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Leni Bolt Bio, Age, Partner, Pronouns, Height, Queer Eye

Meet Leni Bolt one of the “fab five” in Queer Eye Germany. She was labeled lovely and empathic for her demeanor while counseling with the heroes. But, who is she outside of the show?

This article is all about her job, partner, pronouns, height, and ethnicity. Delve into this Leni Bolt Bio to learn more about her.

Meet Leni Bolt, One Of The Fav Five Of Queer Eye Germany

The streaming giant Netflix has brought some of the best TV shows in the TV set of viewers of a different kind. Some of the reality shows such as Queer Eye got viewers talking about for a long time even after the season ends. But, the beauty of the show coming from Netflix is it also gets an international franchise which and the same thing happened with Queer Eye.

After the hit and praise in the U.S. viewers now get to see the German version of the show. The franchise follows the same theme and format as the original show, the “Fab Five” changing lives of “heroes” nominated by family or friends.

Leni Bolt is one of the Fab Five in the show whose specialty is a work-life coach guiding heroes to find the balance between the two.

She is joined by another fab five experts — Ayan Yuruk interior designer, Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke handles fashion, Aljosha Muttardi is an expert in nutrition and health, and David Jakobs takes charge of all things beauty.

Before the show premiered she took to Instagram and wrote, “The secret is finally out!@queereyeis coming to Germany and I’m one of the Fab Five! 🥲🎉🌈 Hand on heart: I’m so grateful to be together with @ayan.yuruk  @davidthedaviddavid  @aljosha_and @janhenrikmariato to start this exciting journey and accompany people on their way to find their personal happiness!”.

On a later post after the premiere, she thanked all the heroes on the show who trusted her and fellow coaches without knowing what to expect.

Leni has also earned her IMDB credit for her work in the show.

Leni Bolt Pronouns

On Facebook Leni Bolt stated that she is Genderfluid and non-binary and her pronoun is they. Whereas, her IG bio reveals that we can also use she/her.

Does Leni Bolt Have A Partner?

Leni Bolt’s current relationship status remains unclear.

But back in 2013, she did meet someone. However, she didn’t go into any details about who that person was and how long did the relationship last. Although she doesn’t speak much about her relationship, she drops hints here and there every once in a while. In August 2016, she posted on her Instagram, “where’s my future husband?”

Leni Bolt Age

At the time of the premiere of Queer Eye Germany, Leni Bolt is at least 27 years old.

Leni Bolt Height

Standing tall at a height above 5 feet 11 inches, Leni Bolt’s purple hair is her distinct feature.

Is Leni Bolt On Instagram?

Leni Bolt can be discovered on Instagram (@lenibolt) and Facebook (@lenibolt).

How Much Is Leni Bolt Net Worth?

Lenis Bolt has been successful to accumulate a net worth of $300K.

She has been working as a Work-Life Coach at Happy Work Life Academy starting from January 2018 while based in Berlin and Umgebung, Deutschland. According to, a Life Coach has a salary of makes a salary of 71.972 € per hour.

Leni studied Bachelor of Arts – Fashion/Clothing at Art Academy Berlin Weissensee from 2012-2017. From 2015 to 2016, she studied Graphic Communications at Shenkar College of Engineering (semester abroad). Moreover, she is also trained to become a Life Coach at Coachingausbildung.

Furthermore, she is also the host of Grow and Flow. The podcast combines the topics of work-life happiness, personality development, and self-love. Also, she also delved professionally into DJing when she moved to Tel Aviv to continue with her fashion studies.

A friend offered her to perform at his weekly parties and the journey started.

In the interview with Indie-Mag, she revealed that she usually performed at queer parties and events. She doesn’t refer to herself as a drag queen and as a non-binary individual, she reflects her impressions of this “nasty world”.

Leni is also the owner of her fashion brand named Boltish. She started out by designing her own outfits that included edgy sunglasses and choker necklaces. People were interested to learn where she got it from so Leni started sharing her own style with her friends and she ended up selling products online.

Leni cites Jeremy Scott as her biggest inspiration as a designer.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Leni Bolt Birthday?

Although Leni is relatively active on Instagram, she hasn’t posted anything related to her birthday.

  • Where Is Leni Bolt From?

Leni is originally from a small catholic characterized city in the west of Germany. She lived briefly in Tel-Aviv, Israel in London, United Kingdom. But, Berlin is still in her heart for the freedom that she feels.

  • What Do We Know About Leni Bolt Family?

Leni Bolt has Italian and Polish roots. That is all she has shared about her family.

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