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Who Is Sam Brown? Her Bio, Age, Today, IG, Jimmy Savile

Meet Sam Brown from Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story. Learn her story, her age, where she is today, and her marriage details. Keep scrolling down this article to learn more about Sam.

Sam Brown On Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

Samantha “Sam” Brown, is one of the subjects of Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story. We know about Karin Ward who was the first abuse survivor who came to the media to speak about being se*****y abused in 2011. One other victim that we know of is Sam.

As reported, Sam was abused between the age between 11 and 15. During that period, Jimmy abused her more than 20 times.

Based on her interview with BBC Two, she was in her early teens when she went to the chapel at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, England, with her family every week. At the time, Jimmy volunteered there as a porter. He helped raise a lot of money for the hospital.

During mass, Sam was tasked with passing the collecting plate around. This plate would be kept in a nearby room where she claims Jimmy was waiting. Sam described how he would massage her back or wrap his arms around her waist on the broadcast. But things quickly got out of hand, with Jimmy grabbing Sam “everywhere.”As she shared it, his actions would last for many minutes.

Sam alleged that he would leave the door open so he could watch the priest and get an “extra thrill”.

After the stated five minutes with her, Sam claimed, that Jimmy would behave very confidently while she shut down any of her feelings. She shared that he would never speak to her. He would put his hands down her trousers and fingers inside her mouth, she said on the show.

Jimmy made her realize she had no choice. She felt that Jimmy sought her out because she was “used to” getting abused at that time.

In the show, Sam opened up that she was abused by her maternal grandfather. She believes that she didn’t have a childhood, she spent her younger days hiding scared of everything. Sam shared that she remembers nothing of her childhood except for pain and suffering and loneliness.

She tried to kill herself from the age of 12 repeatedly.

Because her grandfather was a policeman, she couldn’t go to her mom to share about what her dad did to her.

Years later, after Jimmy’s death, Sam told, Louis Theroux, a friend of Jimmy and TV presenter, “He mugged you off by giving you what he wanted to give you.” She also said she would try to “protect herself” from Jimmy when she went to church by wearing tampons from her older sister – despite not having started her periods – and many pairs of knickers to make it more difficult for the broadcaster to abuse her.

Speaking with The Sun, she had revealed in 2014, “He thought he was God. He did it every time he was in there. She added, “Savile used to stand in the separate little room during mass – and I had to go in there to get the offering plate while the service was going on. It was horrible. I used to hate it I knew what was going to happen before I walked through the door I just tried to get in and out as quickly as possible.”

Viewers praised Sam’s “extraordinary” testimony and “clear-minded” analysis of the situation after she told Theroux Savile “gave you what he wanted to give you”.

Where Is Sam Brown Today?

Sam Brown is now voicing and sharing her story so that similar things wouldn’t happen to any teenagers and forced them to keep quiet about it. In the documentary, She shared, “I can kind of look at my young me with less pain now. I’ve actually become closer to me, the child me, and I think that’s nice.”

She is happily married and has the support of her family members, her husband, and her kids.

Sam Brown Age

As of 2022, Sam Brown is at least 52 years old.

Sam Brown Job

There is no information on Sam Brown’s job.

Is Sam Brown Married?

Sam Brown is married. Her husband is Jim Brown who came into her life and changed everything when she thought she wouldn’t love a man. Jim worked for Sam’s mom and dad and his kindness made her fall in love with him.

In 2016, Jim shared in the show that he and Sam never had a conversation about Jimmy abusing his wife.

One follower commented on the Twitter post, “Good luck to Sam, and glad she has a trusted person she can share her life now with Jim, it’s a milestone when moving on”.

Sam has more than one child. She discovered being pregnant with her first child at the age of 15 at a hospital when she overdosed. She claimed her child saved her life because without them she wouldn’t be alive.

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  • Where Does Sam Brown Reside?

Sam Brown is currently living in England.

  • Is Sam Brown On IG And Facebook?

No, she doesn’t seem to be on IG or Facebook.

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