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Winnie Ilesso Bio, Boyfriend, Height, Age, Job, The Trust

Winnie Ilesso is one of the cast members of Netflix’s The Trust: A Game of Greed that you can stream on Netflix. Similar to The Traitors, the contestants consist of 11 strangers who are handed $250K to divide equally among themselves. However, some of them will steal more than their fair share, while others will donate more than they should. The catch is that they are presented with the cash prize right away.

In Netflix’s The Trust, competitors have the option to secretly vote one another out, which increases their individual reward pot shares but may also foster more mistrust inside the group. Everyone gets to keep living in a lavish villa in the event of a tie vote or no votes at all.

Find out more about Winnie as you scroll down this bio below.

Winnie Ilesso On Netflix’s The Trust

Winnie Ilesso met Tolú Ekundare in the Netflix series, and it didn’t take her long to meet her soul sister. The strong personalities, love of their Nigerian history, and ambition to play the game correctly brought the two women together immediately away. Soon after, the two became close to Julie Theis as well, and the three of them began to share a room.

After Tolú’s vote in the first trust ceremony was taken away after the first vault offer, Winnie decided to stand up for her friend and vote to eliminate Juelz Morgan, which ultimately resulted in the latter’s removal.

As assured as ever in the friendship she had forged with other women, Winnie shared Julie’s annoyance with Jacob “Jake” Chocholous’ choices regarding his own and other people’s standing in the house. She seemed less agitated than some of the others, though. Additionally, Winnie was the first person Jay Patterson informed about casting a ballot for Simone Stewart.

According to Winnie, there were other people who voted for Simone besides Jay, and she would like to find out who the other voter was.

Winnie began to worry about what Julie may do to keep the man she had developed feelings for alive after sparing Jake from elimination. She and Tolú watched Julie over the next few days, worried that she might pick Jake over them. Therefore, the two devised a scheme to get rid of Jake as quickly as possible, curious about Julie’s potential personality when she didn’t seem totally preoccupied with her developing relationship with him.

“Welp, the cat is out the bag guys. NEW SHOW WHO DIS😎 In the ultimate game of greed, do you think I chose to split a quarter of a million dollars evenly with a group of strangers or play to keep more for myself? I can’t wait for you to find out when The Trust, a new reality competition series, begins Jan 10, only on Netflix Make sure you mark your calendar and don’t miss the heat hunny🔥,” Winnie announced her appearance on the show.

Winnie Ilesso Age

Born in 1992, Winnie Ilesso is 32 years old as of 2024. 1992 is his birth year.

Winnie Ilesso Family

Winifred “Winnie” Ilesso is likely the daughter of Lawrence Ilesso and Violet Ilesso who are likely of Nigerian heritage. Born in October 1960, Violet is 63 years old. Lawrence turned 67 in April 2023. Very little is known about Lawrence and Violet.

Winnie has a brother named Cyril who went to Tarrant County College and Wilberforce University. Cynthia was a founder at Break Into Tech Events.

Winnie Ilesso Boyfriend

Based on her Instagram, Winnie Ilesso doesn’t have a boyfriend. All that we can say at this time is Winnie is likely single or keeps her relationship away from social media.

Winnie Ilesso Job

Winnie Ilesso is working as an image consultant stylist and shared that she is a bartender. Per her LinkedIn, Winnie has been an account manager at Botrista Technology, Inc. since October 2023. Before that, she worked as an account executive at ResQ from April 2021 to March 2023.

LinkedIn also reveals that Winnie began his career as a Leasing Sales Agent at Radco Residential. She was a Business Development Associate at Quotum Tech from July 2018 to May 2019.

From April 2019 to April 2021, Winnie held the job of Account Relationship Manager at N3.

Winnie graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2015. She has a degree in

Winnie Ilesso Height

Winnie Ilesso’s height measures 5 feet 9 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Winnie Ilesso From?

Winnie Ilesso calls Mansfield, Texas her hometown. She is now residing in Houston, Texas.

On October 2023, Winnie posted about her Nigerian heritage writing, “10/1🇳🇬 Happy Independence Day to all my Nigerians🇳🇬. May we continue to come out on top and excel in all aspects of life. AMEN 🙏🏾 🇳🇬🎉.”

  • When Is Winnie Ilesso Birthday?

Winnie Ilesso’s birthday is on 6 February.

  • Is Winnie Ilesso On Instagram?

Yes, Winnie Ilesso is on Instagram (@everythingwinnie_).

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