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Parker Lipman Net Worth, Family Business, Buckhead Shore

Meet the man who made MTV’s Buckhead Shore possible, Parker Lipman. He is not new to TV show appearances but this is the first time, he is a lead cast in the show. Besides Parker, the other casts joining him in the show are Adamo Giraldo, Bethania Locke, Chelsea Prescott, DJ Simmons, Juju Barney, Katie Canham, Pat Muresan, and Savannah Gabriel.

Below, you’ll learn about his net worth, family business, and his relationship with Katie Canham.

Parker Lipman On Buckhead Shore

Parker Lipman pitched for a new show to MTV which we now know as Buckhead Shore. It documents the life of a group of friends in their twenties and early thirties. Every year, Parker and his friends have a tradition to spend the summer at Parker’s family lake house. So, young people together, there are a lot of dramas and romance expected from it.

According to Parker, they have been doing it for more than 10 years.

Although the show is a franchise, here the most casts have known each other for years. They have gone through their initial growing pains of inner-circle hookups and breakups. But, the show shares some similarities with the original show.

“We thought it was going to be a cakewalk, but it was a very cool experience,” Parker told OK Magazine. “I learned a lot about myself on this show. We had to be very vulnerable during the experience. We’re always talking about our feelings”.

Despite all the dramas and fights, they still stick together. Parker added, “We’ve been friends for so long, we rely on each other in a sense”.

How Much Is Parker Lipman Net Worth?

Parker Lipman’s estimated net worth is under $1 million. In March 2022, he signed a contract to purchase a condo. He captioned the post, “On to the next chapter, this time I’m here to stay..”

In 2022, Parker is working in Expansion Division at Zaxby’s. He joined the company in January 2017. Before that, he worked in private equity titled Semper Invicta. He was employed there from October 2015 to June 2017.

Parker also pursued a career as an entrepreneur and launched a supplement brand named Health. He also participated in competitive boxing previously for several years.

Parker Lipman Family Business

Parker Lipman is the heir to the family business as his parents own a massive fast-food chain restaurant. He was born to his parents William Lipman and Carol Mcleroy. Born in July 1958, William is 63 years old. Meanwhile, Parker’s mom Carol is 54 years old. She was born in June 1968.

William graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Industrial Management. He is the president of Elite Contractors Group, LLC since January 2014.

Parker’s parents got divorced a while back. Unlike other divorces, he ended up being blessed with two dads and two moms.

In January 2016 IG post, Parker boasted that “two dads are better than one” and also added that his “dad and step-dad are best friends”.

As they parted ways, Parker’s father William married Michelle Lipman. William married his second wife and Parker’s step-mom Michelle Lipman, Carol tied the knots with Zach Mcleroy. 49-year-old Michelle, very little is known about her.

Whereas, Zach, born in August 1962, is the founder & chairman of the Zaxby’s. Zach and his childhood friend Tony had an idea to give wings and fingers a shot and promote them from appetizers to entrees. They opened a restaurant in the college town of Statesboro, GA in 1990.

They set up their headquarters in Athens, Georgia, and began serving their franchise family in 15 states namely in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia, Texas, Utah, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. Since the inception of the business, Zaxby’s has been able to become a billion-dollar franchise through hard work, resiliency, and determination that all began with a dream and an opportunity.

Numerous publications and trades throughout the years featured Zach for his leadership skills. Forbes listed Zaxby’s as one of its Best Large Employers in 2021 as well as Dealmakers of the Year 2021 by Franchise Times for our new partnership with Goldman Sachs.

Parker Lipman Height

Parker Lipman stands tall under the height of 5 feet 9 inches.

How Old Is Parker Lipman?

In 1993, Parker Lipman was born. He turned 28 years old in October 2021.

Is Parker Lipman On Instagram?

Along with Instagram, Parker Lipman is on various social media platforms. His IG handle is (@parkerlipman), Twitter is (@parkerlipmannn), TikTok (@seriouswool), and Cameo (@parkerlipman).

Is Parker Lipman Still Dating Katie Canham?

No, Parker Lipman is no longer in a relationship with Katie Canham. On 5 June 2022, Katie posted on her TikTok that she moved to Miami, single. They started dating as early as October 2018. Katie captioned the IG post, “sweet as (honey pot emoji)”. They tend to keep their relationship private and in April 2019, she posted, “2 weddings and a birthday, wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else”.

Parker and Katie made a few TikToks together and Katie also claimed Parker to be her “partna in crime”.

While on Instagram, they haven’t posted anything together since Valentine’s Day 2020. They reportedly dated each other for four and half years.

After Katie, Parker was in a relatively new relationship with Savannah Gabriel. Savannah has been in Buckhead for only a few years but was “making waves” in the friend group for her spicy and sweet personality.

Speaking with In Touch, Parker admitted spending summer at his lake house with ex-girlfriend Katie and current girlfriend Savannah was hard for him. “I mean, for me, it just was not an easy position to be in,” he told In Touch. “[Katie] is someone I dated and that I loved for the last four years,” Parker continued.

He added, “And then you bring Savannah into the mix who I’m dating, she’s my girlfriend. So then, I have two people that I care about under the same roof and I have to navigate — and play damage control the whole time”.

Katie shared that visiting the place was a “different experience” because she used to frequent the place with Parker before. “I just had to decide who am I gonna be upset with?” she revealed. “Like with the girl or him? And I’m like, it’s him. It’s not even her,” she continued while explaining that she and Savannah even bonded while filming the show.

Savannah also shared her experience of spending time with her boyfriend’s ex. She added, “Going into it, I was super nervous and hesitant, and then I think once I got there and saw Parker and saw Katie and there was alcohol involved, I definitely was more on the confrontational side”.

She added further, “It was very nerve-wracking for sure because I had a lot to say and didn’t know how to say it”.

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  • When Is Parker Lipman Birthday?

Parker Lipman celebrates his birthday on 7 October.

  • Is Parker Lipman Still Friends With Chase Chrisley?

The Cinemaholic reported that Parker Lipman and Chase Chrisley drifted apart over the year. After a good run together on the TV show, Chase and his family moved to Nashville, Tennessee. They no longer seem involved in each other’s lives.

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