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Joe Lara Daughter: Age, Custody, Name, Is She Still Alive?

Gwen Shamblin as you know is the subject of the new HBO Max documentary, The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin. Its first three episodes premiered in September 2021 her rise to fame as the founder of a Christian diet program, before she became the leader of a cult-like church. And the 28 April 2022 dropped final two episodes delved into the investigation and aftermath of the May 2021 plane crash. The American author and founder of the Christian diet program The Weigh Down Workshop and the Remnant Fellowship had tragically died alongside six others, including her husband Joe Lara, in the plane crash. And Natasha Pavlovich, whom the below story is going to be based on, is now-deceased Joe Lara’s ex-wife. They had welcomed a daughter into their lives before they separated. And now as The Son of the Pink Panther star recounts the aftermath of the plane crash in The way Down Season 2, fans wonder where this daughter she had with Joe Lara is and what has she been up to. All of which have been said here.

Joe Lara And Natasha Pavlovich’s Relationship

Natasha Pavlovich explains in the HBO Max documentary that she was never a member of the church herself. She says she was tied to Remnant via Joe Lara.

Natasha and Joe met back in 1984 in an acting class. At the time, she was 16 and he was around 21. They dated on and off for several decades. “When you see someone who’s so good-looking and you want to be with them, you push away the red flags”, Natasha said of their relationship looking back.

Anyway, the year 2010 saw them have a daughter. Shortly afterward, the family moved to Nashville so that Joe could pursue his dreams of becoming a country music star. Natasha describes this decision as part of a deal they had made with each other. Joe had until their daughter reached kindergarten to pursue his music career, and if it did not pan out by then, they would move to Chicago. But, according to Natasha, when that time finally arrived in 2015, Joe refused to move. In fact, he even filed a police report accusing her of sexually abusing their 4-year-old daughter. Yes. Joe did that in order to retain custody of his daughter.

Natasha, like Joe, is an American actor who has starred in prime-time national and international network television shows and films. Known for her talent to speak various languages, she has gotten cast in many roles speaking Russian. And the late Tarzan actor Joe Lara is just her ex-fiance as they were not married.

Is Natasha Pavlovich And Joe Lara Daughter Still Alive?

Concerned that Remnant church members could be filming her or following her, Natasha Pavlovich had intended to move out of her neighborhood once her daughter finished school before the alarming news of the plane crash from May 2021 found her.

Natasha recalls the terrifying hours on The Way Down when she had feared her daughter had been on the plane with her father before it came down into the Percy Priest Lake. But luckily, Natasha’s daughter hadn’t boarded the plane that day. So, yes. Natasha and Joe’s only daughter is sound and very much alive.

What Is Natasha Pavlovich And Joe Lara Daughter Real Name?

Natasha Pavlovich and Joe Lara named their daughter Liana Lara.

Natasha Pavlovich And Joe Lara Daughter Age

It was the 29th of November in 2010 when Natasha Pavlovich and Joe Lara welcomed their daughter. Therefore, their daughter turned 11 years old in 2021.

Natasha Pavlovich And Joe Lara Daughter Custody

After Joe Lara filed the police report, he and Natasha Pavlovich engaged in a feisty legal battle over the custody of their daughter. Natasha even eventually chose to represent herself, having already spent $200K on lawyers.

In December 2020, a judge decided that she and Joe would retain 50/50 custody. Later, when Joe’s lawyers, who also represent Remnant Fellowship, filed a motion in limine, Natasha made plans to appeal the 2020 ruling. The case went public record, and in 2021, a judge ruled that she be made the primary parent.

Natasha was awarded sole decision-making in regard to her daughter’s religion, education, extracurricular activities, and non-emergency medical care, among other things.

The rest of her story, the proud single mother plans to tell in her own memoir someday.

What Is Natasha Pavlovich And Joe Lara Daughter Ethnicity?

Natasha and Joe’s daughter was born to a father whose family is of Native American Indian, Polish, and Spanish heritage and a Serbian-born American mother who is a descendant of Grand Duke Pavle Radenovic of Bosnia (late 14th Century).

Related FAQs

  • Does Natasha Pavlovich And Joe Lara’s Daughter Have Siblings?

Natasha Pavlovich and Joe Lara’s daughter Liana does not have any full siblings. But now that we look at it, Gwen’s kids Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Shamblin are her step-siblings.

  • Who Are Natasha Pavlovich And Joe Lara Daughter Grandparents?

Natasha Pavlovich and Joe Lara’s daughter Liana’s paternal grandparents are Diane (Wesolowski) And William Joseph Lara Senior. Then there is Lara’s maternal grandmother, of whom her mother is very proud and inspired of.

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