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Kaelynn Partlow Bio, Age, Job, Love On The Spectrum

Life on the autism spectrum has been quite challenging for Kaelynn Partlow. Just being around people left her feeling drained and exhausted. However, she’s ready to let a man in her life as she’s tired of being alone. And her search for that special person is all featured on Love on the Spectrum U.S.

Delve more into her life as this Kaelynn Partlow Bio proceeds.

Kaelynn Partlow On Love On The Spectrum

After a breakout success of the Australian docuseries Love on the Spectrum, the franchise aired its first American version on May 18, 2022, and it saw Kaelynn Partlow amongst other participants, with high hopes of finding the perfect partner.

Initially, Kaelynn lived with her best friend, Gracie, in Greenville, North Carolina. But having faced enough solitude, and a few failed attempts at dating, Kaelynn joined Love on the Spectrum in 2022.

Being on the autism spectrum, Kaelynn admits that she’s unique. She’s also confessed to having most of the learning disorders known to humankind, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and others. However, she isn’t going to let her condition stop her from fulfilling her dreams. And her first step in proving it was being a responsible parent to her dog, Finnigan.

Recalling her time on Love on the Spectrum, Kaelynn shared that it was a “really good experience.” The crew and production definitely did a lot of work educating themselves about autism. So, they were really sensitive to people’s different sensitivities “in terms of sensory or just kind of being overwhelmed,” she explained.

Joining Kaelynn this season were her co-stars — Abbey, Steve, Subodh, James, and Dani Bowman.

Is Kaelynn Partlow Dating Anyone?

Kaelynn Partlow is single as of 2022. Or at least this was what her FB relationship status mentioned.

On the show, Kaelynn connected with Peter Cote during a speed-dating. So, for their first date, the two went out for appetizers and drinks, and there were definitely sparks flying around.

During their date, Kaelynn’s potential boyfriend even confessed that he had been virtually stood up many times before on dating apps. Thus, in light of his honesty and charm, Kaelynn then agreed on meeting him again for a second date.

However, the two never met up later. Reportedly, Peter seemed to have canceled on her.

Prior to appearing on Love on the Spectrum, Kaelynn was in a long-term relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Jacob. The two started dating before 2014 and were together as of mid-2017. From outing to cosplaying to appearing at Hope Gala, the duo seemed perfect for each other. Unfortunately, we do not know why they were their separate ways.

Kaelynn Partlow Age

Kaelynn Partlow was 25 years of age when Love on the Spectrum U.S. premiered in 2022. However, she was 24 when she filmed the show.

She was the second-youngest participant this season, the youngest being Abbey at 24.

Kaelynn Partlow Family

Kaelynn Partlow comes from a family of five — her parents, Christopher L Partlow and Michelle Cardone, herself, and her 2 smaller siblings.

However, Michelle is her stepmother.

Her biological mother, Candy Cannon, and her dad divorced before 2010. Christopher then went on to marry Michelle in July 2015, after 5 years of dating.

Talking more about Kaelynn’s biological mother, Candy is a Dublin Christian Academy graduate who went on to become the Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist at Massage by Candy. Also, she was associated with 50K Team Leader HempWorx.

Kaelynn and Candy are close, and Kaelynn often featured her in her socials.

As for Kaelynn’s siblings, she has a younger sister named Kassie (who’s also her BFF) and their brother is the youngest.

Is Kaelynn Partlow On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @kaelynnvp.

Also, here’s her Facebook @kaelynnp (private) and @AutisticAngle (official page).

Kaelynn Partlow Job

As of 2022, Kaelynn Partlow was working at the Project HOPE Foundation, Inc. as a behavioral therapist for over 7 years. According to Kaelynn, she loved her job and was passionate about the clients she served.

Prior to that, she worked as an apprentice assistance dog trainer at Dogs for Autism for almost 2 years. And even now she works with service dogs and competes in American Kennel Club events in her free time. 

In July 2015, Kaelynn and her show dog even won first place in an obedience trial.

As for her education, she received her high school diploma from Hope Academy in 2015.

Kaelynn Partlow Height

Kaelynn Partlow stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8.5 inches (174 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Kaelynn has an oblong face, a beautiful smile, and brown eyes.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kaelynn Partlow Birthday?

Kaelynn receives her birthday wishes on April 2, making her of the Aries zodiac.

  • Where Is Kaelynn Partlow From?

She hails from Greenville, North Carolina.

But as of 2022, she resided in Greer, South Carolina, United States.

  • How Much Is Kaelynn Partlow Net Worth?

By 2022, Kaelynn garnered a net worth of under $150 thousand.

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