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Mitch Silverstein Bio, Parents, Height, Job, Age, MAFS

Mitch Silverstein wasn’t the one for long-term relationships. This surfer always threw in the towel before his partner got a full chance. So, he believed that Married At First Sight was his only shot at getting married and he was ready to dive in head first.

This Mitch Silverstein Bio explores his life. 

Married At First Sight (MAFS): Are Mitch Silverstein And Krysten Still Together?

It’s unclear if Mitch Silverstein and Krysten are still married or not. But given their chemistry and that the two both were ready for true love, it’s likely that the pair found a happy ending.

Married At First Sight season 15 premiered on July 6, and this time the 5 new couples including Mitch and Krysten headed to the sunny shores of San Diego. There, the ten Southern California-based singles hoping for lasting love were provided with relationship experts Pastor Cal, Dr. Pepper, DeVon Franklin, and Dr. Pia Holec.

According to Mitch, he never had a long-term relationship. Seeing his parents divorce only at the age of 3, he was terrified of repeating their mistakes. So, he believed that the dating show was his only hope.

“I had a great life, but the only thing missing was a partner,” Mitch remarked.

On the other hand, Krysten was very close with her entire family. She’s always dreamed about having children. And she even almost got married! Sadly, her engagement broke up, and ever since, she struggled to find a genuine connection.

Besides true love, another reason why Krysten joined MAFS was to enjoy San Diego. “San Diego is filled with beaches, sunshine, and attractive men who just seem like they never want to grow up,” she explained.

Another thing Mitch and Krysten didn’t have in common was their familiarity with reality TV — Krysten was a huge fan of MAFS while Mitch had no history or experience watching the show. In fact, he’d never even heard of it.

Fortunately, Mitch and Krysten both entered the experiment with supportive friends and family members. It’s no surprise to see the participants on MAFS not have support from their loved ones along the way. But that wasn’t the case for Krysten and Mitch!

Mitch Silverstein Age

Mitch Silverstein was 41 years of age when she appeared on Married At First Sight in 2022.

He is 9 years older than his MAFS wife Krysten.

Who Are Mitch Silverstein Parents?

Mitch Silverstein was born to parents, Bonnie Best and Stanley Silverstein. They were divorced in 1984 and Mitch was raised by his mother.

Recalling his early days, Mitch shared that his mom would occasionally take him to Venice beach on weekends. “Even 25 years ago, roller skate dancers would congregate there & party down. My mom and I always loved them,” he reminisced.

Talking more about his mother, Bonnie hails from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. She attended Rice Lake High and later went on to work at Gold Glow cosmetic products. Also, she’s very proud and supportive of Mitch’s participation in MAFS.

Sadly, Mitch’s father Stanley Silverstein has long passed away. Here’s his FB @stanley.silverstein.7 and Twitter @stansilverstein.

As for Mitch’s siblings, he has a sister named Shay Blim and a brother named Matt Silverstein.

His brother Matt lived in San Diego, California with his wife Stephanie Silverstein, and worked as a Software developer at Tealium Inc, while his sister Shay (a  California Luthern University graduate) lived in Burbank, California with his beautiful son.

Other members of Matt’s family included —  Aya and Emi (nephews), Jordan Bita Gonzalez, Judy Hope Babataher, and Jennifer Lynne Nassiri (cousins).

Mitch Silverstein Height

Mitch Silverstein stands tall at a height above 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Mitch has an oval face, he likes to keep his head shaved, and brown hair.

Mitch Silverstein Job

Mitch Silverstein was working as the “San Diego County Chapter Manager” at The Surfrider Foundation for almost 4 years when he appeared on MAFS in 2022. However, he joined the company back in December 2015 as a member of “Rise Above Plastics” on a mission to eliminate the impacts of plastics in the marine environment by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution.

Prior to that, Mitch took on a job as a “SUP Buyer and Dept. Manager, Store assistant manager” at California Canoe & Kayak, Inc for 2 years. There, he was responsible for buying, selling, staff training, marketing, and events for CCK’s SUP (stand-up paddle) program.

Also, Mitch has worked as a manager at Onassis Clothing LLC (Sept 2012 – Feb 2013), Theory (Nay 2007 – Feb 2013), and Cafe Coton American (2006 – 2007).

Overall, Mitch has over 10 years of experience in the fashion & outdoor industries. He’s an outdoor educator and a professional environmental activist whose management philosophy is simple — lead by example.

His bio on “” read, “As an activist, he strives to raise awareness of how our everyday choices affect the ocean & planet, and advocates for sensible environmental policy at a local level.”

For his dedication, Mitch was even featured in The San Diego Union Tribune in August 2021.

As of 2022, Mitch flaunted a net worth of under $350 thousand.

And for those of you curious, an average Environmental Policy Analyst’s salary in the US was around $57 thousand.

Is Mitch Silverstein On Instagram?

Yes, find Mitch on Instagram @sitchellmilverstein.

Also, here’s his Facebook @mpsilverstein and Twitter @2cool4politics.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mitch Silverstein Birthday?

Mitch celebrates her birthday in August, making her either a Leo or Virgo zodiac.

  • Where Is Mitch Silverstein From?

Mitch originally is from Los Angeles, CA.

In 2015, he then moved to San Diego, CA, and resided there ever since.

  • Where Did Mitch Silverstein Recieve His Education?

Mitch got his diploma in the French language from Aix-Marseille University in 2002. He then went on to get his diploma in European Studies from Paris Nanterre University in 2003 and got his BA in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University in 2004.

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