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Joel Jacko Bio, Age, Net Worth, Spouse, Life Below Zero

Joel Jacko is one of the cast members of National Geographic’s All-new show Life Below Zero: First Alaskans.

Life Below Zero has been a fan of one of the most popular and successful TV shows from National Geographic. The show documented the lives of people who were living off-grid in harsh climatic and topographical conditions. They survive and thrive in one of the harshest and most beautiful environments in the world to make their ends meet through their ingenuity, resilience, and spirit.

The success of the original show opened doors to other successful franchises including an all-new show titled Life Below Zero: First Alaskans. Season 1 of the show debuted its back-to-back episodes on 30 May 2022 which captured the lives of indigenous Alaska natives “who “walk in two worlds: one of the traditional ways and one of the 21st-century challenges…Life Below Zero: First Alaskans follows new Alaska Natives as they use sophisticated techniques and methods passed down from generation to generation to thrive in some of the most brutal environments”.

The show also explores the daily lives, cultures, customs, and traditions of Alaska Natives.

Joel Jacko On Life Below Zero: First Alaskans

Joel Jacko is one of the characters from this season who is of Athabascan heritage. According to TravelAlaska, Athabascan territory ranges from the Brooks Range in northern Interior Alaska to Cook Inlet in Southcentral Alaska and from Norton Sound in the west to the Canadian border in the east and beyond.

“Within Athabascan, they speak 11 different languages in different groups. They were migratory, following the fish and game, and created communities near some of Alaska’s larger rivers, including the Yukon, Tanana, Susitna, Kuskokwim, and Copper Rivers.

“The Athabascans built winter villages and summer fish camps and lived and traveled in small groups of between 20 and 40 people. In their matrilineal system, Elders made the important decisions for the group, and the core unit was often a woman and her brother with both of their families. The mother’s brother still frequently takes charge of educating her children in Athabascan history and traditions”.

Viewers also see Jody Potts-Joseph, a member of the Han Gwich’in First Nations people, The Apassingok family, residents of a remote Yup’ik community, Marvin Agnot (Alutiiq Alaskan), and Steven “Tig” Strassburg (Koyukon Athabascan)

Joel Jacko Net Worth

Joel Jacko’s estimated net worth should be above $1 million.

He started a construction company named KMZ LLC Construction in April 2017. Joe described himself as a licensed and bonded business owner. He bid on remodels, residential and commercial. Some projects include but are not limited to, remodeling hotel bathrooms, building decks, additions to homes, and framing.

Joel also works as a handyman work with some plumbing and electrical work.

Moreover, Joel is also a pilot. Back in 2013, his plane crashed into woods about five miles southwest of Tyonek on Cook Inlet’s west side, according to Alaska State Troopers. He was operating a 1966 PA-23 Piper Aztec from Merrill Field in Anchorage to Nondalton. The aircraft suffered engine failure and the plane crashed into the trees.

Joel often used the plane to fly groceries in the Nushagak area. He had also hired Danielle Troll, the owner of the company named Zita Air which delivers groceries and passengers to Bristol Bay communities, because of the Italian Saint Zita.

Who Is Joel Jacko Spouse?

Joel Jacko’s spouse is named Jacqueline Jacko. The couple lives in Pedro Bay, a small village on the northeastern tip of Iliamna Lake. Jacqueline is originally from Washington state. When traveling to Alaska on vacation, she met Joel and made the decision to settle with him in Pedro Bay indefinitely.

Joel and Jacqueline had served as foster parents. They started serving as foster parents in 2014. In 2016, they had fostered two boys of age 3 and 6. Together they did subsistence fishing with them, swam, go on a boat and bike rides, have bonfires, and make new friends.

Jacqueline revealed that the boys were a challenge as the 6-year-old was very had to communicate with, he had a few disabilities. But, she and her husband loved them and had so much fun with them.

Later, they adopted their daughter Anzlie who is of Yup’ik roots. Anzlie was born on 23 November 2016 so in 2022, she is 5 years old.

The Jacko family aims to live a 100% sustainable life depending only on the land and waters around them.

Joel on passing the knowledge and skills of subsistence to his daughter Anzlie that he had learned from his father. Anzlie will assist her father’s parents to build the projects and firewood gathering, a staple activity in the show and their lives.

Talking about professional milestones, Jacqueline started her career at Procter and Gambles in 2017 as a sales representative. She worked for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Nilavena Tribes Inc., Bulgari Perfumes, and Lake and Peninsula School District, where she worked as an assistant teacher.

She is currently working as a Sales Representative at L’Oreal.

Joel Jacko Age

Joel Norman Jacko turned age 37 in 2021. 1984 marked the year he was born.

Joel Jacko Parents

Joel Jacko was born to his parents Esther and Michael Jacko. Michael was the son of Dolly Foss Jacko and George Jacko.

Joel’s grandmother Dolly was one of the last remaining elders born in Old Iliamna Village. She died peacefully on March 24, 2011 at the age of 88. Dolly moved to Pedro Bay in 1926.

Joel’s father Michael was one of the nine children born to his parents. Michael’s brothers Earl and Johnny; and a sister Susan died before 2011. His other siblings are Norman of Arkansas (wife Lisa), George Jr. of Anchorage, Barbara Atwater (husband Steve) of Soldotna, Sherlie Taylor (husband Paul) of Pedro Bay, and Sophia Chris Osolnik (husband Mike) of Arizona.

Joel has 18 cousins or siblings namely; Josh Jacko, Jamie Jacko, Kahana Jacko, Sean Paul Taylor, Jermaine Sue DeLashmit, Mychal Whispell, Zachary Jacko, Courtney Osolnik, Cara Osolnik, Mikah Osolnik, Heather Jacko, Troy Jacko, Ashley Jacko, Riley Jacko, Holden Jacko, Ethan Atwater, Savannah Anelon, and Torina Talley

Is Joel Jacko On Instagram?

Indeed, Joel Jacko can be found on Instagram. His IG handle is (@jackojoel) and he also uses Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Joel Jacko From?

Joel Jacko was born and bred in Chignik, Alaska.

  • How Tall Is Joel Jacko?

Talking about his physical feature, Joel Jacko’s height measures above 6’1″.

  • When Is Joel Jacko Birthday?

Joel Jacko celebrates his birthday in October.

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