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Steve Spitz Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Love On The Spectrum

Never give up on love. Just take a look at Love On The Spectrum participant Steve Spitz. Despite being single for over 60 years, this old man knows that he’s not meant to alone and lonely. And this infectious optimism is stealing hearts all around the world.

Get to know him better as this Bio proceeds.

Steve Spitz On Love On The Spectrum

After a breakout success of the Australian docuseries Love on the Spectrum, the franchise aired its first American version on May 18, 2022, and it saw Steve Spitz and 5 other participants, all on the autism spectrum, with high hopes of finding the perfect partner.

According to Steve, he is a “goofy” guy who was diagnosed as neurodivergent only a couple of years before filming the Netflix series. No wonder, he was always misunderstood and treated as “weird,” which he internalized to such an extent that it affected his daily activities.

Also, Steve confessed that his father was the only person who accepted him for who he was. However, it didn’t help him much. Thus, when he was finally diagnosed with autism, he began working on himself and how he can live life to the best of his abilities with it.

“Growing up, I always knew deep, deep, deep down that I didn’t fit in. Inside of my brain, I knew something was different. I might be a little goofy, I might be a little bit weird, but you know what? The intentions are always good,” Steve explained himself in the series.

Steve is one of the truest souls in this world whose smile will just brighten anyone’s world. And fans of Love On The Spectrum know it. “Oh my god Steve from Love on the Spectrum US is the most beautiful soul in the universe, someone hires him to narrate documentaries because his voice calms my soul,” a tweet praised him.

Joining Steve this season were her co-stars — Abbey, Kaelynn, Subodh, James, and Dani Bowman.

Is Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Dating Anyone?

Love On The Spectrum’s Steve Spitz isn’t dating anyone as of 2022. His quest for love was still incomplete the last time we checked.

And yes, he still gets “really lonely at home alone” and there’s nothing he wouldn’t give to find that perfect partner. “To have a lovely lady, oh my goodness; that would be an absolute dream come true,” he shared.

However, Steve wasn’t going to going to compromise in love. No wonder, after speed dating, and meeting up with a couple of women including Candida, he still couldn’t find that chemistry.

Today, he’s searching for his other half with the help of his support system. Plus, his best friend Stan and daily aidShorae, his life coach Elain were always there to guide him through pointers and exercises.

In case you’re looking to be Steve’s girlfriend, he is “looking for a lovely lady who is down to earth and who also is very accepting of (his) quirkiness, with a loving heart.” 

Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Age

Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz was 63 years of age at the time of filming the Netflix show.

He was the oldest participant that season.

On the other hand, the youngest was Abbey at 24.

Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Job

Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz’s real job was unclear. However, whatever his job may be, fans want him to change his profession and become a narrator. And given his soothing speaking voice, we’re sure he’d right be up there with the stars like Bryan Cranston and David Attenborough.

“Hey Netflix, if we don’t get Steve from Love on the Spectrum U.S. a narration job of some kind … you’ve failed. A podcast. I just want to listen to him talk,” a user tweeted.

To which many agreed, and some even recommended him to do voice-overs for cartoons.

Steve Spitz Family

Steve Spitz was one of the three children born to Jewish parents, Harold and Marlene Spitz. Reportedly, Steve’s parents s met and married in Los Angeles.

Talking a little about his father, Harold was a U.S. Navy radioman in the South Pacific during World War II. After retiring, he joined a magazine founded by his father and went on to become its publisher in 1962.

As for Steve’s siblings, Michele Spitz is a self-proclaimed “Producer, Narrator, Public Speaker, Media Accessibility Advocate, Consultant, and Philanthropist.” She was working as a voice-over artist at Women of Her Word for over 18 years. Also, for three long years, she’s taught the RespectAbility Audio Description Summer Lab for professionals with disabilities in media and has guest lectured for NYU Tisch Film School, Emerson College Department of Visual and Media Arts, and Montclair University Media & Disability Department.

Steve’s other sister, Suzanne L Spitz turned 65 in May 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Live?

Love On The Spectrum’s own Steve Spitz resides in San Francisco, California as of 2022.

  • How Tall Is Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz?

Steve stands tall at a height above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

  • Is Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz On Instagram?

No, Steve Spitz isn’t on Instagram.

Note: Learn in detail about Steve Spitz’s family here. We cover details about his parents with more information here.

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