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Oh Jin-Taek Bio, Age, Job, Height, IG, Singles Inferno

Netflix’s first Korean dating reality show, Single’s Inferno has fans addicted to finding out more about its nine participants, who bravely risking heartbreak, found themselves on a “hellish” island called Inferno to possibly find love. Now, meet Oh Jin-Taek who is among the nine “flirty” Korean singles looking to fall in love on this Netflix’s famous deserted island.

Oh Jin-Taek On Singles Inferno

Although Shin Ji-Yeon and a few others were introduced on Singles Inferno from day one, Oh Jin-Taek and some of his co-stars (Kim Su-Min, Cha Hyun-Seong, and Seong Min-Ji) only joined the reality show in the later episodes.

So, when Oh Jin-Taek came into the picture for the very first time, those already in paradise were naturally taken back by the newcomer’s clean-cut suit, facial stubble, and overall appearance.

Quick to judge, everyone there believed Oh Jin could be a model. However, he revealed more about him only in episode 2 during the getaway to Paradise. During his presentation, Oh Jin opened up that his only purpose in joining the program was to seek an intense romance (with his ideal type of sexy, healthy, and tall woman.)

Looking at Jin-Taek’s so-far journey on the show, both during day 1 as well as day 2 selections, he chose to pair with Kang So Yeon. But they were not matched. So, on day 3 he chose Shin Ji Yeon and they were luckily matched.

Oh Jin-Taek Age

A South Korean radio station, Korea Studio, mentioned claimed Oh Jin-Taek to be 29-years-old, while the Showbiz CheatSheet said he turned 30 as of Late-December 2021.

Is Oh Jin-Taek On IG, TikTok?

Yes. Oh Jin-Taek is on Instagram but did not appear to be on TikTok as of 2 January 2022. Anyway, his Instagram @timelessbruno had 405 posts and around 91.9K followers. And clearly, Oh Jin had more than half of these followers coming to his social media because of his recent debut on Netflix.

Also, on the profile of this social media account, Oh Jin claimed that there is no other social media activity of him other than Instagram.

Oh Jin-Taek Job

Right after college, Oh Jin-Taek started working in the fashion industry to learn the ropes before opening up his own British-style tailored suit brand, Ascottage, in 2019.

His first job was at Sartoria Vanni at Taylor Shop in 2013, a premium menswear tailoring brand, which he still credits to be the cornerstone of his social life.

Anyway, Oh Jin now serves as the CEO and style advisor for the organization while also handling the marketing and management responsibilities.

Driven and a perfectionist, Oh Jin also often considers himself fit to pose as a model for his own clothes to ensure a perfect look for exposure purposes.

Ascottage, the tailors and shirtmakers, have their stores outlet-ed in Dosan-Daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul in South Korea. Also, Ascottage had around 48.7K people following them on their business account on Instagram @ascottage.

Previously Oh Jin also worked at Samsung C&T Lansmere (in 2015), at Lenovo International (in 2016), and Taylor Shop Generico (2019).

In 2019, he was an exclusive model for whiskey brand Valentine’s 23 years and also modeled for Lululemon.

Not to miss, for some reason in his area of work, Oh Jin is also nicknamed ‘Bruno Oh’ and ‘Timeless Bruno’.

Oh Jin-Taek Height

Oh Jin-Taek, in his ripped physique, stands below 5’10” tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Oh Jin-Taek From?

Oh Jin-Taek originates from South Korea. However, as of the time of this writing, one could not tell where exactly in South Korea he was born and brought up.

  • When Is Oh Jin-Taek Birthday?

It is not understood when exactly Oh Jin-Taek celebrates his birthday.

  • Has Oh Jin-Taek Revealed His Family?

Now and then, Oh Jin-Taek’s people on Instagram got to witness his “happy time” with his mother. And on days, he would also share a couple of brought-to-perfection shots of him and his father to ask his Insta-family “Father and me. do you look alike? 👀”.

While his social media sharing revealed only this much about his family, we also discovered his online sharing revealing a few other things. Oh Jin seemed to have some baseball background and he also appeared to be a travel junkie.

Back in 2017, he proudly shared his glimpses at baseball ballfield. Mostly around that time, he also went all places from Beijing in China and Boracay in the Philippines to Bologna in Italy.

We also learned that his sportsmen spirit makes him devoutly root for Tottenham whenever they are playing.

  • Where Did Oh Jin-Taek Recieve His Education?

Oh Jin-Taek is now licensed in business management because he graduated with a degree in Business Management.

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