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Jazlyn Holloway Bio, Age, Job, Family, Too Hot To Handle

Meet Virginia-based hottie Jazlyn Holloway who is making her debut as a reality star with Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. She is a model and works in the world of fashion. Here are a few things you should know about her before she becomes big with the show.

This Jazlyn Holloway Bio covers her age, job, and her family. Learn more as this article proceeds.

Jazlyn Holloway On Too Hot To Handle

Meet Jazlyn Holloway, one of the singletons joining Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle.

Yes, the show is back for season 3 with s*x-obsessed singletons who are ready to make fans stick to their TV set once again. The casts are going to spend four weeks on a tropical island in Turks and Caicos.

Like the previous two seasons, the rules for the show remain the same. If there is any s*xual act involved, the money will be deducted. However, the one thing that has been changed this time, is the prize money which has been doubled. The winner pockets $200 thousand. Since the stake is high casts this season has to rethink before they act making it much more interesting for fans of the show to watch the casts struggle with their urges.

Jazlyn is dressed to nines and ready to play the game. While speaking with The Virginian-Pilot, she assured that “viewers will see her be herself: An ambivert — a mix of introvert and extrovert tendencies — shy and witty, and funny once she feels out a person’s energy.”

Jaz had always wanted to work in the entertainment industry so when she got the call from her casting agent if she wanted to join the show she got in.

But, Jazlyn initially thought that her casting was a scam but soon realized it was a real deal. She landed an interview went through it and scored a spot on the show. Jaz shared, “We’re going to come, have fun, let loose and meet people. It wasn’t really about going there to find love, so we thought.”

More importantly, Jazlyn wanted to compete on the show to get her name and brand out there. She shared that the show is positive all of her castmates are like her family and they are very close to each other.

Joining Jazlyn are her fellow casts Beaux Raymond, Georgia Hassarati, Harry Johnson, Holly Scarfone, Jaz Holloway, Nathan Soan Mingomezulu, Patrick Mullen, Patrick Mullen, Izzy Fairthorne, and Truth.

On her Instagram, before the premiere, Jazlyn had announced, “The countdown begins!! Exactly one week till #toohottohandle season 3 drops on Netflix. It looks like a juicy season to me @toohotnetflix“.

Jazlyn Holloway Boyfriend Type

When it comes to boys, Jazlyn Holloway’s standards are high. She had her fair share of fun while dating before. But, she admitted to preferring situationships rather than actual relationships.

Jazlyn claimed to be a serial dater because she wasn’t great at communicating. Her relationships suffered because of the family’s constant moving when she was growing up.

Her Facebook reveals that Jazlyn is currently single.

How Old Is Jazlyn Holloway?

About age, Jazlyn Holloway is 25 years old at the time of this writing.

Jazlyn Holloway Job

Jazlyn Holloway has a background in modeling. During an interview with The Virginian Pilot, she revealed that she had worked with local brands and photographers. She also adds a walking runway on the New York fashion week to boast about her modeling gig.

Furthermore, Jazlyn is a boss lady who runs her clothing line called Private Goods. She registered the Virginia-based company on 13 June 2019. The brand also has an Instagram page (@privategoods__). You can also visit her online store here My Private Goods.

Besides the clothing, Jazlyn also founded a cosmetic brand named 111 Beauty. Their products are known for their vegan-based components and add on their motto, “For The Girls Who Keep It Cute”.

But, the fashion industry wasn’t her first choice of career path initially. While attending Old Dominion University, Jazlyn majored in human services and minored in psychology. She had plans of becoming a family & marriage counselor.

Jazlyn told The Virginian pilot, “I always knew I was special and wanted to be in entertainment, however, I did want to go to school to get my bachelor’s degree and so did my family. Education is very important to them. I didn’t know how or when I would get into the entertainment world.”

But, the pull to the entertainment industry never left her.

Fun Fact: Jazlyn completed her high school education at Radford High School.

Where Is Jazlyn Holloway From?

Jazlyn Holloway originally hailed from Honolulu, Hawaii. But, she currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Jazlyn Holloway Family

Jazlyn Holloway hasn’t shared much about her parents, but she has tweeted about them. In August 2013, she wrote, “I used to lie to my parents about so much.” A few months before that, in May, she had tweeted, “I talk to my parents like twice a week.”

Talking to The Virginian-Pilot, Jazlyn had revealed that her father was in the army so she and her family had to move often. She shared, “You don’t get to keep the same people around you. My cousins were all in one place. They got to grow up with the same people and they went to the same middle school, elementary school, and high school.”

In her “Too Hot To Handle” bio, Jazlyn listed herself as an “army brat.”

Nevertheless, she always appreciated her loving parents for what they did for her. In 2014, her parents gifted her a car. She took it to her Twitter and posted a picture of it along with a caption where she wrote, “Thanks mom & dad #spoiled“.

Other than that, Jazlyn has also tweeted about her brother. In May 2013, she announced, “I HATE having a “brother”. Whereas, her 2014 tweets suggested that her brother was a basketball player.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jazlyn Holloway Birthday?

Jazlyn Holloway shares her birthday with American rapper 2 Chainz i.e. September 12.

  • How Tall Is Jazlyn Holloway?

Jazlyn Holloway stands tall to the height under 5 feet 9 inches.

  • Is Jazlyn Holloway On Instagram?

Yes, Jazlyn Holloway is on Instagram (@jazkills). She is on various social media platforms such as YouTube. Her channel name is BringThatJaz where she posts vlogs. She is also on TikTok (@jazkillsss) with 3500 followers. And, her Facebook account is (@jazlyn.holloway.37).

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