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Judy Malinowski Parents: Thomas Hensel And Bonnie Bowes

Eye for an eye is the own true form of justice. It would fit perfectly in Judy Malinowski’s case. It is of Judy, one of the first people in the U.S. to posthumously testify in their own murder trial, we speak of. The star of the recently released MTV documentary The Fire That Took Her was set on fire by her boyfriend Michael Slager on 2 August 2015. She suffered third-degree burns on 90 percent of her body and, over the course of two years, underwent countless surgeries to repair the damage. Then, five months before she died on 27 June 2017 from complications due to her injuries, she testified against ex-boyfriend Michael Slager in her own murder trial. She told the courts in a recorded video how Michael doused her in gasoline and set her on fire during an argument. That video was later used as evidence and the convict was ordered to serve life in prison without parole. He is carrying out his sentence at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville as we write this.

In this writing though we shall tell you about Judy’s parents who in The Fire That Took Her documentary remembered their daughter as a fun and beautiful woman.

Who Are Judy Malinowski’s Parents?

The doctors told Judy Malinowski’s family this would be the hardest journey of their lives. Looking back Judy’s mother believes that was an understatement.

Following the horrific, Judy’s mother especially spent the whole time by her daughter’s bedside as she marveled at her inspiring strength.

Both of Judy’s parents really loved her it seems.

Keep reading and we shall tell you more about them.

Meet Bonnie Bowes, Judy Malinowski’s Mother

The above-mentioned MTV film’s trailer includes interviews with Malinowski’s mother, Bonnie Bowes. She is presented on it as a vigorous supporter of her daughter’s fight for justice.

Bonnie actually fought for her daughter’s hospital testimony to be used in the Slager murder trial. The matriarch was all over news channels sharing with the world her daughter’s dreadful story. “I look back at videos of her and I don’t know how anybody humanly possible could have survived the injuries Judy did and later testified the way she did”, she would say. Also, one of the things she said time and again is that her daughter knew exactly what she was doing and believed in the justice system.

Bonnie was not allowed to be present during Judy’s 3-hour pretrial deposition. But, she was with her daughter before and after entering breaks that day.

Professionally, Bonnie has been working as the senior project program manager- Vice President of Consumer Digital Operations at JPMorgan Chase & Co. since May 2011. She joined the company long before in October 1995 in the position of a business analyst lead.

Even before, she worked as the general accounting controller at Sun Television & Appliances for more than 5 years.

For her higher education, she went to Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.

If you also need to know, Bonnie has a brother named Edward Still Jr., a native of Gahanna, Ohio. He formerly went to Whitehall-Yearling High School.

Meet Thomas Hensel, Judy Malinowski’s Father

Judy Malinowski’s father, Thomas Joseph “T.J.” Hensel, passed away before her.

Thomas was born in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio on 28 November 1956 to Richard R. Hensel and Frances Janet ‘Janet’ Flood. He passed away at the age of 41 on 19 Feb 1997. Later in October 2007, Thomas’s sister Cynthia S. “Cindy” also joined him in death.

On Judy’s obituary, in addition to Thomas being mentioned as her father, her David Gorman (Sue) is also mentioned as her “Daddy”.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Judy Malinowski’s Parents Married?

On her ‘Bonnie Bowes (Bonnie Susan Still)’ Facebook, Judy Malinowski now marks her relationship status as ‘single’. It is not known how long she and Judy’s father, Thomas, were married. When Thomas passed in 1997, his obituary had no mention of Judy or another wife.

Meanwhile, afterward, at the time of Judy’s death, she had been married to Dan.

  • How Many Kids Did Judy Malinowski’s Parents Have?

Judy Malinowski was not the only child of her parents. Instead, she is survived by her sister Danielle Gorman, brother Patrick Bowes, and step-brothers, Nicholas, Joseph, and Mark Bowes.

Judy, with the full name Judy Ann Malinowski, was born on 26 August 1983. She was 33 when she passed away in 2017. She also is survived by her two daughters “the colors of her heart” — Kaylyn Malinowski and Madison Malinowski.

Judy graduated from New Albany High School in the Class of 2001. Later, she was crowned Miss New Albany and homecoming queen. Besides, beauty pageants, she also participated in numerous social community activities. She also continued her education at the Ohio State University.

To unversed, the day after Judy’s passing, the Ohio Senate adopted “Judy’s Law”, which recommends longer prison sentences for offenses that disfigure victims.

The day after Malinowski’s passing, the Ohio Senate adopted “Judy’s Law,” which recommends longer prison sentences for offenses that disfigure victims. This very development was “sun and happiness” at an otherwise dark time, her mother Bonnie had said.

  • Where Did Judy Malinowski’s Parents Reside?

Judy Malinowski’s father is no more. While her mother had been residing in New Albany, a city in the U.S. state of Ohio, located 15 miles northeast of the state capital of Columbus, as of 2023.

The matriarch originally hails from Whitehall, Ohio.

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