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Unico Sobreviviente Real Or Fake, TikTok Debunked

TikTok is home to pretty weird stuff and one of them is “Time Traveling.” There are many individuals on the platform trying to attract fame and followers as a Time Traveler. One of them is Unico Sobreviviente. He has posted man videos that have drawn millions of views for him on the platform.

Let’s get to know him a little better with this article on him.

Is TikTok’s “Time Traveler” Unico Sobreviviente Real Or Fake?

A “Tim Traveler” on TikTok is making waves with his videos claiming that he is the only survivor in the world. His videos are going viral drawing in millions of views from his followers on TikTok. He claims to be posting videos from the future and people are jumping into the discussion regardless of its genuineness.

The videos are mostly of him exploring the empty cities. The fact that there are no people on the videos is his method of backing up his claims that he is a time traveler and a lone survivor. According to his posts, the year he is in is 2027 and all the humans have gone extinct.

In his video “My Story,” he shared that he woke up in a hospital and everyone has disappeared except him. So, his search for other humans began from that point on. He shared in the video that he had thought it was the year 2021 when he woke up. When the electronic devices stated that it was the year 2027 he was convinced that he has time traveled.

However, one thing is necessary to be stated here that is, Josh doesn’t consider himself a time traveler. He believes that he is in a parallel universe where the only existing human is him. And the fact that he maintains his communication with our world in 2021 through TikTok and Instagram is still astonishing for most.

So, based on all of that, it is impossible to believe the story he is sharing is real.

Has Anyone From TikTok Debunked Unico Sobreviviente Videos?

Of course, several attempts have been made to debunk Unico Sobreviviente’s video. There are hundreds and thousands of people going into the comment section to cross-check the facts that he was putting out. Some users aren’t ready to buy his content and get mean on the comment section, whereas others made jokes about it.

One IG user requested, “Go and see if the PlayStation 7 has arrived or not 😮.”One user @rosyaguiar33 asked, “Okay. But if you’re the only survivor, where are all the other billions? Has he been buried or cremated? Would it have bodies and would everything be so neat?”

Of course, there are other thousands of comments trying to debunk his claims on his TikTok and Instagram account. Even though the initial claim was, he was alone, there were birds on many videos.

But, he also has supporters. One IG user @sn_clumbsey wrote: “So if people think this was editing programs then how does the reflections and sound get edited?.. and if you think it’s lockdowns then how are the videos still going on today?”

So, even though there are a large number of people who are not buying any of his stuff, he does have supporters on his social media. Any comments that could debunk his claims such as “breaking into the house of ruling palace” or “robbing a bank” he ignores most them.

So, the viewers aren’t convinced that he is living in 2027.

Also, the debunking would’ve been easier if he had revealed his face because the internet sleuths would’ve unearthed details on him, but he is not ready to do that at all.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Unico Sobreviviente’s Real Name?

Unico Sobreviviente’s real name is Javier and only recognizes himself by that name.

  • How Old Is Unico Sobreviviente?

According to a few of the comments, he recognized himself to be 25 years old when he started sharing his videos.

  • Where Is Unico Sobreviviente From?

According to his TikTok, Unico Sobrevivente is from Barcelona, Spain from a parallel universe.

  • Is Unico Sobreviviente On Instagram?

Yes, Unico Sobreviviente is on Instagram and has a massive number of followers. His IG (@unicosobreviviente) flaunted over 633k followers.

  • Has Anyone Seen Unico Sobreviviente’s Facebook?

There is a public profile on Facebook but contains zero posts. So, it might not even belong to him. Whereas, also a group has been created dedicated to his name with 783 members on the platform.

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