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John Wayne Gacy Parents: John Stanley And Marion Gacy

Meet John Wayne Gacy Parents: John Stanley And Marion Gacy.

John is the subject of the new Netflix limited series Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes. The show brings a repository of nearly 60 hours of recorded interviews with the infamous mass murderer John Gacy. He murdered around 33 young boys aged 9 to 20 and disposed of their bodies in and around his residence.

The Illinois Supreme Court formally set an execution date for 10 May 1994 after the final appeal failed in October 1993. He had his last meal on 9 May, a bucket of KFC (his in-laws owned three KFC outlets and he briefly managed it before his death) a dozen fried shrimp, French fries, fresh strawberries, and a Diet Coke.

He prayed with a Catholic priest before being transferred to the Stateville Correctional Centre’s execution chamber to receive a lethal injection. His parting words were: “Kiss my ass.”

Netflix show is an attempt to document the life and crimes of Chicago’s clown killer, John Wayne Gacy, through the eyes of those who knew him, were close to him and were affected by his atrocities. Gacy’s lawyer, his employees who endured s****l harassment from him, the relatives of his victims, police officers who worked on Gacy’s case, and many others are interviewed in the film.

Learn more about his parents in this article.

Who Are John Wayne Gacy Parents?

John Wayne Gacy was born to his parents John Stanley Gacy and his mother Marion Gacy on 17 March 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents reportedly married on 7 January 1939.

His upbringing held some clues to why he became the person he was as an adult who became a renowned serial killer.

Growing up John had a traumatic experience that scarred him that partly dictated his criminal behavior. His father John Stanley Gacy was noted to be physically and verbally abusive of him.

Dr. Richard Rappaport, a forensic psychiatrist argued that John’s “insanity” was the consequence of his father’s action. “He had brief psychotic episodes. That’s the state he was in when he was doing the murders. He went into episodes of insanity when it was with a situation that depicted the relationship he had with his father, and he was sane enough in between these episodes to cover his behavior up” Dr. Richard revealed on the show.

His father compared him to his sisters, calling him a “sissy”. When his family friend molested him in 1949, he never spoke a word of it with his father in fear that John Stanley would put him at fault.

Dr. Richard argued that through his murders, he recreated horrific experiences from his upbringing. The doctor revealed, “His father essentially victimized him in the basement of his own home as he was growing up. Gacy tried to reproduce that behavior with his victims. And so all these dead bodies he put in the basement were like himself being buried by his father”.

John was close to his mother Marion. In June 1970, after he was out for parole, he moved in with his mother. His mother helped him out by coming up with the acronym for construction business, P.D.M. Contractors (for Painting, Decorating, and Maintenance), according to The New Yorker.

But, the relationship between the two wasn’t perfect by no means. Marion once caught her son trying her underwear and she punished him with it. In his confession tapes he revealed, “She said if I ever get caught with it again, she’d make me go down the street with it on.”

Meet John Wayne Gacy Father, John Stanley Gacy

John Stanley Gacy was the son of Veronika Jablonski Gaca and Nicholas Gacy. He had four siblings: Rose Gacy Jasinki, Edward Gacy, Leo Gacy, and Agnes Anna Gacy. John Sr. was born to his parents in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

Despite all the abuse, John Wayne Gacy faced from his father John Stanley Gacy, he still respected him. He claimed that he never hated him and admired him for being “a strong man”. But, despite the admiration, the two of them were never close. “I thought I could never please him, but I still love him,” John told The New Yorker.

Later, he added “The media made an image out of him like he was an alcoholic monster. O.K., [sic] my dad drank, and he was Jekyll and Hyde when he drank. If he came up from the basement and said the walls were pink, you said the walls were pink, but you learned to stay away from him and keep your mouth shut at the dinner table”.

  • John Stanley Gacy Age At The Time Of Death

Born on 20 June 1900, John Stanley Gacy died on 25 December 1969. He died at the age of 69.

  • John Stanley Gacy Job

As reported, John Stanley worked as a machinist in a Chicago-based factory. He was also a World War I veteran.

Meet John Wayne Gacy Mother, Marion Gacy

John Wayne’s mother Marion Elaine Gacy was born to her parents Albert O. Robison and Julietta Richardson. She was born on 4 May 1908 in Bayfield Co., WI.

  • Marion Gacy Age At The Time Of Death

Marion Gacy died on 14 December 1989 in Cabot, Lonoke Co., AR. She was 81 years old at the time of her death.

  • Marion Gacy Job

There is no information on Marion Gacy. She could be a homemaker.

Related FAQs

  • Where Were John Wayne Gacy Parents From?

John Wayne’s father hailed from Chicago, Cook County, Illinois whereas his mother Marion hailed from Bayfield Co., WI.

  • How Many Kids Did John Wayne Gacy Parents Have?

John Wayne’s parents had two kids. Gacy had an elder sister Joanne R Gacy who was born in 1939. She married Raymond D Kasper and later died in 2007. His other sister Karen Kuzma (born in 1944) told in the LMN television show “Monster in My Family”, ”

“I hated him I hated him so much that he took a life, many lives. I was angry at what he did to my family and my innocent children. How can you love somebody like that? How can you love somebody that is so evil, that you can love them but at the same time hate them?”

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