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Denise Palazzolo Bio, Age, Job, 90 Day Fiance Gino Ex-Wife

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days premiered on 12 December 2021, and features seven couples, some old and some new. Among the new couples were Gino Palazzolo from Michigan and Jasmine Pineda from Panama.

Gino and Jasmine are amongst the pairs who have fallen in love online but had not yet started the K-1 visa process when they first appeared on the show. The pair also were yet to tie the knot, and Jasmine was not particularly happy about Gino’s ex-wife Denise Palazzolo. With that being said, the rest of the writing is just about Denise.

Meet Denise Palazzolo, 90 Day Fiance Gino Ex-Wife

Gino Palazzolo first met his ex-wife Denise Palazzolo when he was working in South America as an engineer. It was love at first sight at the time. Gino had then decided to bring her to the United States with him on a K-1 visa.

The couple was married for seven years before filing for divorce in 2012.

In an episode of 90 Day Fiance Gino revealed how it was because they lost the spark over the years that they decided to mutually file for divorce. According to InTouch, Gino filed for divorce from Denise on 7 December 2012. Then, an online docket reported that the divorce was finalized on 7 June 2013.

On the show, Gino also mentioned that going through the divorce was very difficult. He said he lost hope about ever finding that right person to start a family with.

In early 2020, Gino had started looking for love internationally after not having had much luck in the States. That is how he met 34-year-old Jasmine, who in his words is one of the smartest girls he has ever been with on a dating app. So, because he thought her to be “the ultimate girl”, he confessed his feelings for her “right away” on the first day that they spoke.

Denise Palazzolo Relationship Status

Denise Palazzolo’s whereabouts including how she looked are a mystery to TLC fans. In that case, it is understandable that even the 90 Day Fiance makers are unaware of her relationship status. It was unclear if like Gino she moved on with another partner.

Denise Palazzolo Age

Denise Palazzolo was born in the year 1973. So, she turned 48 years old in 2021.

Is Denise Palazzolo On Instagram?

Denise Palazzolo did not appear to be on social media as of 29 March 2022. Even her ex-husband Gino had deleted all photos and evidence of his relationship with her from his social media.

Denise Palazzolo Job

A LinkedIn of ‘Denise Palazzolo’ that is very likely of Denise here, tells us she is an “adm & marketing assistant” at Bosch. (Yes. The same as Robert Bosch GmbH, the German multinational engineering, and technology company.)

On it, Denise also mentioned working as a customer service representative at Spies Hecker for less than a year in 2005.

Last but not the least, she listed getting an MBA in International Marketing from Walsh College in 2007.

By the look of things, Denise met her now-estranged husband Gino during business affairs as they seem to come from the same line of work.

Currently a product development engineer at Faurecia, Gino previously had the job of an engineering program manager at Ford Motor Company.

What Is Denise Palazzolo’s Maiden Name?

Denise’s maiden name is Alves. She, however, still kept ‘Palazzolo’ as her last name despite the divorce. This very fact is what the drama in the recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is all about. Jasmine seemed pretty unhappy with Denise keeping Gino’s last name. She called Denise “stupid” while shopping for souvenirs with Gino in Panama City. Gino becoming offended by this comment only made things worse. From what Jasmine said, every corner of Gino’s house screamed his ex-wife. Denise accused him of still dwelling in the past while, in his defense, he said “She’s just my ex-wife. That’s that.”

Jasmine doesn’t understand why she still has his name, as they didn’t have any children together, and have been divorced for a long time. She also told Gino “that last name is mine”.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Denise Palazzolo’s Nationality?

In the past, i.e., before/at the time Denise Palazzolo met Gino, she had been calling São Paulo her home. São Paulo, so you know, is Brazil’s very vibrant city, counted amongst the world’s most populous cities, with numerous cultural institutions and a rich architectural tradition. So, this should make her a Brazilian. However, after she married Gino, she may have acquired citizenship in America too.

  • Where Does Denise Palazzolo Reside?

While Denise Palazzolo’s current whereabouts have not been revealed, it is likely she is still living in the United States. As of the time of this writing, ClustrMaps particularly mentioned her as a Farmington, Michigan native.

  • When Is Denise Palazzolo’s Birthday?

Every year the 30th of June is when Denise Palazzolo celebrates her birthday, making her a Cancer.

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