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Kellie Jones Bio, Age, Married, Love On The Spectrum Narrator

Aussie reality TV show Love on the Spectrum premiered on Netflix back in 2019. It opened the door to a ton of discussion about autism. And now, an American version of the show is in front of us, dropped on Netflix again in May 2022.

The show, as usual, focuses on adults on the autism spectrum who are interested in finding romantic relationships. The only difference its U.S. version has is the cast members and its narrator. It is Kellie Jones narrating the new episodes and fans of the show have absolutely loved her for her soothing and calming voice. (Brooke Satchwell was the narrator for the original version of Love on the Spectrum from Australia.)

So, to make your day here’s a tell-all (Kellie Jones Bio) about your new-favorite TV personality.

Meet Kellie Jones, Love On The Spectrum U.S. Narrator

According to the Scout Management, the company Kellie Jones is repped by, she has been a great fit on the staff of Love On The Spectrum. They posted a photo of her on their Facebook account working with some of the other crew members behind the scenes.

This new season of Love on the Spectrum U.S. has six heartwarming and adorable episodes to binge-watch; each episode focuses on adults with autism breaking into the dating scene. These individuals, seek advice from their friends, family, and loved ones, and the other time, they pursue romantic connections.

The show feels special to the viewers for many reasons. One is that some of the kisses that happen on camera are actually the first kisses they ever had in real life.

And other than the narrator Kellie, Love on the Spectrum U.S. also features autism expert and advocate Jennifer Cook.

Kellie Jones Age

Kellie, who is known for her portrayals in Camp (2013), Pulse (2017), and Blessed (2009), reached the age of 44 before January 2022. A few years back, on turning 42, she had started wearing prescribed glasses.

Is Kellie Jones Married?

Indeed! Kellie Jone is married and she is proud of it and her husband Jo Bwat. They got married on 21 November 2015 with no aisle and no giving away the bride from one man to another. As equals and as a team is how according to Kellie they married in presence of their gang of family and friends. Then, in August the following year, they were in Portugal for their delayed honeymoon. Delayed, likely because of the kids they already had before getting married. “With a speedy courtship and 2 kids in tow it’s been a rocky ride”, Kellie wrote on Instagram during one ‘wedding anniversary’ occasion.

One year into the marriage and they already had been through some rough and tumble times. But they anyway managed to make it past them, break-up, make-up, baby coming along so soon and then tying the knot shortly. In Kellie’s words, they worked at their relationship moment to moment and one breath at a time.

Fast forward to now, they are still intact as a family that also includes their eldest, a daughter named Lily Boiteau Jones, and a son, Max, who likely came into this world in October 2018. As for Lily, she was born in July 2015.

Kellie Jones and the family (PIC: Instagram)

Kellie is very passionate when it comes to doing her role as a mother and her husband is also just the same. According to Kellie, her husband is always bringing the lols and loves inside the home and to his family.

Kellie Jones Career

As per her official BIO online, Kellie Jones is a professional actress who so far specialized in long-form and audiobook narration; leads promotional voice for the SBS Australia Network, and is a leading digital voice for Yoga and meditation immersive app-Will. And as per her IMDB, she has appeared on a number of Aussie TV series, including the one called Home and Away.

Kellie also introduces herself as an actor at Smith and Jones Management on LinkedIn.

Moreover, she has voiced animation, teenage fiction, and adult drama, and played all the characters in several audiobooks.

Ever since she started writing “I’m going to be an actor” in her high school diary, she knew that she wanted to explore the theatre and dramatic arts. So, she went to study BA in Theatre Arts at the University of Southern Queensland (1995 – 1998). After graduating from the university she got representation at Ecole Phillipe Gaulier and she never looked back.

Over the course and Kellie also took home some prestigious awards: Green Room Award nomination for best actress (2008); Marten Bequest traveling scholarship worth $20,000; and another Green Room Award for an emerging actress (2005).

Is Kellie Jones On Instagram?

Kellie Jones could be found on Instagram @jellikones; she had 553 posts and 1,056 followers on the platform as of 21 May 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kellie Jones From?

Kellie Jones hails from Syndey, Australia.

  • How Tall Is Kellie Jones?

Fitness fanatic Kellie Jones stands around 5 feet and 8 inches tall in height. Also, a self-proclaimed playful, warm, smooth, sexy, fun, friendly, and classy, Kellie received 200-hour Yoga TT and 50-hour Yin TT at Samhadi Yoga back in the day.

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