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Tülay Tan Bio, Love & Translation, Age, Job, Instagram

Tülay Tan is the star of Love & Translation but fans aren’t convinced that she doesn’t understand English.

“Love & Translation,” the newest reality dating series from the network that brought you “90 Day Fiancé,” “Sister Wives,” and “MILF Manor,” features singles from all around the world living in one opulent villa. A group of twelve unmarried women from various nations who do not speak English arrive at a villa in the new reality series on TLC, which began on January 21, 2024, with the hope of meeting the American man of their dreams.

Learn about her age, job, birthday, and more as you scroll down this article.

Tülay Tan On TLC’s Love & Translation

German national Tülay Tan is a contestant on the recently premiered TLC reality series Love & Translation. In the show, twelve non-English speaking ladies from nine different nations are vying for the affection of three single Americans. Participants will need to figure out how to interact and get to know one another without a common language or a translator.

Fans of the show are not happy with Tulay in particular. ‘Love and Translation’ actress Tulay came under fire from fans who pointed out that, in contrast to other ladies on the show, she understands English even if she acts as though she doesn’t. Some argued that for someone from Germany, it’s highly unlikely that she can’t comprehend English. Tulay continues to insist that she is not fluent in English despite the criticism.

Several viewers asserted that Tulay was fluent in English, citing the fact that many words are even similar in German and English. They contended that it was unlikely that she could not understand the language.

“The word “to shower” is the same in French, German, and technically Italian too,” said a user. “The German deffo speaks English,” added another. It was pointed out by some viewers that the majority of Germans learn how to speak English in school starting in kindergarten, therefore it was quite likely that Tulay could speak the language, even if she wasn’t fluent.

“There is not one girl from Germany that does not know English. This is fake because all children learn English, some even in kindergarten,” the user said.

“First of all just about everybody in Europe speaks English,” another viewer added.

‘Love and Translation’ star Dylan Hodge bonded deeply with Tulay Tan in the Dominican Republic’s tropical environment. They enjoyed a beautiful evening together, spending quality time together in their own area.

Dylan talked candidly about his experience in a confessional, stating, “I get a chance to look into the eyes of all of them.” He went on to say, “However, one of them stood out miles beyond the others to me, and that was Tulay.”

Tulay declined Dylan’s offer of a kiss, choosing instead to take things slowly even though they clearly had chemistry. Relentlessly, Dylan contacted Tulay, conveying that he sensed a bond between them after they had been looking at each other for roughly twenty minutes. He said he hoped she would go on a date with him the following day.

Apart from Jhenyfer, the cast includes Gisele Spilder, a Brazilian residing in Mexico but originally from São Paulo. The show debuted in the United States on January 21 after being recorded in the Dominican Republic.

The eligible bachelors from the U.S. are Dylan from Florida; Kahlil from Texas, and Tripp from California. Besides Jhuliana, the other ladies appearing alongside her in the show are Jhuliana from Bolivia; Tulay, 25, from Germany; Sara, 20, from Italy; Imane, 21, from Morocco; Airi, 20, from Japan; Leidi, 28, from Colombia; Yam, 29, from Mexico; Gisele, 29, from Brazil; Joceline, 28, from France; Assia, 21, from France; and Jin, 32, from South Korea.

Is Tülay Tan On Instagram?

Yes, Tulay Tan is available on Instagram (@tuelaytan_1).

Tülay Tan Job

Right now, Tulay Tan is establishing a career as a model and an actress. She studied acting in Berlin.

Speaking for a modeling showreel, Tulay says, “I actually only trained as a hotel specialist, but I always wanted to be an actress when I was very young.”

“For me, acting is telling stories, showing my diversity, slipping into roles. I always re-enacted the films and sang every role that I saw or that fascinated me, to feel these strong emotions or stark moments that are so heartbreaking I think that’s what has always really appealed to me: to feel and relate to it. People always say to me that I’m very focused, ambitious, and determined,” she added further.

Tulay concluded in the video, “If I want something then I give 100%, so it’s always very important to me to be positive I am a very optimistic person my hobby is dancing I danced for eleven years then Kick Thai Boxing I boxed for six years Acting is to convey emotions truthfully.

Tülay Tan Age

Per her bio on TLC’s page, Tulay Tan is 25 years old as of Jan 2024.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tülay Tan From?

Tulay Tan is from Berlin, Germany. She is originally from Dusseldorf.

She appears to be of  Kazaki, Turk, and Gurcistan heritage. In February 2023, in one IG post, she wrote, “When I was 16, I wanted to change my last name because I have nothing to do with my father’s family/members. Then, just out of curiosity, I googled what that meant, and like so many times in my life, I found a spiritual answer that fit together perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle… who knows, maybe I was a pharaoh in a past life… because the Egyptian goddess always named/titled there itself as the moon and sun… and before religions existed, people prayed to the moon 🌚 and the sun ☀️ in Egypt and in Mexico are the moon and sun pyramids.”

  • How Tall Is Tülay Tan?

Tulay Tan’s height measures above 5 feet 4 inches.

  • When Is Tülay Tan Birthday?

Tulay Tan celebrates her birthday on 26 July.

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