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Joseph Gabrish Bio, Today, Age, Jeffrey Dahmer’s Arresting Officer

Where is Joseph Gabrish today, one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s arresting officers? Learn about his current standing today, his wife, and other details.

Meet Joseph Gabrish, One Of The Jeffrey Dahmer’s Arresting Officers

Joseph Gabrish was 28 years old when he and his partner John Balcerzak responded to trouble in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbor Glenda Cleveland called and they were in the area to respond to the dispatcher. They spotted a 14-year-old Asian boy Konerak Sinthasomphone, bloody and likely under the influence.

Glenda alerted the authorities along with other women who saw the incident and were worried about the young child.

After doing their investigation, Joseph, John, and Richard Porubcan gave the youngster to Jeffrey, who later killed him, over Glenda’s objections to them not doing so. When she asked why Konerak was intoxicated, they claimed that it was a lover’s dispute. At a mall, Dahmer had met Konerak and offered to take his photo. Drugged Konerak escaped when Dahmer went to get alcohol.

Afterward, the two officers were allegedly recorded making homophobic jokes to their dispatcher, according to Decider—joking that they were “reuniting the lovers.” Police recordings from the time also showed that “one officer laughed about needing to be ‘deloused’ after leaving Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment” and that the officers dismissed a witness who “called back and insisted six times police had left an endangered boy behind,” AP News reported.

Konerak was one of the 17 victims of Jeffrey Dahmer which was later unraveled. Then Joseph and John were named The “Dahmer cops” because had they been a little serious about the case, the murders would’ve been prevented. Police chief Philip Arreola then fired the two cops however court reinstated them stating that the “firings were too severe a punishment and that former Officers John Balcerzak and Joseph Gabrish should be reinstated, with back pay of about $55,000 each.”

Without success, the Fire and Police Commission appealed. According to the AP, the chief had fired the policemen for “failure to follow police procedures.” The 14-year-old child was not taken into protective care, according to the Washington Post, which stated that Arreola fired the officers for “acts of omission” that included failing to record witnesses’ names at the site.

“At the time, with the information we had—to this day, I think we did the appropriate thing, the best that we could,″ John said in his first interview after Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest. Both policemen also mentioned that when they approached Jeffrey about the youngster, he was composed and cooperative. Balcerzak responded that he felt he had more proof when asked why Cleveland’s earlier calls weren’t taken into account.

″She wasn’t actually there,″ John said. ″I felt that my firsthand knowledge was more informative than what she had heard from someone else,″ per AP News. Here is a John taking stand.

According to UPI, Joseph testified that Jeffrey Dahmer was “polite and gave us no reason to suspect anything of him at all. He was very cooperative with us.” He did detect an odor in Dahmer’s apartment though.

“I equated (it) to that of a bowel movement or somebody had just gone to the bathroom,” Joseph testified.

Where Is Joseph Gabrish Today?

Joseph Gabrish quit the Milwaukee police force. According to the Ozaukee Press, he was appointed as the Grafton Police Department’s interim police chief after serving there as a captain. “I’m looking forward to working with the Village Board and the people here to make this a safe community,” Joseph said in 2019.

Moreover, he is also working as a Chief of Police at the Town of Trenton Police Department. On his Classmate profile, he stated, “I recently received my Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin in Criminal Justice Administration. In my spare time, I enjoy landscaping, being with friends, and going to local Festivals and State Fairs.”

“Gabrish joined the department as an officer in 1993 and became second in command in 2007. Prior to joining the department, Gabrish was an officer with the Milwaukee Police Department for nearly 11 years,” the Ozaukee Press reported, adding, “Gabrish is also the chief of police in the Town of Trenton, where he lives. He started the Trenton Police Department in 1997.”

The newspaper reported that Gabrish went on to get a master’s degree.

Gabrish is now retired.

Joseph Gabrish Age

Joseph Gabrish was born in December 1962. He is currently 59 years old.

Joseph Gabrish Wife

Currently, there is no information about Joseph Gabrish’s wife and marriage. He is private about his family and married life.

Is Joseph Gabrish On Facebook?

No, Joseph Gabrish doesn’t seem to be on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Joseph Gabrish From?

Joseph Gabrish hailed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is currently based in West Bend, Wisconsin.

  • What Do We Know About Joseph Gabrish Parents?

Joseph Gabrish hasn’t shared any information about his parents.

  • When Did Joseph Gabrish Retire From The Police Force?

Joseph Gabrish’s quit his job at Milwaukee Police Force in 2019.

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