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Julie Theis Bio, Job, Boyfriend, Age, Family, The Trust

Meet Julie Theis of Netflix’s The Trust: A Game of Greed.

Similar to The Traitors, the contestants consist of 11 strangers who are handed $250K to divide equally among themselves. However, some of them will steal more than their fair share, while others will donate more than they should. The catch is that they are presented with the cash prize right away.

In Netflix’s The Trust, competitors have the option to secretly vote one another out, which increases their individual reward pot shares but may also foster more mistrust inside the group. Everyone gets to keep living in a lavish villa in the event of a tie vote or no votes at all.

Find out more about Julie as you scroll down this bio below.

Julie Theis On Netflix’s The Trust

Julie Theis found herself drawn to two other women as soon as she appeared on the Netflix series, whom she assumed to be either her greatest friends or worst foes. Shortly afterward, Julie, Winifred “Winnie” Polk, and Tolú Ekundare become a close friendship and even begin to house share. Indeed, Julie and Winnie voted to assist Tolú by voting Juelz out after Juelz Morgan declared that he and Simone Stewart had selected Tolú as one of the two who would not be able to vote at the next ceremony.

In the meantime, Julie and Jacob “Jake” Chocholous have become more intimate, and a strong bond is growing between them. But when it came to the rankings task, Julie was offended because AJke believed he was brighter than her after listing his educational background, and she strongly disagreed with his belief that he was the group’s strongest leader. But after the job, Julie and Jake were able to reconcile, even if Jay Patterson was not among those who did not forgive Jake.

As hostilities with Jake grew, Julie persuaded Tolú to give him an opportunity, and she complied. Jay was adamant that she still had resentment toward him, though. Even at the second trust ceremony, when Bryce Lee and Gaspare Randazzo kept her safe, Julie was quite concerned about this. Julie, who was supposedly the least close to Simone Stewart, voted for her in an attempt to tie the votes and preserve Jake should Jay vote for him. But Simone has also been eliminated because Jay voted for her.

As soon as Tolú, Winnie, and Jay learned of Julie’s vote, they started to worry that she might have killed someone to save Jay. Julie, however, began to feel guilty about the possible consequences of her vote. Jake felt relieved by the scenario after Julie’s subsequent revelation to him, even if he was originally disappointed by Simone’s improbable removal. Julie had begun to believe that she had made the best decision for herself.

But Julie was disappointed when Jake selected Brian Firebaugh as the person he was closest to when it was time for everyone to select one. Even when Bryce selected her, she didn’t stop being resentful of Jake. She was quite grateful that not too long after, Gaspare had picked her and Brian for an outing.

The following day, when her expedition concluded, host Brooke Baldwin offered her the choice to accept an offer without question or to turn it down without understanding what was involved. Unlike Brian, who had been offered a comparable contract but had turned it down, Julie decided to accept the offer.

Julie Theis Boyfriend

Julie Theis doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend but in the show, she sparked romance rumors with a few. She asked Brian Firebaugh out on a date. They were not, however, romantically linked to one another. Julie, meanwhile, has developed feelings for Jake Chocholus, a fellow cast member. Gaspare Randazzo was given the power of an amazing “excursion” by host Brooke Baldwin in the fourth episode of the Netflix series.

Gaspare was advised by Brooke that he could either provide the opportunity to two other contestants or go on a date with another competitor. But Gaspare decided to go on a date with Brian and Julie in order to fortify his relationships with other people.

While picking Brian, Gaspare shared, “You’re a farmer boy, and like, you being on an island to be would be the coolest thing to watch.” However, he said about Julie, “I know from talks that you’ve also had a lot of hardships in your life and I think you deserve something nice.”  Julie broke down in tears after Gaspare awarded her the deserving vacation.

Gaspare further noted about Julie, “You said you didn’t think that there were nice things for people like you, and it’s not true. So now you get a nice date with Brian.”

After Gaspare used his influence to give Julie Theis a trip to an island with Brian Firebaugh, Julie ran out of things to say. In the next episode, the two are going to enjoy an incredible vacation. The Netflix show competitor was crying as she acknowledged that Gaspare’s choice had “surprised” her.

She shared in the confessional, “I actually am surprised. I did not think he was gonna pick me.” Julie added, “I know there are people he’s so much closer within the house, so… knowing that Gaspare picked up on like my biggest insecurity, which is my self-questioning, ‘Am I worthy of good? Am I deserving of good things?'”

Julie further noted, “I have conflicted with that my whole life. so fact that Gaspare not only heard that and then gifted me something while acknowledging that, it was one of the nicest things I think anyone has ever done for me.”

Julie Theis Age

In June 2023, Julie Theis reached 29 years old. She was born in 1994.

Julie Theis Family

Julie Theis was born to her mom Janette Theis. Janette gave birth to her on her own 22nd birthday.

In June 2017, Janette wished Julie, “Happy Birthday My Sweetheart I love u to the Moon and Back — I love spending time w you. You are Amazing and every year I’m Proud of Being Your mother.”

51-year-old, Janette is single now. She works as a Distributor – Marketing at Express Tribune Life & Style. She is also a marketing Communications Specialist at Meta for Business. Janette graduated from Sidney High School.

Julie also has a sister named Cassandra. Cassandra reached 34 years old in August 2023.

Julie Theis Height

Julie Theis’s height measures 5 feet 6 inches. She has a stunning figure that measures 35-26-36 inches.

Julie Theis Job

Julie Theis is an entrepreneur. She is the CEO and founder of Julie Theis Coaching and Dancing for a Purpose, a non-profit dedicated to increasing self-esteem and confidence in young girls through dance.

Julie worked as a crisis advocate for survivors of sexual assault at MSU Bozeman and runs a nonprofit Dancing for a Purpose, which works to increase self-esteem in young girls through dance. She also recently launched a second business as a trauma recovery specialist.

Due to her difficult upbringing, Julie Theis was motivated to motivate others and try to improve the society in which she lived. Julie had a strong desire to harness suffering for empowerment because she was homeless as a child and spent her childhood in and out of the foster system. Julie worked as a crisis advocate for victims of sexual assault as she paid for college.

Later on, Julie earned other accolades for her service and education and graduated with top honors from Montana State University with a degree in psychology. Julie continued to spread her talents of empowerment and transformation by starting her own business and creating the non-profit organization Dancing for a Purpose, which uses dancing to help young girls feel more confident.

She started her second company at the age of 23 as a trauma recovery specialist who assists people in overcoming trauma to achieve success.

Julie was a founder of Dancing For Purpose Owner of EnTHEISing cosmetics. She was a member of the National Collegiate Honor Society.

Fun Fact: Julie was Miss Montana International 2017. She was nominated for Montana’s 25 Under 25.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Julie Theis From?

Julie Theis is residing in Bozeman, Montana.

  • When Is Julie Theis Birthday?

Julie Theis celebrates her birthday on 6 June.

  • Is Julie Theis On Instagram?

Yes, Julie Theis is on Instagram (@julietheisofficial).

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