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Jin Ho-Eun Bio, Girlfriend, Height, All of Us Are Dead

South Korean horror series All Of Us Are Dead ranked first worldwide on Netflix in Jan 2022, and surely its leads — most of whom were new faces — garnered a lot of attention. But in addition to the protagonists, some of the supporting cast including our star Jin Ho-Eun were also put in the limelight for quite a while then.

Keep reading this Jin Ho-Eun Bio to learn more about him. 

Jin Ho-Eun On All of Us Are Dead

Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead premiered on January 28, 2022, and it saw a group of students trapped on a campus premise left alone to fight zombies. It seems that the deadly virus outbreak at Hyosan High School had turned most of the students into brain-eating creatures, and those who survived were left without any food, cell phone service, or adults.

Their only hope was to wait for someone to rescue them, and keep surviving until then.

But thanks to the students coming from different backgrounds such as On-jo (Park Ji-hu) who has a firefight dad, they were able to re-group and rescue their friends.

Jin Ho-Eun’s character comes into this scene as a 17 years old freshman in the archery club.

For those wondering, yes, the plot is similar to that of the popular South Korean zombie horror film Train From Busan, and we’re not the only one who thinks so. As seen in the trailer, one of the characters in the series references the film as well.

This season, Jin was joined by supporting casts — Lee Eun-Saem (Park Mi-Jin), Ha Seung-Ri (Jang Ha-ri), Kim Bo-Yoon (Seo Hyo-Ryung), Ahn Seung-Kyoon (Oh Joon-Young), Ahn Ji-Ho (Kim Cheol-Soo), Shin Jae-Hwi (Chang-Hoon) and Kim Jin-Young (Kim Ji-Min).

Among them, Lee Eun-Saem (Park Mi-Jin) and Ha Seung-Ri (Jang Ha-ri), were from the archery club too.

Whan to see some behind-the-scene pics? Well, do check Jin Ho-Eun’s IG posts from Jan 2022. Also, over one of the posts, he recalled his time filming All Of Us Are Dead captioned, “I was grateful to be able to be together, and I was also grateful to be able to make happy memories.”

The renewal of All Of Us Are Dead for its second season wasn’t announced at the time of writing this article.

Jin Ho-Eun Girlfriend

Jin Ho-Eun appeared to be single like most of his co-stars as of 2022. Guess, the actor was still working his way up in the entertainment industry and didn’t prioritize relationships then.

Also, we did check all of his socials and found no traces of his love life. Seems like it’ll be a long time before we get to meet his girlfriend.

How Much Is Jin Ho-Eun Net Worth?

Jin Ho-Eun garnered a net worth of under $200 thousand by 2022.

The actor first dreamed about joining the entertainment industry back when he was still in high school. But Jin wasn’t the one to dream. He shared that his co-star Park Solomon and he met for the first time in the same class of a middle school in 2013 and ever since, they’ve dreamed of becoming actors “who hit and played in the neighborhood.”

Seven years later, the two finally met on the set of All Of Us Are Dead in 2020.

Besides Netflix’s 2022 hit, Jin has also appeared in TV series: Shooting Star (2022), Re-Feel: If Only (2021), Twenty-Twenty (2020), The Secret of Secret (2019), Beautiful Love and Wonderful Life (2019), To My Beautiful Woo Ri (2019), Your Imagination Becomes Reality (2018), and Go, Back Diary (2018).

Also, he’s graced movies including Kkangchi 2 (2020), Dumbheaded Duo (2020), and A Resistance (2019)

Furthermore, you might have seen Jin in advertisements for the 2019 EMOTION PLANET, 2019, and 2018 Dong-A Pharm – Myung-Soo Whal.

As for his education, Jin is a Hanlim Arts High School graduate.

Apart from being an actor, Jin is also a model who was signed with Outer Korea Management as of 2022.

Jin Ho-Eun Age

Jin Ho-Eun was 21 years of age when he first appeared on  All Of Us Are Dead in 2022.

In case you’re confused — his first name is “Ho Eun” and his family name is “Jin”.

Jin Ho-Eun Height

Jin Ho-Eun stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and weighs 63 kg (139 lbs).

Mentioning his distinct features, Jin has a charming low-mid tone voice, brown eyes, and an oblong face.

Is Jin Ho-Eun On Instagram?

Yes, as of Jan 2022, find him on Instagram @jinhoeun_ with 49.4K followers.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jin Ho-Eun Birthday?

Jin Ho-Eun receives his birthday wishes on September 1, making him of the Virgo zodiac.

On his 2020 birthday, Jin promised his fans to “work hard and become a good actor in the future.”

Seems like he’ll be keeping the promise.

  • Where Is Jin Ho-Eun From?

Jin hails from South Korea.

  • Has Jin Ho-Eun Revealed His Family?

No, Jin didn’t share much about his family.

But he did once mention that he had an older brother.

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