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Judy Malinowski Daughters: Kaylyn And Madison Malinowski

Judy Malinowski was burned alive by her ex-boyfriend Michael Slager during an argument on August 2, 2015. But she survived for months only to testify in their own murder trial via a video — which indeed is heartbreaking to watch. Now, her daughters are hoping to expand the law named after her mother and have established a foundation!

So, who are they? Scroll down, to find out.

Who Are Judy Malinowski Daughters?

Judy Malinowski has two daughters named Kaylyn and Madison Malinowski. They were dubbed “the colors of her heart” in Judy’s obituary published on Egan Ryan.

After Judy’s tragic death, Kaylyn and Madison established a foundation named after their mother to assist individuals and families suffering from domestic violence, drug abuse, and human trafficking. Not only does Judy’s Foundation support and be a resource for victims and their families, but they also hope to achieve nationwide awareness through social media resources such as books, seminars, videos, and documentaries. “At Judy’s Foundation, we want to promote healing and reconstruction in the natural family itself,” they wrote.

Furthermore, the Malinowski siblings were actively helping people like themselves to cope with the pain. They shared that what helped them best was always having someone to talk to. The sisters want other kids to not feel so alone.

“I’d say eventually we’ll get through this and it’s something that we that you can actually follow, like her legacy,” said Madison. “When people look at you they’ll be like, ‘Hey, that girl must be really tough like their mom.’”

Meet Kaylyn Malinowski, Judy Malinowski Older Daughter

Kaylyn Malinowski is Judy Malinowski’s older daughter. Many of us remember her from the time she testified before state lawmakers at the Ohio Statehouse to pass Judy’s law in 2017. 

“Since my mom is unable to speak, I am here to speak for her,” she said at the time. “While he got 11 years, my mom, my sister, and I all got a life sentence. It destroyed my life, my family’s life, my kid’s life, and everyone around us life, and the laws of justice are just not fair.”

Thankfully, her plea was heard and Judy’s law was imposed.

Now, she’s hoping to expand the law. Instead of six, she wants nine years to be tacked on to a sentence and she wants it to be applied to not just attackers who used an accelerant.

“I think that if there’s more like that laws are more broad, then people will be able to feel more comfortable reporting it,” she explained.

  • Kaylyn Malinowski Age

Kaylyn Malinowski was born on March 12, 2004. That made her 19 years of age in 2023.

Also, this means she was just 12 when Judy’s law was passed.

  • Kaylyn Malinowski Job

Kaylyn Malinowski is a future criminal lawyer. In 2023, she was a sophomore pursuing Criminal Law and Political Science at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

She only graduated from Saint Francis DeSales High School in Columbus, OH, in 2022.

Besides studying, Kaylyn also was a Student Ambassador and a Basketball Cheerleader at Franciscan University. Also, back in high school, she was the student director.

Her motto in life is to always stand up for justice. “My mom taught me that you can stand up to anybody,”  Kaylynn remarked.

Trivia: Kaylyn received the “Serra Club Altar Server Award” from her church Saint Joseph Cathedral in May 2018.

  • Is Kaylyn Malinowski On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @kaylyn_malinowski.

Also, here’s her Facebook @kaylyn.malinowski.

Meet Madison Malinowski, Judy Malinowski Younger Daughter

Madison Malinowski is Judy Malinowski’s younger daughter. You might not have noticed her as all the spotlight was on her older sister. But she was there before the lawmakers to deliver her own short speech during a ceremonial bill signing for Judy’s Law.

To summarize, she thanked everyone who passed Judy’s law.

  • Madison Malinowski Age

Madison Malinowski was born in September 2007. That made her 15 years of age in 2023.

Also, this means, she was 10 when Judy’s law was passed.

In fact, Madison said, “Yesterday was my 10th birthday, the first without my mom,” during a ceremonial bill signing for Judy’s Law.

  • Madison Malinowski Job

Like her sister, Madison Malinowski is still a student. Despite the tragedy, she still maintained an A average in her academic studies. She is set to graduate from Catholic High School in 2026.

When Madison wasn’t studying, she liked to play softball, swim, or cheer her school spirit at games. Infact, she was in her school’s softball team.

  • Is Madison Malinowski On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @madi_malinowski and Facebook @madi_malinowski.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Judy Malinowski Daughters Reside?

Judy’s daughters resided in their hometown New Albany, Ohio. But they didn’t live with their mother for a while as they were growing up.

Years before the attack — when Judy was 26 and a newly divorced mom who struggled with an addiction to prescription painkillers after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer — Kaylynn and Madison were sent to live with Judy’s mother, Bonnie Bowes, and sister Danielle Gorman, respectively.

It was only in early 2015, Judy regained custody of her girls after officially kicking her habit.

Sadly, after Judy began dating Michae, he introduced her to heroin.

  • Are Judy Malinowski Daughters Close?

Yes, Judy’s daughter shares a tight-knit bond.

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