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Juju Barney Bio, Height, Age, Job, Family, Buckhead Shore

Meet Juju Barney, the son of Magic City ATL owner, who has debuted his reality star career with MTV Buckhead Shore.

The MTV-announced [Jersey shore spin-off] Buckhead Shore, which debuted on June 23, turned the yearly custom into a show. The show centers on a group of friends who reside in Buckhead, Georgia, sometimes referred to as the “Beverly Hills of the South,” and it follows their daily lives.

Parker Lipman’s family lake house in Lake Burton, 100 miles northeast of Atlanta, they get together every summer to party, go crazy, and possibly fall in love. He and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Katie Canham, proposed the show together to MTV. Parker claimed that for the previous ten years, they had been gathering at the lake house.

Parker added, “The shore is a way to get out of that fast-paced life in Buckhead”.

Besides Parker, the other casts joining him in the show are Adamo Giraldo, Bethania Locke, Chelsea Prescott, DJ Simmons, Juju Barney, Katie Canham, Pat Muresan, and Savannah Gabriel.

Juju Barney On Buckhead Shore

Easy-going, charming, and suave are some of the adjectives that better define Juju Barney, one of the casts of Buckhead shore. He hailed himself as “the king of stripper chicks” and “king of clubs”. He also made comment about his friend Parker saying, “Parker is the king of chicken strips”.

Quips of such nature from Juju have helped him stand out among the circle of his friends. But, Juju’s dad is most likely the reason he is well known in the city. His dad opened the legendary Atlanta strip club Magic City in 1985 and he and his older brother now run it.

“That’s pretty much my whole storyline,” Juju told Distractify. “Outside of the lake, it’s all Magic City. You’ll get to see the whole inside and outside of how it all goes down”. He also shared that he needs to focus his attention on his reality TV career rather than Magic City.

He added more saying, “It’s starting to overwhelm me”.

Juju added, “So I’ve been stepping back from the business a little bit and just, you know, taking acting classes, getting ready for TV, and, you know, trying to be the best that I can be”.

In the show, he receives surprising news about the family business and he has to figure out where he stands.

Is Juju Barney Dating Anyone Today?

According to his Facebook, Juju and his partner are separated. It is unclear who he dated and or was in a relationship with.

Juju Barney Age

The year 1989 is the year Juju Barney was born. He turned 33 years old in January 2022.

Juju Barney Job

Juju Barney is currently working as the manager at Magic City ATL: Premier Gentleman’s Club. He graduated from Southwest DeKalb High School in 2007 and later studied at Georgia Perimeter College.

Is Juju Barney On Instagram?

Yes, Juju Barney is on Instagram (@jujusworld1). He is also on Facebook (@juju.barney).

Juju Barney Height

Talking about height, Juju Barney stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches.

Juju Barney Family

Juju Barney’s family includes his father, his mother, and his two brothers. He was born to his father Michael “Magic” Barney, a toner cartridge salesman, and mother Gail Barney. Michael graduated from Duke University with a degree in history in 1978. He was so good at selling that cartridge, that he earned the name “Magic”.

Magic City was the brainchild of Michael Sr. which he started in October 1985. He was inspired to start a strip club after he went to his first strip club Foxy Lady Lounge. 

Magic City has been a lucrative business and gained recognition when high-profiled individuals such as Tupac Shakur, Drake, Future, and even Michael Jordan frequented the place. In April 2021, Michael interviewed Cam Newton for BETNetworks. He described that the secret to the longevity of Magic City was staying in control.

Juju has featured his mother a few times on his IG. His parents were married at the time when his father founded Magic City.

Juju’s mother attended Haddon Heights High School. She now lives in Avondale, Georgia.

He has two brothers and one of them is named Michael “Lil Magic” Barney Jr. Michael is the general manager of Magic City. He is 38 years old in 2022, being born in September 1983. He was four years old when his two years old when his father opened the club.

Michael, the older brother of Juju, attended Atlanta Metro College after Cathedral Academy. He studied management at North Georgia College & State University. Whereas, their brother Stefon Barney completed high school at Tucker High School and Kennesaw State University.

In 2016, Michael Sr’s brother and Juju’s uncle Riverdale Police Major Gregory E. Barney was shot four times in the chest and wrist 2016. He died from his wound.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Juju Barney Birthday?

Juju Barney’s birthday is on 15 January.

  • Where Is Juju Barney From?

Atlanta, Georgia is the hometown of Juju Barney.

  • How Much Is Juju Barney Net Worth?

Juju Barney’s net worth is below $250 thousand.

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