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Kimbrady Carriker Ethnicity: Is The Philly Mass Shooter Black?

The ethnicity of Philly mass shooter Kimbrady Carriker has been in question since the harrowing incident. What is his ethnicity? Is he Black?

Here is what we know about Kimbrady Carriker’s ethnicity.

What Is Kimbrady Carriker Ethnicity? Is The Philly Mass Shooter Black?

Kimbrady Carriker is of Asian/Pacific Islander ethnicity. No, the Philly Mass shooter is not black as most Pacific Islanders are Polynesians, an ethnic group originating in Southeast Asia.

Some peoples of the South Pacific are considered Melanesians; they are darker on average than Polynesians, and often have curly hair, but have some genetic differences from any of the African peoples. But, the general understanding is everyone hailed from Africa (referring to Black) but they are not African-American Black.

Kimbrady Carriker Family

Kimbrady Carriker was born to his parents on 27 October 1982. This makes them 40 years old.

It is unclear who his parents and family members are. Some of the people Kimbrady is related to are Francis Darnell, Shawn Carriker, Peggy Carriker, Darnell Carriker, and Darryl Carriker. (Valium)

On the eve of Independence Day 2023, an assault rifle-wielding suspect opened fire on civilians in the vicinity of 56th Street and Chester Avenue in the southwest of the city. After witnesses reported a shooting to 911 and others flagged down police, the officers arrived on the scene and discovered victims suffering gunshot wounds. As they were loading the wounded into their patrol cars, they heard additional gunfire. As a result, the officers headed in that direction and discovered Kimbrady Carriker there.

The cops claimed that they had to pursue Kimbrady and corner him in the back alley of 1600 Frazier Street. He carried a handgun, an AR-style rifle, several magazines, a police scanner, and a bulletproof vest. Investigators were unable to connect the victims to the shooter, and they were also unsure of the reason behind the shooting.

According to reports, two children, ages 2 and 13, were shot and injured, while a 33-year-old mother and another 2-year-old son were hurt by flying glass.

NBC News recently updated that two of the five victims of a seemingly random shooting in Philadelphia on Monday night were recalled by their relatives as a man who would attempt to help anyone he could and a sweet teenager who died trying to get his injured friend aid.

Lashyd Merritt, 22, Dymir Stanton, 29, Ralph Moralis, 59, Daujan Brown, 15, and Joseph Wamah Jr., 31, are five victims that have been identified.

The condition of two victims, a 2-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy who were shot in the legs is stable. After the assailant shot the car they were in with their mother, the 2-year-old’s twin brother had injuries to an eye from shattered glass. A 33-year-old lady was also hurt by the glass, according to the police.

Philadelphia Police Staff Inspector Ernest Ransom said the suspect shot “aimlessly at occupied vehicles and individuals on the street as they walked.”

Kimbrady Carriker was detained and charged with murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and possession of a handgun.

Kimbrady Carriker Partner

Currently, there is no information related to Kimbrady Carriker’s partner. It is unclear if he is still dating someone.

But from 2021 to 2022, he shared a residence with Tina Rossette, then 47, and Cianni Rosette, aged 22; they identified each other as merely roommates. Kimbrady was “really smart, intelligent, creative,” according to Tina, who also mentioned her interest in computers.

She confessed, “I didn’t even know he had a gun,” before mentioning that he had “an aggressive approach to some things in life.” Cianni, on the other hand, acknowledged that Kimbrady had shown her a gun. Additionally, she admitted that she had turned Kimbrady down for a serious connection and that he was in a “dark place.”

Kimbrady Carriker is a biological guy who was born. But he adored dressing in women’s clothes. In March 2022, he posted on Facebook pictures of himself dressed as a woman, accessorized with gold bracelets, hooped earrings, and a bra.

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