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Karin Ward Bio, Age, Today, Married, Job, Jimmy Savile

Meet Karin Ward, who appeared in Netflix’s new documentary “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story”.

Learn about her age, marriage, job, and her children. We also put light on other allegations she made over the years against other stars. Keep scrolling!

Karin Ward On Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

Karin Ward was the first person who came forward on media alleging that she was abused by Sir Jimmy Savile. However, her story remained in the dark for nearly a year after BBC’s current affairs program Newsnight shelved its investigation into the claims against Savile.

Karin, who was a pupil at Duncroft approved school for girls in Surrey, alleged that Jimmy se*****y abused her during her time there. She had also recalled seeing singer Gary Glitter, a convicted pedophile, having se***l intercourse with a girl from the same school in Jimmy’s dressing room, which Gary denied.

As reported, Jimmy would turn up in his Rolls-Royce, distributing sweets and cigarettes in return for sexual favors. On several occasions, girls from Duncroft were bussed to London to appear on Savile’s Saturday night variety show, Clunk Click, filmed at BBC Television Centre. In his dressing-room after filming, Karin alleged, the abuse continued.

“He was a dirty old man who had a liking for very young girls,” Ward says now. “His hands were always up to your skirt or your top and if you were wearing trousers, he’d find a way to slip them down your waistband. He just couldn’t keep his hands to himself.”

Karin continued sharing with The Guardian, “None of us saw it as abuse [at the time]. We used to giggle about who did what to him. We’d giggle and then smoke the fags he gave us. He was very charismatic, if in a kind of creepy and weird way. But when you’re a teenager, you get swept along with it, you’ve got stars in your eyes. If he asked you to do something horrible, it was par for the course. You know, you’ve got to stick with him because you might get on the telly.”

She made the accusations again on BBC Panorama, which broadcast a show investigating why Newsnight dropped its investigation as the debate about how and why this happened grew. Karin said the room was “packed” with people when the incident took place and Savile, who was present when the abuse was taking place, “laughed about it”.

She told Panorama she had been angered when her interview was not aired by Newsnight: “It was hurtful, and it was difficult because I had been pushed so hard to do it when I didn’t want to…” She added, “In the end, I said OK, and for all that stress, that’s what made me angry, the fact that I’d gone through all that stress when I needed to concentrate on getting well, and then they never used it – because somebody higher up didn’t believe me”.

Where Is Karin Ward Today?

Karin had a troubled childhood because her mother wasn’t loving toward her and her stepfather se*****y assaulted her. However, things got much worse for Karin when she lived at the Garfield House children’s home in Norfolk, England. It was where she met Jimmy for the first time while living at the establishment.

A year later in December 2012, Karin confirmed to The Guardian that the year has been absolute hell.

She had triggered one of the biggest news stories of the 2010s and for 12 months she had been in the media spotlight. Her appearance on Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, led to accusations that the BBC had abandoned their report to avoid a scheduling conflict with planned commemorative tributes to Savile.

Karin at the time was 54 years old (2012).

Later, Karin also accused Freddie Star. She shared, “In the dressing room, Starr was surrounded by young girls who doted on him, hanging on his every word,’ says Karin of that day 40 years ago. He was a very big star, almost as big as Jimmy Savile. So how cool was that to be in the same room as Jimmy Savile and Freddie Starr?”

However, Freddie declined all the allegations and labeled her “a liar”. He told his audience, “My brief is going to tear her to pieces. I’ve never been to the BBC.”

In 2013, she faced a High Court defamation claim for £300 thousand. She told, “‘Sue me – I haven’t  got any money.”

‘He can sue me, take everything I haven’t got – that’s fine, I couldn’t care less,’ Karin told the Daily Mail. ‘What can he do to me? My house is rented, my car is worth £25. What’s he going to do – have me declared bankrupt?”

When Channel 4 News unearthed footage of Karin standing behind Starr on Clunk Click, he was forced to admit he was ‘mistaken’ but still denied the ‘awful allegation’ of abuse.

She felt relieved when other survivors came forward with their abuse stories. She told, “In a purely selfish way, I was glad so many other people stepped forward and said ‘And me’ because I’d been vindicated.” Karin explained further, “For years, I’d told the truth and been accused of being a troublemaker or an attention-seeker.”

In March 2017, BBC reported that she had won a libel case brought by Freddie Starr. Her legal cost was never recouped but BBC agreed to contribute to the legal costs of Karin from Oswestry.

At the time of her allegations, Karin was also fighting cancer and now she is a cancer survivor.

Karin Ward Age

As of April 2022, Karin Ward should be at least 63 years old.

Karin Ward Job

There is no information on Karin Ward’s job.

Is Karin Ward Married?

Karin’s current marriage is unknown but she had three failed marriages. He had seven children from her marriages. However, she is reportedly in contact with only three of the seven children.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Karin Ward Reside?

Karin Ward when she grasped everyone’s attention was living in a village of St Martins, near Oswestry on the Welsh borders. Till 2017, she was reported to be in Oswestry. According to the report of The Cinemaholic, Karin lives in Shropshire County, England, with her youngest child.

  • Is Karin Ward On IG And Facebook?

No, Karin Ward doesn’t seem to be on Facebook.

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