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Junaid Ahmed Bio, Height, Parents, Age, Lovestruck High

Lovestruck High of Amazon Prime sees a group of UK twentysomethings head to the United States, as they pretend to be teens and compete for prom dates. This latest dating series with an American high school twist explores seventeen UK singletons who are in the hope of finding “the one” to take to prom at the end of the series and to be crowned King and Queen also winning a whopping £100,000.

Junaid Ahmed is one of the cast. And here’s everything that you need to know about him.

Junaid Ahmed On Lovestruck High

Junaid Ahmed with a self-proclaimed “heart of 24-carat gold” was so happy to finally announce to the world that he was chosen to join the cast of Amazon Primes for his first-ever reality show with Lindsay Lohan as the voiceover. He requested viewers to see his diva moments, his happiest times, tears, tantrums, and a whole load of drama he creates.

During an exclusive chat with Ryan Wilks, Junaid Ahmed declares himself queen of the school and opens up about his cafeteria confrontation with 24-year-old Megan, a fellow co-star, and a professional dancer from Cambridge.

Then, Junaid continued to spill the tea on the first three episodes of Lovestruck High.

When asked what it was like to go back to school, he disclosed how it was never a good time when he was really getting his education done. Because of this, he was quite nervous to go back to school again. But this time, it was to find love. Nevertheless, he went anyway to have the summer of his life. And looking back, he later summed the journey as a challenge.

Not to miss, it was a proper fan-girl moment when finding out that movie star Lindsay Lohan was going to be the narrator of this show he is going on. Junaid was totally star-struck by Lindsay’s narration announcement. ‘This is the queen of Hollywood and she knows my name!’ he thought.

Who Is Junaid Ahmed’s Partner Today?

Junaid Ahmed said finding love is something that he has not been good at before. But, once on Lovestruck, he was instantly attracted to Dan Elward. Viewers saw Junaid move quickly and ask Dan to the homecoming dance right at the beginning.

Their relationship appeared to be quite heartwarming on television. But did it also last the test of time?

Ever since filming for Season 1 wrapped, Junaid and Dan seemed to have fallen back into their day-to-day routine. It also looked like they wanted to keep their personal lives under wraps.

But, the good news for fans is that they followed each other on social media (as of 2022). In fact, they also quite frequently interacted in the comments.

Nevertheless, some, judging by the way they left things on the show, assumed Junaid and Dan are no longer a couple.

Lovestruck High premiered on 18 May 2022 and its filming clearly took place a year before.

Talking to Daily Star back in 2019, Junaid revealed that he has been dating ‘straight’ men for years. Then, speaking also for the others, he gave away the truth that he knows about the authenticity of reality TV romances. The Mascara Boys gossiped that half of the fellas in heterosexual relationships on reality TV shows are not even straight.

Junaid Ahmed Age

Born in 1994, Junaid Ahmed reached the age of 27 in 2021.

Junaid Ahmed Parents

Junaid Ahmed’s parents are Ishtiaq (dad) and Shagufta Ahmed (mum). It is not clear if Junaid has been on talking terms with his parents since his coming out. It was back in the day that he had come out as gay to his parents. Reportedly, his folks then continued to beat the shit out of him so he ran away to London.

Speaking of his siblings, he is brother to Shoaib Ahmed, Raees Ahmed, Hassan Ahmed, and Sahiba Noor. Among them is his older brother who passed away tragically after drowning during one vacation.

Junaid, so you know, also has developed a close-friends-like-a-family bond with The Only Way Is Essex star, Abi Clarke.

Is Junaid Ahmed On Instagram?

Indeed! Junaid Ahmed could be found on Instagram @junaidahmedx and he had around 678 posts and 43.7K followers on it as of 23 May 2022.

He had another 16.8K followers on Twitter @JunaidAhmed__ and 2529 followers on TikTok @junaidahmedx.

Junaid Ahmed Height

Black-haired and brown-eyed Junaid Ahmed stands 6’2″ tall in height.

Gushing about his own looks and glamour, we have heard him say “Believe it or not I look like this and I have trouble finding love. I shock myself every day” in an interview. Now tanned and good-looking, he said he is a different person now with the confidence and the vibe he has got going on now, that from the time he was back in high school.

Junaid Ahmed Job And Career

Junaid Ahmed is a social media influencer and a former model. Once a model crowned the “Selfie King”, he is best recognized for his appearance on the Channel 4 series Obsessed with My Body. He later described that it was through his obsessive grooming habits, treating every day like a photoshoot opportunity that he earned his spot on the show.

He was 17 when he got picked out by a talent scout at a fashion show. But, Junaid never dreamt of becoming a successful model until he got to shoot for brands like Nivea and Clearasil. He was soon on his way to becoming a well-known young male model, shooting commercials for about 12-14 hours a day.

Junaid’s modeling career had taken off which led him to be signed by 10 modeling agencies.

In 2017, he was voted “UK’s Busiest Asian Teen Model at The Teen Modelling Awards. And then, Junaid started working on fashion shows such as Pakistan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Birmingham Fashion Week, and Leicester Fashion Week.

So, this way he made a big name for himself in the UK modeling industry, and as a result, he has been published all over the British Tabloids.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Junaid Ahmed’s Ethnic Background?

Junaid Ahmed was born to Pakistani parents in Peterborough.

  • Where Is Junaid Ahmed From?

Junaid Ahmed was reportedly born in Peterborough, England. Although, Lovestruck introduces him as a native of Essex.

  • When Is Junaid Ahmed’s Birthday?

Junaid Ahmed’s birthday is on the 18th of December, making him a Sagittarius.

  • How Much Is Junaid Ahmed’s Net Worth?

Junaid Ahmed reportedly had less than $600K as his net worth as of 2022. If in case he gets lucky and becomes the last-standing Queen, he shall be adding another £100,000 (126K American dollars).

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