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Pierre-Yves Duc Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Life Below Zero

Pierre-Yves Duc is a star of National Geographic’s hit show Life Below Zero: Canada. The show has returned for season 2 titled called Northern Territories. So, let’s take a closer look at his life.

How old is he? Does he have a wife? We’ve put together with all the answers we’ve discovered related to Pierre-Yves so delve into this article to learn more about him.

Pierre-Yves Duc On Life Below Zero: Nothern Territories

When interviewed by CottageLife, Pierre-Yves Duc shared his advice for anyone out there who was interested in an off-grid lifestyle “Don’t do it! Haha. Stay home and watch Life Below Zero Canada“. He also shared that one of the scariest moments of his time there was when he was chased by an angry bear.

“Once, while hiking, I found myself between two black bears: a female in heat and an aggressive bear. And the bear did not like me being there. I managed to scare her away, and he followed”.

And yet, despite the life-threatening encounters, Pierre-Yves didn’t quit his passion for living off-grid. Moreover, he has become a National Geographics TV show star and has returned for season 2 in March 2022.

On this journey, he is with his best friend Kim Pasche, who relocated to Canada almost a decade before. But, only eight years ago (in 2022), they have been doing it as a team.

In season 2, the Swiss men are accompanied by Becky Broderick, Betley Kakekayash, and “Pike” Mike Harrison. The newcomer in this season is Jonathan Grenier from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik in northern Quebec; a man of mixed Inuit and French Canadian heritage and a father of two who is determined to teach his sons how to live off the land in a traditional Inuit way.

Skill sets and years of experience aside, sometimes natural calamities make their lives even more challenging. Back in 2017, their cabin burned down to the ground due to a forest fire so they had to build one from the ground up for themselves and their families.

Pierre-Yves Duc Net Worth

Despite not having a decent job for over a decade. Pierre-Yves Duc still boasts a net worth of under $400K.

Pierre-Yves’s passion for hunting and fishing and prehistoric times got him to Yukon 10 years ago so that he could live his passion for life in the wild. He worked as a sled dog trainer for several years and saved some money. He then bought a trapping concession.

Pierre-Yves hunts big game of North-West Canada, fishes, and does trapping.

Later, he founded Call of the Wild Outdoor Adventure, a door that he opened for people who are interested to learn and a platform for him to share his knowledge. He imparts knowledge about living in the woods and what the life of trappers is like in the North of Canada.

Pierre’s profile is available on IMDB where he has been credited for his appearance on 16 episodes of the show from 2021 to 2022.

Is Pierre-Yves Duc On Instagram?

No, Pierre-Yves Duc is not on Instagram. Furthermore, she doesn’t even have an Instagram page. But, you can find him on YouTube.

Pierre-Yves Duc Wife

While Pierre-Yves Duc has shared a few aspects of his life in different forms of media, he is yet to open up about his dating life. Is he married? Is he in a relationship? It is all a mystery.

When CottageLife mentioned the Pierre-Yves family we believe the interviewer was talking about his wife and kids. So, he could be a married man. His YouTube shares a few details on that aspect.

Pierre lives in Yukon with his partner Camille, and his two pups Loki and Bouba. Although Pierre never shared the nature of their relationship, they seem romantically linked, if not husband and wife. Camille has guest-starred on Pierre-Yves’s YouTube starting from 2020.

From the videos that are available of Cammille, we can tell that she is a good cook. One of the hobbies that they share is fly fishing.

Pierre-Yves Duc Family

Pierre-Yves Duc has yet to share about his family members.

How Tall Is Pierre-Yves Duc?

Slightly taller than his Kim Pasche, Pierre-Yves Duc stands above 6-feet-2.

Pierre-Yves Duc Age

Reportedly born before 1985, Pierre-Yves should be a minimum of 36 years old.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Pierre-Yves Duc Birthday?

Like many personal details, Pierre-Yves is yet to share his date of birth. So, currently, his birthday evades public knowledge.

  • What Is Pierre-Yves Duc Nationality?

Pierre-Yves Duc’s nationality is Swiss.

  • Where Does Pierre-Yves Duc Live Today?

Silent Lake, The Rouge Range, Yukon has been the current home for Pierre and his best friend Kim Pasche for a very long time and even today.

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