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Olga Bednarska Bio, Age, Job, Height, Too Hot To Handle

Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” introduced five new singletons to stir things up in the villa and one of them is Polish-Eastern European girl Olga Bednarska. Here are a few things you need to know about her.

Scroll down this article that attempts to cover her age, job, height, and other information.

Olga Bednarska On Too Hot To Handle

Meet Olga Bednarska from Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle.’ Season 3 of the show has returned with the first ten beautiful singletons and then some, ready to have a good time on camera. The cast will spend four weeks in a villa on a tropical island in Turks & Caicos.

The show’s regulations are the same as they were in the first two seasons. The reward money is deducted if there is any sexual conduct or even “kissing” under Lana’s observation. The prize money has been doubled this time, which is the only thing that has changed. The winner receives a prize of $200,000. Because the stakes are so high this season, the casts have to think twice before acting, making it much more compelling for viewers to see the casts struggle with their desires.

The Original casts were Beaux Raymond, Georgia Hassarati, Harry Johnson, Holly Scarfone, Jaz Holloway, Nathan Soan Mingomezulu, Patrick Mullen, Patrick Mullen, Izzy Fairthorne, Truth, and Stevan Ditter.

But, Olga joined with four new contestants Brianna Giscombe, Gerrie Labuschagne, Matthew ‘Jackson’ Mawhinney, and Obi Nnadi.

Olga announced her arrival on the show with, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink… Get in loser, I’m on THTH!!!!!!! On @toohotnetflix now @netflixuk @netflix“. She introduced herself that she could flirt with anything and anyone and never had any complaints.

One thing is for sure, Olga is a “party-girl” and looking for someone who can match her energy. And, maybe she will fall in love with him, and they also have to be good in bed. Moreover, she confirmed that she won’t be wasting any time with boys she doesn’t have any interests in.

Are Olga Bednarska And Stevan Ditter Still Together?

Sparks flew when Olga Bednarska and Stevan Ditter met each other. Unlike Olga who is a new arrival on the villa, Stevan entered the villa on the first day and took a liking towards Georgia Hassarati. Although other contestants were vying for his attention and the same for Georgia, they ended up bonding with each other.

Stevan had liked her and even decided to drop the bad boy persona. After feeling a bit too serious about everything, they parted ways. But, Olga arrived on the show who was looking for a companion. Stevan and Olga hit it off quickly and shared a kiss. They worked on developing a bond together.

Stevan who was portrayed as a “playboy” watching the genuine and caring personality was something fans found surprising. However, the relationship didn’t last long. Steven tried to convince her to stay with him but Olga thought it otherwise and wished to experience a bond with other people on the show.

Are they still together? That is yet to be confirmed followed by the end of the show. But, it seems unlikely they made it together out of the show. Plus, a day before she premiered on Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ she had posted on Instagram, “I ate frogs legs and I still haven’t found my Prince”.

Olga Bednarska Age

As of January 2022, Olga Bednarska is 24 years old.

Olga Bednarska Job

Olga Bednarska appears to be working to establish her career in the world of clothing and fashion. She has a Depop profile, filled with images of women’s clothing. Some of the clothes that she wears look similar to the ones that she is promoting on her Depop.

However, the mainline of work that she does, remains unclear. Olga is yet to up about her career choice, academic qualifications, and her current life of work.

Outside of it, Olga is often out with her friends painting town. She enjoys taking a lot of pictures mostly selfies. She has traveled outside of the country and visited Berlin, Germany in December 2021.

Where Is Olga Bednarska From?

Olga Bednarska hailed from Surrey, England.

Has Olga Bednarska Undergone Plastic Surgery?

It appears so. Olga Bednarska is yet to personally confirm her getting plastic surgery but it seems that she has done a little work on her body. One of the works she did was on her lips based on her old pics compared with the new ones. Her puffy lips suggest that she might’ve done lip-filler surgery that has certainly aided her looks.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Olga Bednarska Birthday?

Olga Bednarska celebrates her birthday on 23 September.

  • How Tall Is Olga Bednarska?

Olga stands tall to the height under 5 feet 5 inches.

  • Is Olga Bednarska On Instagram?

Yes, Olga is on Instagram. Her IG account (@olga_bednarska) has 10.4k followers. Moreover, the account contains 63 posts.

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