a 1984 graduate of Dike Community High School. He is the son of Sharon Melohn and Ted Melohn.

Whereas, her grandmother is a Filipina hailing from Manila, Philippines.

Coming to her siblings, April has two half-siblings Ashley Lane and Jesse Lane III from her mother’s other relationship with Jesse Lane Jr. Ashley (@ashley.lane.315) is a graduate of Niceville Senior High. Whereas her brother Jesse Lane III (@jesse.lane.10888) studies at Texas A&M University – Kingsville. He is expected to graduate from the university in 2025 with BA in Psychology.

Moreover, he is working as a competitive sports supervisor at the same university, per his LinkedIn.

There is no information on April’s biological father and she and her mother has never mentioned them on their socials.

If you wish to learn particularly about her family, you can click the link here for a different article we’ve done related to her family.

Is April Melohn On Instagram?

Find April Melohn on Instagram (@itsaprilmarie) and Facebook (@april.melohn).

April Melohn Age

At the time of filming the show, April Melohn was 23 years old.

April Melohn Job

April Melohn has deleted her LinkedIn account.

But, April Melohn is a professional model, influencer, and pageant winner. She is the winner of Miss Florida Top Model 2014. She has worked as a model for several Florida-based clothing brands such as FloGrown and Earthbound Clothing. Speaking with The Inscriber Magazine, she shared that one thing that she loves about modeling is “I love fashion so I enjoy modeling for all kinds of clothing brands!”

April also shared that the networking part is the most exciting thing when it comes to modeling. She added, “You meet a lot of amazing models who all share this common hobby, career, and/or interest with you. And you even meet a number of photographers who all have a variety of different styles of photography so you get to create & shoot different looks!”

The model also shared that she is inspired by petit models who didn’t let their height stop them from pursuing modeling careers. She named Twiggy – a British 60’s iconic supermodel who was only 5’4” modeled for Chanel & Versace shows. However, her favorite was Devon Aoki.

Per, models in Austin, Texas makes about $26.42 per hour.

Related FAQs

  • When Is April Melohn Birthday?

April Melohn celebrates her birthday in April.

  • Where Is April Melohn From?

Currently, April Melohn is living in Austin, Texas. She shared on Facebook that her hometown is Los Angeles, California. Her place of birth is San Diego, California.

  • What Is April Melohn Ethnicity?

Talking about ethnicity, April Melohn is Filipino-American.

  • How Much Is April Melohn Net Worth?

April Melohn has been able to stack a staggering net worth of $150K.

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