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Kim Pasche Bio, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Life Below Zero

Kim Pasche, the returning cast member on the 2nd season of Life Below Zero: Northern Territories, is one of the stars who show the world what living off-grid is like. For those who are interested but wouldn’t dare to pursue such a lifestyle, he gives them a glimpse of what is in his way of living life.

So, there are certainly other questions that arise like his age, family, wife, and his net worth. We attempt to answer them below in this article so keep scrolling down.

Kim Pasche On Life Below Zero: Nothern Territories

Kim Pasche is back again in Life Below Zero: Northern Territories on National Geographics. The show as you know documents the lives of people living in remote Northern Canada as they tackle climatic conditions, topographical challenges, and the scarcity of means that they require to survive in that place.

In season 2, the fellow casts joining him are Becky Broderick, Kim’s best friend Pierre-Yves Duc, Betley Kakekayash, and “Pike” Mike Harrison. The newcomer in this season is Jonathan Grenier from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik in northern Quebec; a man of mixed Inuit and French Canadian heritage and a father of two who is determined to teach his sons how to live off the land in a traditional Inuit way.

When Kim left his country for embarking on this unthinkable journey he brought along his best friend. As well-versed trappers, hunters, and bushmen, their chances of getting the resources doubled compared to other casts. They have known each other for more than 10 years.

Meanwhile, they have been working together for the last 8 years in remote trap-lines in the Yukon territories. But, being skilled and experienced doesn’t mean crisis doesn’t come their way. Back in 2017, their cabin burned down due to a forest fire. Rather than a living space, he treated his cabin as a laboratory.

Speaking with Cottagelife, Kim shared that he shared that bush doesn’t scare him at all but the challenges and risks are inevitable.

The show premiered on 22 March 2022.

Kim Pasche Net Worth

In 2022, Kim Pasche boasts a net worth above $500K.

By profession, Kim is a specialist in primitive human techniques, trapper, writer, and overall a self-proclaimed guardian of ancestral knowledge. His journey has also led him to become an experimental archaeologist as he studied archaeology and specialized in the last period of the Upper Paleolithic.

Kim produces workshops and internships on techniques and lifestyles used by early human beings for survival. In addition, he is also an educator in the pre-historic village of Gleterrens (Switzerland) and for the “Groupe d’Expérimentation et de Médiation Archéologique” where he teaches basic gestures related to living in the wild.

This journey has taken him to North Canada, where he is attempting to replicate a lifestyle similar to that of European hunter-gatherers prior to the Neolithic.

Kim is striving to find the lost dialogue with nature that has become almost extinct. He collaborates with the First Nations of Yukon to be able to imagine a way to preserve the values that he treasures. He also believes that it is time for mankind to find its place in the ecosystem.

Kim also authored a book titled Arts de Vie Sauvage, gestes premiers. He also contributed to the Ypypyp editions with Devenir autonome (How to Become Self-Reliant). His notebooks from his existence in the woods will be published by Arthaud editions in 2019. He’s also a member of the Ecole Pratique de la Nature et des Savoirs and cofounder of the PACT platform with Michael Palma.

Click the link for more of his books.

According to Kim’s IMDB page, he is also the director and writer of Yukon: sur les traces des caribous which was released in 2020. Meanwhile, he has credit for appearing on 16 episodes of Life Below Zero: Canada.

Did You Know — Pierre plays brilliant guitar player.

Is Kim Pasche On Instagram?

No, Kim Pasche doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. But, he is available on Facebook, so click the link to visit his profile.

Kim Pasche Wife

Kim Pasche began his journey 20 years before to find his calling in the wild. He is on his own journey which he likely started alone. He pursued to hone his craft in solitary he is likely single.

Furthermore, Kim Pasche hasn’t mentioned bringing along a wife or a girlfriend in this huge undertaking. So, it is likely that he spent his life as a single. Better yet, he hasn’t dwelled on details regarding his love life that his fans would be eager to learn about.

However, we hope to hear from him firsthand about his stories of his love and heartbreaks.

Kim Pasche Family

Kim Pasche seems to have all of his family members in Switzerland.

How Tall Is Kim Pasche?

Speaking of Kim Pasche’s height, he stands tall above 5-feet-11 inches.

Kim Pasche Age

Reportedly born before 1983, he should be at least 38 years old when the show premiered.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kim Pasche Birthday?

Sadly, Kim Pasche is yet to reveal his birthday.

  • What Is Kim Pasche Nationality?

Kim Pasche’s nationality is Swiss. But, he has lived in Canada for more than a decade.

  • Where Does Kim Pasche Live Today?

In 2022, Kim Pasche is residing in the Silent Lake in Yukon in Northwest Canada. He and his best friend have an isolated living arrangement from the modern world. He left his home in Moudon, Switzerland 20 years before.

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