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Josh Owens [Moonshiners] Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Arrested

Josh Owens is known for his work in Discovery channel’s Moonshiners.

While his fans are familiar with his career, his relationship is entirely shrouded in mystery. Here in this Josh Owens (Moonshiners) Bio, we attempt to cover detail of his wife, his net worth, and the rumor of him being arrested.

Scroll down as this article unfolds more information on him.

Josh Owens [Moonshiners] Wife

Josh Owens has a daughter named Elizabeth Reese Owens from her previous relationship. However, the mother of the child remains unknown as of this writing. He never spoke of his baby mother at this point so it is almost impossible to figure out if he was even married before to have a wife.

However, Josh had one relationship that he often shared about in his socials. He was dating a woman named Amber Gabric. The two of them spent a lot of time together, and Amber was very close with Josh’s daughter. In December 2013, he went on his Twitter to share the moment he spent with his grandma at a nursing home.

The photo also featured Amber and Josh’s dog Cutiepie.

Josh Owens and his ex-girlfriend in 2013 (Pic: Josh’s Twitter)

Amber now lives in Clearwater, Florida, and works as a distributor at Young Living Essential Oils. Based on her Facebook post, Amber is now in a different relationship.

Why Was Josh Owens [Moonshiners] Arrested? Was He On Drugs?

While fans of Moonshiners are searching for Josh Owens’s criminal history and his being arrested, there are no records of him ever getting in trouble with the law. However, several others casts of Moonshiners have been arrested on different occasions and at different times.

One of the cast Popcorn Sutton was arrested in 2008. Popcorn was Moonshiners legend and even had a few documentaries made about him (one of them even won an Emmy Award). But, when he revealed to an undercover officer that he had over nine gallons of illegal moonshine that were ready to sell, ATF officer raided his property. He was arrested and charged with illegally distilling spirits (shocker) and possession of a handgun as a felon.

Likewise, there is Chico who also was arrested for a DUI in Knott County in 2015. Moreover, Tickle, another cast of the show, was arrested at least three times. He was arrested for public intoxication, possession of a sawed-off handgun, and probation violation.

Jeff Waldroup father of Lance was also dragged into the potential arrest rumor in 2014. Jeff and his son disappeared from the show in 2019 and that ignited the rumor of the possible arrest.

Josh Owens [Moonshiners] Net Worth

Josh Owens from “Moonshiners” has a total net worth of $600 thousand.

Before Moonshiners, Josh Owens was a competitive professional racer. He has been titled champion and has won several races in both Superbike and Motocross competitions. There is also a Facebook page entirely dedicated to his racing fans which you can find it here.

Josh has done a 142 mph wheelie for over five miles, kayaked 18 miles into the ocean, and was 2003/2004 Motox Points Champ.

Besides motorcycle racing, Josh also drove White Lightning. He competed and won several races with that car. Back in 2016, he secured two wins at Mountain Park Dragway with White Lightning. He also competed in Lyons Raceway Park for the Southeast Gassers in July 2017.

However, Josh got wider fame with his career in TV appearing on Discovery’s “Moonshiners.” He appeared on the show from 2012-2021 in a total of 126 episodes. Master Distiller is also another show where he appeared on three episodes.

But, fans started to notice that Josh was getting less screen time than ever before. Since his cast are previously caught for the production of illegal moonshine.

Josh Owens [Moonshiners] Height

Josh Owens roughly stands at the height of 6 feet.

What Happened To Josh Owens [Moonshiners] Finger?

Over the years since Josh Owens became a public figure, he had several injuries on his body. One of the injuries happened when a grinding wheel exploded. Because of the accident, he ended up losing his index finger. However, he didn’t provide any additional details on the accident.

Josh also had a bike accident when he slammed into a wall at 100 mph at a Florida track in March 2020. “Broke nose, ribs, collapsed lung, lost the [rest] of his already amputated finger but not in immediate danger now. Will post more info when it becomes available. Please respect his privacy at this time and let him recover in peace,” a post stated on Facebook.

Josh ended up breaking his back when one of the tires of his vintage motorbike exploded. In the accident, he tore his rotator cuff, broke his left collarbone, and nearly all of his ribs.

The reality star shared his left collarbone is still “sticking out” and that his left side was “pretty well paralyzed” after the accident. He also dealt with severe pain.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Josh Owens [Moonshiners]?

Josh Owens was born on 28 August 1977. He turned 44 years old in 2021

  • Who Are Josh Owens [Moonshiners] Family Members?

Josh Owens is very close to both of his parents. His father is often featured on his social media. And based on a few IG posts, he lost his mother a while back.

  • Is Josh Owens [Moonshiners] On Instagram?

Yes, Josh is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His IG handle is (@moonshiner_josh); his Twitter handle is (@moonshinerjosh); whereas his Facebook handle is @JoshOwnesMoonshiner.

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