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Brian Firebaugh Bio, Age, Height, Dating Julie, The Trust

Brian Firebaugh is one of the cast members of Netflix’s The Trust: A Game of Greed that you can stream on Netflix. Similar to The Traitors, the contestants consist of 11 strangers who are handed $250K to divide equally among themselves. However, some of them will steal more than their fair share, while others will donate more than they should. The catch is that they are presented with the cash prize right away.

In Netflix’s The Trust, competitors have the option to secretly vote one another out, which increases their individual reward pot shares but may also foster more mistrust inside the group. Everyone gets to keep living in a lavish villa in the event of a tie vote or no votes at all.

Find out more about Brian as you scroll down this bio below.

Brian Firebaugh On Netflix’s The Trust

Brian Firebaugh made it clear he was just a regular guy participating in this experiment in the hopes of winning some money to support his family from the minute he first appeared on our screens. It turns out that he is a former member of the Marine Corps who is now a cattle rancher in central Texas, but it doesn’t seem like his operation generates nearly enough revenue for him to be able to enjoy the rewards of his effort.

“I’m a full-time rancher, and unfortunately, we have not grown to the point… that I can hire a cowboy,” he conceded. “So, I’m the cattleman, I’m the cowboy, I’m the cattle hauler, I’m the farmer.”

So, while Brian appears amazing on paper and is totally deserving of as much of the pot as possible, it was his character that truly won us over; he was real from the beginning to the end. He made the early decision to play well with others by refusing to take advantage of others or cut them out—as long as they didn’t also unnecessarily act like sharks, which is precisely what he did.

The 42-year-old actually said that he is both an optimist and a dreamer, saying that he will support anyone who is sincere and that friendship, loyalty, and trust are not things that must be earned.

Put another way, because he frequently lives in his own little bubble, Brian may not fully understand a person or their background, but he still makes an opinion after getting to know them. He has really seen the other side of things firsthand, which is why he is so kind and honest.

“My biological father, he had a thing with money,” he said at one point in the production. “He used to steal. That is why I try to be truthful, try to be honest, and try to be exceedingly loyal. Because if I’m not, I’m more just like my father.” This is also why he believes “money is a poison.”

Is Brian Firebaugh Dating Julie Theis?

Julie Theis asked Brian Firebaugh out on a date. They were not, however, romantically linked to one another. Julie, meanwhile, has developed feelings for Jake Chocholus, a fellow cast member.

Gaspare Randazzo was given the power of an amazing “excursion” by host Brooke Baldwin in the fourth episode of the Netflix series. Gaspare was advised by Brooke that he could either provide the opportunity to two other contestants or go on a date with another competitor. But Gaspare decided to go on a date with Brian and Julie to fortify his relationships with other people.

“You’re a farmer boy, and like, being on an island to be would be the coolest thing to watch,” Gaspare said while choosing Brian. He did, however, say of Julie, “I know from talks that you’ve also had a lot of hardships in your life and I think you deserve something nice.”

Julie broke down in tears after Gaspare awarded her the deserving vacation.

Brian candidly expressed, “Ultimately, I think you need to find that peace, that happiness first. The money can help you get there, but ultimately, it will try and poison you along the way.” This happiness for him is his family, which he has admittedly already found. He has a beautiful wife named April, and he actually joined this original series to be able to go through the process of adopting a little boy named Rooster (then 8 months old) from the foster care system. “I need to be financially stable for the state to say, ‘Yeah, you can adopt Rooster.’ That’s why I’m here,” he revealed.

After Gaspare used his influence to give Julie Theis a trip to an island with Brian Firebaugh, Julie ran out of things to say. In the next episode, the two are going to enjoy an incredible vacation. The Netflix show competitor was crying as she acknowledged that Gaspare’s choice had “surprised” her.

She shared in the confessional, “I actually am surprised. I did not think he was gonna pick me.” Julie added, “I know there’s people he’s so much closer within the house, so… knowing that Gaspare picked up on like my biggest insecurity, which is my self-questioning, ‘Am I worthy of good? Am I deserving of good things?'”

Julie further noted, “I have conflicted with that my whole life. so fact that Gaspare not only heard that and then gifted me something while acknowledging that, it was one of the nicest things I think anyone has ever done for me.”

In real life, April and Brian Firebaugh are married. At a nearby acute care hospital, April works full-time as a neonatal intensive care nurse. Nonetheless, as Brian Firebaugh’s better half, she plays significant duties at Texas Trail Boss. She works for Texas Trail Boss LLC as the Chief Financial Officer and a managing member. Together with her husband, she manages the operations and herd health program at 4F Ranch.

He adores his spouse and enrolled in the social experiment series in an attempt to win a $250K cash prize, which he used to adopt Rooster, a little child from the foster care system. He revealed in the show, “I need to be financially stable for the state to say, ‘Yeah, you can adopt Rooster.’ That’s why I’m her.”

Brian also expressed, “Ultimately, I think you need to find that peace, that happiness first. The money can help you get there, but ultimately, it will try and poison you along the way.”

Brian Firebaugh Age

As of January 2024, Brian Firebaugh is 43 years old.

Brian Firebaugh Job

Brian Firebaugh is the owner of Texas Trail Boss LLC. He founded the company in 2020 as a subsidiary of Texas 4F Ranch Holding LLC. Founded by Brian and his wife April to better serve their clients’ requirements. Consumers who were drawn from their social media accounts expressed a want for a single website that would allow them to locate available Longhorn cattle, meat, skins, horns, and other items.

The remaining members of the team were carefully chosen for their knowledge and readiness to support both seasoned and novice owners. Despite not working for Texas Trail Boss LLC, they can help you with their special talents, knowledge, and services.

Brian, the owner of 4F Ranch in central Texas and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, founded and serves as a managing member of Texas Trail Boss. After running a fruitful social media campaign on TikTok to educate people about the Longhorn breed, he currently has around 150,000 followers worldwide under the handle @Cattleguy. He is a proud board member of the Texas Farmers Veteran Coalition and has appeared on numerous podcasts and television programs.

Including the Victory Garden podcast and the Pepper Stewert Farm and Ranch show. You can refer to him by his childhood nickname, “Fireball,” which has followed him since elementary school to the point where he hardly recognizes his own name.

Brian Firebaugh Height

Brian Firebaugh’s height measures above 6 feet. His facial hair is his distinct feature.

Brian Firebaugh Family

Brian Firebaugh is the son of Laurie Strunk-Mims and Butch Mims. Back in 1997, the family was named 1997 Family of the Year in The Colony Texas. The award was given at a City Counsel meeting by State Representative Burt Solomon.

Brian’s siblings are named Jonathan Firebaugh and Moose Mosin. Jonathan is 42 years old.

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  • Where Is Brian Firebaugh From?

Brian Firebaugh hailed from Maypearl, Texas.

  • When Is Brian Firebaugh Birthday?

Brian Firebaugh celebrates his birthday on 17 July.

  • Is Brian Firebaugh On Instagram?

Find Brian Firebaugh is available on Instagram (@cattleguyofficial) and Facebook (@gregory.firebaugh).

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