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Kendra McQuarrie Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Height, Survivor 45

Kendra McQuarrie joined Survivor 45 as one of the cast members in 2023. Who is she? What is her job? Does she have a boyfriend?

Here is what we know about her. Tag along and learn more about Kendra in this bio.

Kendra McQuarrie On Survivor 45

Kendra McQuarrie is the star of Survivor 45.

Talking about her journey to Survivor, she added, “What brings me to Survivor is that same kind of gut feeling, excited feeling that I tend to follow in my life if you’re not picking that up already. The same thing happened in Taos, New Mexico; I was like, “This is something I have to do.” Everyone thought I was crazy. They’re like, “Kendra, what do you mean? You’re gonna go build what? What are these?” [Laughs.] It’s just a feeling that I get about these adventures that I go on. It’s just like, ‘This is what I have to do, and nothing’s going to stop me.’ ”

She added, “Same way with Survivor. I hadn’t watched it in a while. I put on an episode last summer to watch before I went to bed I didn’t go to bed I stayed up for eight hours, completing the entire season. It was like seven o’clock in the morning, the damn birds are chirping, and I’m lying there. [Mimes laying in bed.] This is verbatim what I say: “I could win this [expletive] game.” And that was it. I’m bartending. They’re like, “Kendra, what are you up to?” I’m like, “I’m gonna be on Survivor.” I hadn’t even applied yet. But I knew that I was going to be on this [expletive] show. Then, I submitted my audition tape.”

Four months later, she got the call.

Talking about the winner and non-winner, she named Natalie for her “determination and drive and the fact that she was first on [Edge of Extinction] and came all the way around and made it to the Final Three” and Cody from season 43.

Because she has a big personality and takes a lot of space. She was a class clown in elementary school, middle school, and high school. So, she is hoping that her “goofiness, lightheartedness, and ability to make literally anything into a joke kind of takes that off.”

Talking about one experience that prepared herm Kendra wrote, “Walking the Camino Primitivo in Spain by myself definitely prepared me for this game! Walking alone over 15 miles in a day in a new country with nothing but my backpack showed me how determined and resourceful I am.”

Kendra McQuarrie Job

Kendra McQuarrie worked as an intern at Earthship Biotecture. But, there have been no updates on LinkedIn since 2015. But her profile states that she is a bartender.

Kendra has also worked at Opus from May 2014 and June 2015 as a server. From September 2013 to May 2014, she was a server at Cheesecake Factory.

Her job history includes working for Trader Joe’s as a crew member, Burtons Grill, LLC as a server, and as a counselor at Merrimack Valley YMCA.

Moreover, Kendra was a volunteer at The Salvation Army and also served EnvironMENTALLY Friendly.

Kendra graduated from Haverhill High School in 2010 and also went to Salem State University (philosophy). She left the college right before it ended to build Earthships in the middle of the desert.

Regarding that incident, she said, “That was the beginning of my crazy Kendra shenanigans, let’s just say. So, I learned what Earthships were because I was in Environmental Studies in college. But basically, they’re self-sustained houses made out of recycled materials. So you dig into the ground a little bit, and then you get car tires, essentially. Places will actually pay you to take the car tires from old tire warehouses. And then you spend all day pounding these tires. You have a dirt bench; the dirt bench gives you the dirt to pound the tires. You create these tire “bricks,” you build up a wall, cement in the holes, and that’s the basic foundation of an Earthship.”

How Old Is Kendra McQuarrie?

Kendra McQuarrie is 31 years old as of September 2023. He was born in 1992.

Kendra McQuarrie Family

Kendra McQuarrie is the daughter of Heather McQuarrie. Heather has worked at The Groomers since 2019 and resides in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

On Heather’s birthday, Kendra wished his mom, “HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER DEAREST Heather Merry !!!! 52 couldn’t look better! So excited for the adventures to come. I love you more than words can say and I am so excited to be home with you in a few short hours for your birthday!!!!!! Xx”

Likewise, on Mother’s Day 2020, Kendra wrote, “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MY MOTHER DEAREST! I just love ya so much! Cheers! I can’t wait for more adventures with you! Thank you for all the advice and love. I hope you have a wonderful day, missing you always.”

Heather is no longer with Kendra’s dad John McQuarrie. John is 57 and lives in Peabody, Massachusetts. He is the son of Allan J. McQuarrie and Agnes (Adam) McQuarrie. John also lost his brother David McQuarrie.

Heather is now married to her husband David Merry and has been married since 7 May 2016. David is an Electrical Division Manager at Encon Commercial Services.

On David’s birthday in March 2020, Kendra wished her step-father, “Happy birthday to the best guy I know David Merry! Love you always. I MISS MY FAMILY.”

Talking about Kendra’s siblings, she has a brother named Erik Macquarrie. He is 28 years old. Erik is working as a Cashier at CVS Pharmacy. He went to Northern Essex Community College.

Kendra McQuarrie Height

Kendra McQuarrie revealed during her interview with Parade that she stands tall around 5’10”. She also has tattoos which is her distinct feature.

Kendra McQuarrie Boyfriend

Kendra McQuarrie’s relationship status is unclear as of this writing. It is unclear if she has a boyfriend or if she is single.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kendra McQuarrie From?

Kendra McQuarrie hails from Salem, Massachusetts but is living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

  • When Is Kendra McQuarrie Birthday?

Kendra McQuarrie celebrates her birthday on 28 September.

  • Is Kendra McQuarrie On Instagram?

Indeed, Kendra McQuarrie is on Instagram and Facebook.

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