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Kim Se-Jun Bio, Height, Age, Job, IG, Single’s Inferno

Entering Singles Inferno mid-way through a season means you’re at a disadvantage because of your short time on the island. However, Kim Se-Jun didn’t mind the delayed start because he believed he can overwhelm anyone with his charm regardless of the circumstances.

Keep reading this Kim Se-Jun Bio to explore his life.

Kim Se-Jun On Netflix’s Single’s Inferno

Netflix’s Single’s Inferno returned for its second installment on December 13, 2022, but Kim Se-Jun wasn’t one of its original cast. He joined the show in ep 6 alongside the beauty Lim Min-su. And as soon as Kim made his entrance, he made an impact on both the contestants and the viewers with his stunning looks cherry-topped with confidence.

Also, Kim has a connection with a Single’s Inferno season 1 contestant Oh Jin-Taek — which may also be the reason why the guy had more attention on him.

For anyone who’s catching up, the series is similar to Too Hot to Handle and Love Island, but with a slower pace and fewer clandestine hookups. However, on the bright side, the dramas that build among the charming cast are none like you’ve ever seen before.

Also, there’s an element of mystery in this series. The participants are forbidden from revealing their careers or ages until they get to Paradise (a luxury hotel where the pair are sent to sent to explore their connection). As for the rest of the time, they should explore possible romance in Inferno — a place where they cook all their meals and also fetch their own water.

The original contesntants who joined the second installment of Single’s Inferno were Shin Dong-woo, Shin Seul Ki, Park Se-jeong, Choi Jong-woo, Lee So-e, Lee Nadine, Kim Han-bin, Jo Yoong-jae, and Choi Seo-eun.

Kim Se-Jun Girlfriend

Kim Se-Jun chose not to reveal his girlfriend and it’s understandable because Single’s Inferno was still going on. So, instead, let’s talk about his possible romance with Lee So-e on the show.

Our star, who entered the show looking good and well-dressed, giving off actor vibes, was looking for a woman who is “nice and bubbly.” However, he also made it clear in his bio that instead of falling for looks he was looking for love. Thus, upon meeting Lee So-e, he instantly developed a soft spot for her because she helped him around.

But call it Lee’s vigilance or genuine concern for Kim, she did seem to help out the newcomer a lot.

In case you missed it, at the end of the first episode, Lee was the only one who didn’t receive a postcard or in other words, none of the boys were interested. It was heartbreaking to see, especially since it is obvious that she has feelings for Jo Yoong-jae, the group’s leading man. On the other hand, Yoong-jae picked Park Se-jeong.

Outside the show, Lee So-e appears to be a student at Hanyang University where she might be studying acting. Moreover, she just got into the entertainment industry. One of her gigs is she starred in a K-drama show named The First Responders.

Kim Se-Jun Job

Kim Se-Jun is a tailor. He is the CEO of the men’s fashionwear brand Ascottage. No wonder, he walked down the beach of Single’s Inferno with immaculate clothing.

His company, Ascottage is a compound word of Ascot or Escort (to escort) and Cottage (a small house) — which means “inviting (guiding) you to our own space.” Their professional technicians are divided into three parts: coat maker, trouser maker, and finisher. Obviously, the articles produced are top-notch!

Find Ascottage on IG @ascottage

Also, Kim’s co-star Oh Jin-Taek is also the CEO of Ascottage. In 2022, the star served as the CEO and style advisor for the organization while also handling marketing and management responsibilities. Previously Oh Jin also worked at Samsung C&T Lansmere (in 2015), at Lenovo International (in 2016), and at Taylor Shop Generico (2019).

Happy to be working alongside Oh, Kim posted a clip from their work on his IG captioned, “Busy ecotage store scene! Happy to work with a great team!”

Furthermore, Kim also often promotes his company’s articles on his IG.

When Kim’s not working, he loves playing tennis. In fact,  he was a member of the ACTG Tennis Club. Talking about his club, with whom he’s been associated for over a year,  Kim said, “ACTG Tennis Club is a team where youth and joy coexist.”

For those of you curious, an average tailor in Seoul, South Korea made around ₩26 million a year. That’s around USD 20 thousand.

Birthday Info Unavailable

Is Kim Se-Jun On IG?

As of December 2022, Kim Se-Jun flaunted 14.6K followers on Instagram @asser__kim.

Most of his posts then featured him in amazing clothing articles.

Kim Se-Jun Age

Kim Se-Jun was reprotdlty born after 1995. That made him at least 27 years of age when he appeared on Single’s Inferno in 2022.

He is much older than Lee So-e.

Kim Se-Jun Height

Kim Se-Jun stands tall at a height of around 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Kim has brown eyes, wavy dark hair, and a fit body.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kim Se-Jun Birthday?

Kim didn’t reveal his birthday.

  • Where Is Kim Se-Jun From?

Kim hails from Seoul, South Korea.

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